• September 20, 2020

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Prospects For “Red Flag” Gun Law in Texas Plummet as

The chances of Texas passing a so-called “red flag” law after the Santa Fe school shooting continued to drop Friday as Gov. Greg Abbott said he saw a “coalescence” against the proposal. As part of his school safety plan released after the May 18 massacre, the Republican governor asked the Legislature to consider such a law, which would allow courts to order […]Read More

Texas Schools that Want to Arm their Employees Have Two

Following a deadly mass shooting at Santa Fe High School, Gov. Greg Abbott rolled out a 40-page plan to keep schools safe. Proposals ranged from beefing up existing mental health screening programs to encouraging voluntary use of gun locks at home, but one component seemed to divide lawmakers, districts and Texas schools: arming school employees. If Texas […]Read More

Texas Lt. Gov. Patrick Says He Will Donate Metal Detectors

More than a month after a deadly shooting at Santa Fe High School left 10 dead and 13 injured, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is taking steps to tighten security in the southeast Texas school district, part of an effort by the state’s Republican leadership to “harden” schools as targets. Patrick announced Monday that he’ll donate “up to 10” metal detectors to the […]Read More

Gov. Greg Abbott has 40-point Plan for Improving School Safety.

Gov. Greg Abbott’s suggestions for limiting mass shooting deaths in Texas include a bevy of changes to state law, a culture shift in how law enforcement officers patrol their communities, increases in mental health practices at schools and help for educators who want to improve their abilities to remove potentially dangerous students from classrooms. Here’s what you […]Read More

Op-Ed: To Your Scattered Bodies Go

Another week, another bunch of dead school kids, mowed down in another act of gun violence. Yawn. This week Santa Fe, Texas. Last week Indiana. Next week, who knows where. Have you been keeping count? Probably not. These shootings have become as commonplace as afternoon pileups on I10 at rush hour and your response is […]Read More