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Friday , August 23 2019
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Gallery+Story: ThunderCon breaks the pop culture convention mold, entertains attendees

When I first started High School, I was considered a nerd. I could have told you anything you wanted to know about the Dr. Who television series; it’s comic books and old radio shows.

Wanted to know about photography and calc? Then I was the one to turn to. I was that “geeked” out.

Between my obsessions with Dr. Who, photography, math, broadcasting and classic radio shows, the word ‘nerd’ summed my life up completely. (Even as a kid, my dream was to get into radio. As I wrote this, and as I was on the air yesterday, I realized that May 11th was my thirty-third year on the air!)

But it goes deeper than that…

I remember the first SciFi convention I attended, where I met Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker and Peter Davison – all actors who played the Doctor in Dr. Who. When I told friends at school what I was going to be doing, I can vividly recall the jokes, the teasing, the bullying I received for being such a geek.

That was then. Things have changed.

When I was told about ThunderCon, and that it was taking place at Coronado High School, a lot of those old memories came flooding back. I honestly could not imagine a ComicCon being held at a high school, much less very many of the students attending.

Man was I wrong.

“Many thought a high school ComicCon would be boring,” said Rich, a student at Coronado High School. “This is anything but. It’s great. Though in its beginning, it is great!”

Rich said he regretted not dressing up as a Cyberman from Dr. Who – a kid after my own heart.

The gym was filled with vendors and people dressed as their favorite characters – Darth Vader, the Ghostbusters, Hatsune Miku, and so many others.

Even those who were not cosplaying were having fun taking it all in.

As my wife and I walked around, the crowds were not getting smaller; they were growing larger. It shocked me to see so many High School kids, and not just from Coronado, but other schools as well, attending.

ThunderCon was defiantly a citywide event.

I was also awed by some of the guests who had booths set up at the event: there was Diana Franco, international cosplayer Nadya Sonika was there; Joe Lujan, who told me about ThunderCon was there talking about his movies and comic books; Coronado alumna Jessica Meraz – from Supergirl, Tacoma FD and Major Crimes was in attendance.

Lastly, Matthew Rothblatt and Benito Perez of Phi3 comics, and co-creators of Spiralmind were set up and sharing their work.

“I didn’t know it would be this good,” said Amy. “I was impressed by the interpretive dance I saw and the artwork by some of my fellow students.”

The creativity that went into many of the costumes and cosplay was also to be found in the work of some of the school’s artists. Just outside the library was a student exhibit where one could see some awesome work – and some great photographs.

Looking at their work, I could not help but think I was looking at the next batch of creative minds that will come out of El Paso and inspire the world.

Be sure you check out Joe Lujan on Facebook and at Carcass Studios. To learn more about Spiralmind, check out the interview with Matthew Rothblatt above. For more on Matthew, Benito Perez and their comics, check out their Facebook page.


Now, for something I hope many of you will enter – a Herald Post contest that will get you some great posters and comic books.

Joe Lujan has given us three signed comic books. These books are based on his Immortal Wars movies. If you’ve never read them, they are great stories. Matthew Rothblatt (who I interviewed in the video about the Spiralmind comic series) and Benito Perez have given us signed posters.

These posters are drawn by some amazing artists from El Paso, and from all over the world.  How do you enter?

Simple, send me an email at saying you want to enter, or comment on this article. You’ll be entered in the drawing will take place on the 25th of May and winners will be announced that evening.

Spiralmind Matt Rothblatt interview

Jack and Troy talk with co-creator of Spiralmind, Matt Rothblatt. We learn of the origin of Spiralmind and what the comic book is about.

Phi3 COMICS (pronounced “FEE three”) was established in January of 2004 with the birth of SPIRALMIND, created by Ben Perez and Matt Rothblatt

In the city of Nineveh the physical property of light is discontinuous and chaotic. Light bounces around without purpose as suggested by Quantum theory. A shadowy fog of evil covers the city in a behavior that resembles the slick oil that coats the cobbled streets.

Once a thriving metropolis, Nineveh now is but a coven for the Occult and her children.  Now the once content children of Nineveh hide wherever there is light.

Sworn to improve the hopeless condition of Nineveh, Governor Dante Evans promises simplicity in his formulation. The Governor’s uncanny concision calls for the citizens of Nineveh to reproach the existence of the Occult and embrace him as their consummate protector and leader.

But within the domain of the elite of Nineveh is a secret society comprised of sinister elements who are alive and who quiver in anticipation of merging their existence with the energies behind the Occult, The Nephilim!

Originating in the ancient myth found in the writings of Enoch and Genesis, the Nephilim now loom over the future of mankind. The Nephilim and their genetic manipulated descendants have resolved themselves to a single condition. Their motives are clear — Enslave Humanity!

Evolving under the guiding hands of Rabbi Sol Rotblatt and Father Tom O’Brien, Ben Landry is the shield between evil and mankind under the guise of SPIRALMIND! Trying to grasp the concept of his own primordial vibration of life, Ben Landry utilizes his acute mind and manipulates Phi (also known as the Golden Ratio) to duel the Occult and her dominion.

The SPIRALMIND serves to demonstrate with eerie precision the extent to which chaotic circumstances can be corralled in perfect order and symmetry. While SPIRALMIND can enchant the frenzied passions of Nineveh, Ben Landry swims in the limits of losing his sanity and forever entombing his own sense of humanity.

SPIRALMIND is a story of a man at odds with himself and with the inherent evil that threatens the world around him.

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Lucha 728
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