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Monday , June 25 2018
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Preschoolers to be Introduced to Health Sciences at TTUHSC El Paso

Preschoolers from St. Mark’s School will get their first peek at the world of science and health this week.

Fourteen children will traverse the halls of TTUHSC El Paso alongside physicians, nurses and researchers to learn what it’s like to be a health care professional.

In preparation for their visit, the preschoolers have been playing with toy medical kits to become familiar with the various tools physicians and nurses use throughout their workday. They’ve also role-played in class, pretending to be doctors, nurses, patients and researchers.

With the help of transparent human body and miniature organ models, the children’s curriculum has focused heavily on human anatomy for the past several weeks. They’ve also been learning about living a healthy lifestyle and the importance it plays in overall quality of life.

The TTUHSC El Paso event is an initiative to inspire children to consider health care careers in the future.