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Friday , November 16 2018
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Rep. Joe Moody Appointed To Several Committees by Speaker Straus

Austin – On Thursday, House Speaker Joe Straus (R-District 121) appointed State Representative Joe Moody (D-District 78) Chairman of the House Committee on Criminal Jurisprudence.

Moody was also appointed Vice Chairman of the House General Investigating and Ethics Committee and to a position on the Juvenile Justice and Family Issues Committee.

The committee he’ll be leading is responsible for the criminal laws and criminal justice system of Texas.

“Overseeing criminal justice issues for the entire state is both a tremendous responsibility and an amazing opportunity, one my entire career as a prosecutor, defense attorney, and legislator has prepared me well for,” said Representative Moody.

He added, “My leadership will focus on making El Paso and Texas as a whole more restorative for victims, fairer for those accused, and smarter on crime for everyone (including taxpayers). I’m also excited to work on helping and healing the young people we hold accountable and promoting integrity and transparency in government.”

Moody will be relying on his background as both a prosecutor for the El Paso County District Attorney’s Office and later as an attorney in a private practice that includes criminal defense.

He has also previously served as Vice Chairman of the Criminal Jurisprudence Committee and of the Select Committee on Mental Health, experiences he hopes to bring together in his new role.

“I’m very sensitive to the way criminal justice intersects with mental health, so I’ll be working to increase the resources available for tackling those issues, especially for veterans, who disproportionately suffer from under-treated mental health concerns that sometimes bring them into contact with law enforcement,” Moody added.

Moody is one of only 13 Democrats to chair a standing House committee.

State Rep Moody, Groups to hold Infosession for the Deaf Community: Obtaining Government Documents

State Representative Joe Moody (District 78), the Department of Public Safety, and the Volar Center for Independent Living will be hosting an info session tailored to the Deaf and hard of hearing and their families.

The session, scheduled for Thursday, July 28th at 6:00 p.m,  will provide guidance on how to obtain social security cards, birth certificates, driver’s licenses, and identification cards as well as how to handle parking tickets.

“I’m excited to work on this project with these organizations and serve El Pasoans who have sometimes been underserved,” said State Representative Joe Moody. “I take my role as a member on the Homeland Security and Department of Public Safety Committee very seriously, and like the state agencies the committee oversees, my job is to serve the people of Texas, especially those who need a helping hand.”

The info session, which will take place at the Volar Center for Independent Living (1220 Golden Key Circle) first began development when advocates notified the representative about the difficulty the Deaf and hard of hearing community often experience when applying for or renewing their driver’s licenses and state identifications.

Navigating this system–particularly when documents needed for the application must be replaced–can be a grueling experience given the communication barriers involved.

Residents are encouraged to share this information with anyone who is Deaf or hard of hearing who’s having difficulty navigating the Texas identification system and may benefit from the info session.
For help with transportation to the Volar office or for more information, please call Representative Moody’s office at 915-751-2700.