• June 29, 2022

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State-ordered study finds STAAR not too hard for young readers

Were the reading and writing passages on standardized tests that Texas elementary and middle school students took this spring too challenging for their grade levels? Likely not, University of Texas at Austin researchers said in a report released Monday. But they struggled to determine whether the questions and answers for those tests and several others were too […]Read More

Op-Ed: The high stakes of being a third grader

Dear School District A: Your third-grade students performed well on the STAAR test. Here’s more money.   Dear School District B: Your third-grade students struggled on STAAR. You get nothing. -*- That’s outcomes-based funding in a nutshell, and it’s the latest trendy policy proposal being considered by lawmakers in Austin. Let’s be very clear: Under […]Read More

Texas Education Agency Penalizes Testing Vendor Over STAAR Glitches

The Texas Education Agency will levy a $100,000 financial penalty against the New Jersey-based company that develops and administers standardized tests, after tens of thousands of Texas students were kicked out of the testing software or encountered connection problems while taking computerized State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness exams in April and May. The state […]Read More

Analysis: Texans Hate Standardized Tests, but Govern by the Results

The best way to improve public education in Texas? Cut the number of standardized tests students have to take, according to a February 2017 University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll. That answer came in ahead of increased funding, vouchers, higher pay for teachers, incentives for prospective teachers, grading of schools, expanded pre-k, more charter schools and more […]Read More

State Representative Calls for Suspension of Texas’ STAAR Exam

A state representative who has passed legislation aimed at reeling in Texas’ standardized testing regime is calling on the state to ditch required STAAR exams while it “tries to iron out STAAR’s many kinks.” State Rep. Jason Isaac’s proposal comes the week after the Texas Education Agency announced it was penalizing the New Jersey-based company that […]Read More

Summer School a Tossup After Testing Mishaps

When Education Commissioner Mike Morath announced last month that the state would all but scrap the results of problem-plagued standardized tests for 5th and 8th graders, parents of students who hadn’t passed the exams were left scrambling to figure out what it meant for their children. As far as the state was concerned, districts were free to advance every student […]Read More

Study Panel Not Ready to Ditch STAAR

Despite widespread frustration over mishaps with the administration of this year’s STAAR tests, a special panel studying Texas’ standardized testing regime says it won’t propose scrapping the exams in the near future. At its Monday meeting, the Texas Commission on Next Generation Assessments and Accountability instead agreed to recommend that the Legislature explore alternatives to the test, meaning any big […]Read More