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Monday , June 25 2018
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Peace Walk, Candlelight Vigil scheduled to Honor Slain UTEP Grad

On February 22nd Srinivas Kuchibhotla, a 2007 UTEP graduate, was shot and killed at a Olathe, Missouri bar by a gunman yelling, “Get out of my country.”

This Saturday, the University Cricket Club (UCC) and the Indian Student Association (ISA) invites UTEP students, staff, faculty and all community members to a Peace Walk and Candlelight Vigil in honor of Srinivas Kuchibhotla and the millions of immigrants who live in the United States.

According to a Facebook page set up by organizers, the event is not a protest or rally, rather a gathering for residents to show their support and solidarity against the rising tide of hate.

“We wish to join hands on the grounds of compassion, empathy, and for human values to peacefully express our grief, support, and solidarity in light of what has happened…please join us as we unite in peace and stand up against xenophobia and appreciate diversity in our nation.”

Officials add, “Hate Can’t and Won’t Win.”

The New York Post reports that the Kansas man accused of killing Kuchibhotla, 51-year-old Adam Purinton, asked him and his friend if their “status was legal” before opening fire, according to court documents.

Purinton faces a murder charge for the death of Kuchibhotla. The Post goes on to say that FBI officials “are investigating the shooting, which received widespread attention across the country and in India, as a hate crime.”


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