• June 26, 2022

Tags : sideshow

J Scott Campbell Alice in Wonderland Fairytail Fantasies statue unbox

J. Scott Campbell is an amazing artist. His Fairytail Fantasies series with Sideshow capture his 2d images in remarkable detail as a statue. With this statue he has reimagined Alice in Wonderland in pin-up style. Manufacturer Description Product Summary Curiouser and curiouser! Sideshow and fan-favorite artist J. Scott Campbell have gone down the rabbit hole […]Read More

Ahsoka Tano Premium Format statue by SideShow Collectibles unbox and

The Ahsoka Tano Premium Format statue is a beautifully detailed statue that would look amazing in any Star Wars fans collection. Don’t take my word for it, watch the video. Product Summary “I am no Jedi.” Sideshow presents the Ahsoka Tano™ Premium Format™ Figure, a limited-edition quarter-scale Star Wars™ collectible inspired by the fan-favorite character’s […]Read More

Alice in Wonderland Figurine by Enesco unbox and review

This Alice in Wonderland statue is a simple, yet nice statue depicting Alice talking to a flower in Wonderland. Watch the unboxing to see what I think about this one piece statue from Enesco. Product Summary Sideshow and Enesco are excited to present the Alice in Wonderland Figurine! With bold color and compelling pattern, contemporary […]Read More

Boba Fett and Fennec Shand on Throne Deluxe1:10 Scale Statue

The after credits scene at the end of The Mandalorian shows Boba Fett sitting on Jabba the Hutt’s old throne with Fennec Shand seated next to him. This statue captures that moment beautifully. Watch the unbox video to see what I think about this statue. Product Summary Sideshow and Iron Studios are proud to announce […]Read More

Boba Fett Mythos Sixth Scale Figure unbox & review

The Boba Fett Mythos Sixth Scale figure from SideShow Collectibles is a highly detailed piece of art. It comes with an armory of weapons, 8 interchangeable hands, and battle damaged armor. Any Boba Fett fan would love to have this in their collection. Product Summary “I take it you have no love of the empire.” […]Read More

VLog: The Child Life-Size Figure unbox and review

The Child Life-Size Figure from Hot Toys is a pretty accurate representation of Grogu from the Star Wars Mandalorian series. Some cool accessories and the moveable mouth make this figure even more adorable. Product Summary “The kid’s coming with me.” The surprise debut of the Child, a mysterious alien pursued by bounty hunters on behalf […]Read More

VLog: X-Men VS Sentinel #3 (Deluxe)1:10 Scale Statue by Iron

The Sentinels have been a classic X-men villain since their first appearance in X-men #14. They have been in several X-men movies and video games. Their look and function have changed over the years, but their primary reason for existing has always revolved around capturing and/or killing mutants. The Sentinel diorama made by Iron Studios […]Read More

VLog: TNTM’s Troy unboxes, reviews Spider-Man vs Venom Maquette

Spider-man and Venom have been frenemies ever since Peter Parker unknowingly brought the symbiote back to Earth. They have battled each other as well as teamed up against some dangerous common foes. This statue represents one of those times where they were at odds with each other. This statue is an actual SideShow piece, not […]Read More