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Monday , February 17 2020
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Video+Story: Aberg leads Day One at Sun Bowl Marathon All-America Golf Classic

Ludvig Aberg, who came into the tournament rated No. 44 in the World Amateur Golf Rankings (WAGR), shot a 9-under-par 62 in round one to take the lead in the Sun Bowl Marathon All-America Golf Classic and held that lead by shooting a 5-under-par in round two on the par 71, 6,889 yard El Paso Country Club course.

Aberg, who is an amateur at Texas Tech, marked a total of 15 birdies in two rounds of play and heads into the final round with a four-stroke lead over Zan Luka Stirn, who marked an 8-under-par 63 in the second round.

Aberg shot six consecutive birdies in round one, from hole No. 11 to hole No. 16 before paring on 17 and marking another birdie on the par four, 18.

“It was a lot of fun out there today and the pace of play was very good. There was no waiting at all,” Aberg said. “Some days where the hole just feels like a bucket and today was one of those days.”

Zan Luka Stirn, who is currently playing as an amateur at Arkansas State, tallied nine birdies in round two, posting an 8-under-par 63 to move up seven spots from round one to the No. 2 spot.

Garett Reband, who grew up in Fort Worth, Texas and is playing at Oklahoma, is in third place with two-round score of 7-under-par 135.

Phillip Barbaree, a native of Shreveport, La., is in a tie for fourth with Mason Overstreet, of Kingfisher, Okla. and Mattias Schmid of Maxhvette, Germany.  They are all sitting at 6-under-par.  Barbaree plays at LSU, Overstreet is attending and playing the University of Arkansas and Schmid plays for Louisville.

Sun Bowl Marathon All-America Golf Classic, day one, round 1 and 2, at the El Paso Country Club, Monday, November 25, 2019, in El Paso, TX. Photo by Ivan Pierre Aguirre/Sun Bowl Association

“I just wanted to go out there and see what happens.  I need to make a lot of birdies and to give myself chances to move up,” said Barbaree.

The final round of action of the Sun Bowl Marathon All-America Golf Classic kicks off at 8 a.m. (MT) tee times through 8:50 a.m. (MT).

The tournament is free and open to the public and everyone is invited to get out and watch future PGA players.

Follow along with live scoring via this link.




Finish                    Player                                                   School                                                  Scores                                 

1                              Ludvig Aberg                                      Texas Tech                                          62-66—128(-14)

2                              Zan Luka Stirn                                    Arkansas State                                  69-63—132(-10)

3                              Garett Reband                                  Oklahoma                                           67-68—135(-7)

T4                           Mason Overstreet                           Arkansas                                              67-69—136(-6)

T4                           Philip Barbaree                                 LSU                                                        68-68—136(-6)

T4                           Matthias Schmid                              Louisville                                              68-68—136(-6)

7                              Trevor Werbylo                                 Arizona                                                 71-66—137(-5)

T8                           RJ Manke                                            Pepperdine                                        73-65—138(-4)

T8                           Kyle Cottam                                        Clemson                                              71-67—138(-4)

T8                           William Moll                                       Vanderbilt                                           67-71—138(-4)

T11                         Hunter Eichhorn                               Marquette                                          70-69—139(-3)

T11                         Trent Phillips                                      Georgia                                                70-69—139(-3)

T11                         Garrett Barber                                   LSU                                                        68-71—139(-3)

T11                         Adrien Dumont de Chassart         Illinois                                                   69-70—139(-3)

T11                         Patrick Welch                                     Oklahoma                                           71-68—139(-3)

T11                         John Murphy                                     Louisville                                              72-67—139(-3)

T11                         Oskar Ambrosius                              UTEP                                                     67-72—139(-3)

T11                         Benjamin Shipp                                 NC State                                              69-70—139(-3)

T19                         Peter Kuest                                        BYU                                                        70-70—140(-2)

T19                         Rhett Rasmussen                             BYU                                                        69-71—140(-2)

T19                         Jack Trent                                            UNLV                                                    72-68—140(-2)

T19                         Logan McAllister                               Oklahoma                                           70-70—140(-2)

T23                         Parker Coody                                     Texas                                                    72-69—141(-1)

T23                         Peng Pichaikool                                 Mississippi State                               73-68—141(-1)

T23                         Michael Feagles                                Illinois                                                   73-68—141(-1)

T26                         Joshua McCarthy                              Pepperdine                                        72-70—142(E)

T26                         Jamie Li                                                 Florida State                                       72-70—142(E)

T26                         Maximilian Steinlechner               NC State                                              73-69—142(E)

T26                         Quade Cummins                               Oklahoma                                           71-71—142(E)

30                           Tripp Kinney                                       Iowa State                                           71-72—143(+1)

T31                         Julian Perico                                       Arkansas                                              69-75—144(+2)

T31                         Jimmy Lee                                           Texas A&M                                         74-70—144(+2)

T31                         Jerry Ji                                                   Illinois                                                   72-72—144(+2)

34                           Albin Bergstrom                               USF                                                        71-74—145(+3)

Titleist Long Drive, PING Putting Contest Tee Off 2018 Sun Bowl Marathon All-America Golf Classic

The 2018 Sun Bowl Marathon All-America Golf Classic teed-off Sunday, November 18 with the Annual Titleist Long Drive and PING Putting competitions at the El Paso Country Club.

Louisville freshman Matthias Schmid hit the ball 331 yards down the fairway, into a breeze, to win the Titleist Long Drive Contest.  Schmid outdrove second place finisher, Mason Overstreet, a junior with Arkansas, by nine yards.

“It is always good to win a competition like this to build some confidence before a tournament,” Schmid said. “[We] played in our last tournament almost two weeks ago so I am looking forward to competing against these guys.”

Oklahoma junior Quade Cummins won the PING Putting Contest with a low round of 20 putts on a course that featured many obstacles, such as putting from a saddle.

The Weatherford, Ok. native finished two strokes ahead of Joshua Martin, a senior with North Carolina.  Three competitors finished in a

Putting contest during the Sun Bowl Marathon College -All-America Golf Classic, Sunday, November 18, 2018, in El Paso, TX. Photo by Ivan Pierre Aguirre/Sun Bowl Association

tie for third with 23 strokes.

“The putting contest was fun. I just tried to keep the ball in play,” said Cummins. “I am from a country town, so I’ve been on a saddle before.”

The Sun Bowl Marathon All-America Golf Classic continues at the El Paso Country Club with two rounds of golf set for Monday, Nov. 19 starting at 8 a.m. (MT). The final round is set for 8 a.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 20.

Some of golf’s biggest names have traveled to El Paso to participate in the tournament including Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson, Jordan Spieth and Phil Mickelson.

Alumni of the All-America Golf Classic have combined to win 52 golf majors and have earned over $2.12 billion in career earnings.

To be eligible for competition, student-athletes must have been named an All-American during the previous year. The U.S. Amateur Champion or Runner Up also qualifies if they still have collegiate eligibility.

2018 Schedule

Monday (Nov. 19)

  • 8 a.m. First & Second Rounds

Tuesday (Nov. 20)

  • 8 a.m. Final Round

Lee Trevino Trophy presented to the winner immediately following final round.


Titleist Long Drive Competition

  1. Matthias Schmid – Louisville – 331 yds.
  2. Mason Overstreet – Arkansas – 322 yds.
  3. Spencer Ralston – Georgia – 319 yds.

T4. Patrick Martin – Vanderbilt -318 yds.

T4. Will Gordon – Vanderbilt – 318 yds.

  1. Peng Pichaikool -Mississippi State – 315 yds.

T7. Stephen Franken – NC State – 316 yds.

T7. Alex Smalley – Duke – 316 yds.

T9.  Brad Dalke – Oklahoma – 314 yds.

T9. Blaine Hale – Oklahoma – 314 yds.

T9. Hayden Wood – Oklahoma State – 314 yds.

T12. Alex del Rey – Arizona State – 312 yds.

T12. Chun An Yu – Arizona State – 312 yds.

  1. Travis Trace – North Florida -311 yds.
  2. Turk Pettit – Clemson – 309 yds.

T16. John Augenstein – Vanderbilt – 306 yds.

T16. Austin Eckroat – Oklahoma State – 306 yds.

T18.   Chandler Eaton – Duke – 305 yds.

T18.  Bryson Nimmer – Clemson – 305 yds.

T20.  Quade Cummins – Oklahoma – 301 yds.

T20. Harry Hall – UNLV – 301 yds.

T20. Walker Lee – Texas A&M – 301 yds.

  1. Austin Squires – Cincinnati – 300 yds.
  2. Jackson Suber – Ole Miss – 293 yds.
  3. Thomas Walsh – Virginia – 292 yds.

T26. Phillip Knowles – North Florida – no score

T26. Garrett May – Baylor – no score

T26. Joshua Martin – North Carolina – no score

T26. Brandon Smith – Duke – no score


PING Putting Competition

  1. Quade Cummins – Oklahoma – 20 strokes
  2. Joshua Martin – North Carolina – 22 strokes

T3. Chandler Eaton – Oklahoma State – 23 strokes

T3. Stephen Franken – NC State – 23 strokes

T3. Bryson Nimmer – Clemson – 23 strokes

T3. Alex Smalley – Duke – 23 strokes

T7. Harry Hall – UNLV – 24 strokes

T7. Austin Squires – Cincinnati – 24 strokes

T9. Alex del Rey – Arizona State – 26 strokes

T9. Patrick Martin – Vanderbilt – 26 strokes

T9. Mason Overstreet – Arkansas – 26 strokes

T9. Turk Pettit – Clemson – 26 strokes

T9. Brandon Smith – Texas A&M – 26 strokes

T9. Justin Suber – Ole Miss – 26 strokes

T9. Hayden Wood – Oklahoma State – 26 strokes

T9. Chun An Yu – Arizona State – 26 strokes

T17. Will Gordon – Vanderbilt – 27 strokes

T17. Garrett May – Baylor – 27 strokes

T17. Peng Pichaikool – Mississippi State – 27 strokes

T17. Matthias Schmid – Louisville – 27 strokes

T17. Travis Trace – North Florida – 27 strokes

T17. Thomas Walsh – Virginia – 27 strokes

  1. Blaine Hale – Oklahoma – 28 strokes

T24. Brad Dalke – Oklahoma – 30 strokes

T24. Austin Eckroat – Oklahoma State – 30 strokes

T24. Spencer Ralston – Georgia – 30 strokes

  1. Walker Lee – Texas A&M – 36 strokes

T28. John Augenstein – Vanderbilt – no score

T28. Philip Knowles – North Florida – no score

Officials Announce Line Up for Sun Bowl Marathon All-America Golf Classic

Fans don’t want to miss the opportunity to see future PGA Tour  players in action as the 2018 Sun Bowl Marathon All-America Golf Classic is set for November 18-20 at the El Paso County Club.

Current PGA players such as Dustin Johnson, Jordan Spieth, Ricky Fowler, Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods have hit the links at the El Paso Country Club and this year there are 29 amateurs from around the country invading the Borderland.

“The golf committee continues to work tirelessly to bring some of the best amateur players in the country to El Paso,” said Sun Bowl Association Executive Director Bernie Olivas. “This year is no different. We invite everyone to come out and watch the competition and even get autographs and pictures with future pros.”

Participants are from all around the country and the world and have accomplished some amazing achievements on the course.  They have achieved All-America status or have a high-amateur ranking.

“Players are invited to this tournament because of their many college achievements and outstanding amateur career and ranking,” said Tournament Director Bob Kimble.  “I can assure the fans that many future PGA Tour players will be out on the course during this tournament.”

Doug Ghim of Texas won last year’s All-America Golf Classic carding rounds of 67-64-64.

The Sun Bowl Marathon All-America Golf Classic is one of the premier amateur golf tournaments in the country. Some of golf’s brightest stars have traveled to El Paso to compete in the tournament since its inaugural year in 1974.

Jordan Spieth, Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Davis Love III, Justin Thomas, Notah Begay and Jerry Pate are just a handful of past participants who went on to have successful PGA careers.

College All-America Golf Classic Alumni have combined to win 52 major championships and have earned over $2 billion in career earnings.

The annual event starts with the Titleist Long Drive Contest and PING Putting Contest on Sunday, November 18 at 9 a.m. (MT).  The best opportunity for fans to get photos with the future PGA players and obtain autographs is on Sunday immediately following the two contests.

Rounds one and two are scheduled for Monday, November 19 with a shotgun start scheduled for 8 a.m. (MT) while the final round is set for 8 a.m. (MT) on Tuesday, November 20.

The Lee Trevino Trophy will be presented to the winner immediately following Tuesday’s play.


2018 Sun Bowl Marathon All-America Golf Classic Participants


John Augenstein – Hometown: Owensboro, Ky. – Amateur Status: Jr. at Vanderbilt

  • 2018 All-SEC Second Team and 2018 SEC Academic Honor Roll selection
  • Named to the GCAA Freshman All-American team and as a GCAA Honorable Mention All-American selection in 2017
  • Named SEC Freshman of the Year and to the All-Freshman Team in 2017
  • Clinched the SEC Championship in 2017 after winning the deciding matches in the semifinals against Florida and the finals against Texas A&M
  • Career round of 63 came in second round of Carmel Cup at Pebble Beach Golf Links in 2017


Quade Cummins – Hometown: Weatherford, Okla. – Amateur Status: Jr. at Oklahoma

  • Division I PING All-America honorable mention selection and All-Region pick by the GCAA after the 2017-18 season
  • Won the 2016 Oklahoma Amateur Championship
  • Finished third at The NCAA Norman Regional shooting his fifth 67 on the season. That was the seventh top 10 finish of his career.


Brad Dalke – Hometown: Norman, Okla. – Amateur Status: Sr. at Oklahoma

  • Second-team Division I PING All-American after the 2017-18 season
  • Named a 2017 Division I PING All-America honorable mention selection
  • Sank championship-clinching putt at the 2017 NCAA Championships
  • Earned first collegiate win at the 2017 NCAA Stanford Regional
  • Competed in The 2017 Masters and 2017 U.S. Open
  • 2017 Division I PING All-America honorable mention selection
  • Finished as the runner-up at the 2016 U.S. Amateur


Alex del Rey – Hometown: Madrid, Spain – Amateur Status: Jr. at Arizona State

  • Two-time Spanish National Champion (U16/18).
  • Posted four top-10 finishes and had a 70.89 stroke average in 12 tournaments and had 12 rounds in the 60s in sophomore season.
  • In 2017-18 he earned All-Pac-12 first-team honors after a solid sophomore season and then earned PING All-West Region honors.
  • An accomplished junior golfer on the Spanish circuit, he has been a member of the Spanish national team since the age of 14


Chandler Eaton – Hometown: Alpharetta, Ga. – Amateur Status: Jr. at Duke

  • Named to PING All-East Team after averaging a 71.70 scoring average over 37 rounds, second best on the team
  • T-15 finish at the NCAA National Championship, giving him honorable mention All-America status
  • A PING All-East Region selection after the 2016-17 season and was also named to the All-ACC and All-ACC Academic teams that year
  • Tied for the team lead in rounds played (39) during the 2016-17 season and also garnered the team’s second-best scoring average with a 71.74 that year


Austin Eckroat – Hometown: Edmond, Okla. – Amateur Status: So. at Oklahoma State

  • Received honorable mention All-America recognition from the Golf Coaches Association of America after the 2017-18 season
  • Finished at 218 and alone in 19th place at the NCAA Columbus Regional before posting a 1-over 289 total at the NCAA Championship to tie for 19th place. earned a 1-up victory over Alabama’s Davis Shore in the NCAA title match
  • Runner-up at the 2018 Pacific Coast Amateur
  • Runner-up to teammate Hayden Wood at the 2018 Oklahoma Golf Association State Amateur Championship


Stephen Franken – Hometown: Raleigh, N.C. – Amateur Status: Sr. at NC State

  • ACC Player of the Year and ACC Scholar-Athlete of the Year
  • GCAA and Golfweek Second-Team All-American
  • All-ACC, ACC Honor Roll and ACC All-Academic Team
  • Srixon/Cleveland Golf All-America Scholar and PING All-Region East Team selection
  • Finished season with stroke average of 70.56 in 36 rounds played … Season stroke average was second lowest in program history
  • In 12 tournaments during his junior year, Franken finished in the top-10 eight times, the top-five six times and won once


Will Gordon – Hometown: Davidson, N.C. – Amateur Status: Sr. at Vanderbilt

  • 2017-18 Scoring Average: 70.89
  • Named GCAA Honorable Mention All-American and a GCAA All-America Scholar
  • Won medalist honors at the East Lake Cup in front of a national television audience on the Golf Channel with an even-par 72
  • 2018 SEC Academic Honor Roll, 2018 GCAA Honorable Mention All-American and 2018 All-SEC First Team selection
  • 2017 Tom Cousins Award, 2017 SEC Academic Honor Roll and 2017 SEC Community Service Team
  • 2016 GCAA Freshman All-American, 2016 SEC First Year Academic Honor Roll, 2016 All-SEC Second Team and 2016 SEC All-Freshman Team


Blaine Hale – Hometown: Dallas, Texas – Amateur Status: Sr. at Oklahoma

  • 2017-18 stroke average: 71.69
  • Division I PING All-America honorable mention selection after the 2017-18 season
  • All-Region selection by the GCAA
  • Finished fourth at The 2018 NCAA Norman Regional shooting a 54-hole score of 209 (-7)
  • Earned wins in the semifinal and final to help OU secure the 2017 NCAA Championship
  • Shot career-low 64 at Nike Golf Collegiate Invitational (Oct. 1-3)
  • Two top-5 and six top-10 career finishes during his OU career
  • 2017 Division I PING All-America honorable mention selection


Harry Hall – Hometown: Hayle, England – Amateur Status: Sr. at UNLV

  • Named PING All-West Region after the 2017-18 season
  • Selected All-Mountain West for the third straight year
  • Named a Srixon/Cleveland Golf All-American Scholar and also Academic All-MW for the third straight year
  • Was a member of the international team at the Arnold Palmer Cup
  • Finished first in Santa Rosa at the U.S. Amateur Qualifier and also finished first in Las Vegas at the U.S. Open Pre-Qualifier
  • Earned Dean’s List honors for both Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 and was named to the Academic All-MW team for the second straight year in 2017. He also earned the league’s Scholar-Athlete Award that year


Philip Knowles – Hometown: Bradenton, Fla. – Amateur Status: Sr. at North Florida

  • PING All-American, honorable mention in 2018 and the North Florida Male Athlete of the Year during the same year
  • PING All-Southeast Region and All-ASUN First Team in 2017 and 2018
  • ASUN All-Freshman team in 2016
  • ASUN All-Academic in 2018 and ASUN Academic Honor Roll for three consecutive years (2017-18 | 2016-17 | 2015-16)


Walker Lee – Hometown: Houston, Texas – Amateur Status: So. at Texas A&M

  • 2017-18 stroke average: 73.03
  • Tied atop the player leaderboard at the Aggie Invitational (211,-5) to earn his first career victory and was named SEC Freshman of the Week following his win at the Aggie Invite
  • Finished tied for 32nd at the NCAA Bryan Regional and posted a tie for 41st at the NCAA Championship to help that Aggies advance to match play
  • Before arriving at Texas A&M, Junior Golf Scoreboard rankings regarded Lee as the No. 2 player in the state of Texas as well as the No. 18 player nationally


Joshua Martin – Hometown: Pinehurst, N.C. – Amateur Status: Sr. at North Carolina

  • Has played in 18 tournaments with a stroke average of 73.55 over 51 rounds during his time at North Carolina
  • Semifinalist at the 2016 North Carolina Amateur Match Play Championship (was No. 1 seed after two rounds of stroke play)
  • The No. 1 ranked player in the state of North Carolina and No. 14 in the nation by Golfweek in 2015
  • AJGA Rolex All-America selection in 2010 and 2012 • The 2014 North Carolina Junior Player of the Year by the Tar Heel Youth Golf Association and the Carolinas Golf Association
  • Won the 2014 North Carolina Amateur with rounds of 67-65-71-67 becoming the youngest champion in event’s history


Patrick Martin – Hometown: Birmingham, Ala. – Amateur Status: Sr. at Vanderbilt

  • Averaged 71.37 strokes per round as a junior
  • 2018 GCAA Honorable Mention All-American, GCAA All-America Scholar and 2018 All-SEC Second Team
  • 2017 Nicklaus Award Finalist, 2017 GCAA First Team All-American, 2017 SEC Academic Honor Roll and 2017 All-SEC First Team
  • • 2016 All-SEC Second Team, 2016 Tom Cousins Award Winner, SEC First Year Academic Honor Roll and 2016 SEC All-Freshman Team
  • Led Vanderbilt with 70.34 stroke average in 2016-17, the second-lowest in program history.
  • Finished runner-up at the SEC Championship after posting a 10-under par, 200, a Vanderbilt record at the event.
  • Won the Schenkel Invitational in 2017 for his first collegiate individual title


Garrett May – Hometown: Hope, Ark. – Amateur Status: Jr. at Baylor

  • 2016-17 stroke average: 71.24
  • Earned 2018 Golfweek All-America third team honors and honorable mention All-America from GCAA
  • Two-time PING All-Central Region selection (2017, 2018)
  • Two-time Academic All-Big 12 honoree, picking up second team honors in 2017 and first team recognition in 2018
  • Earned 2018 GCAA All-America Scholar recognition and five-time Big 12 Commissioner’s Honor Roll selection.


Bryson Nimmer – Hometown: Bluffton, S.C. – Amateur Status: Sr. at Clemson

  • Three-time first-team All-ACC selection and two-time All-ACC Academic team
  • Three-time All-District by Coaches Association and honorable mention All-American by Coaches Association as a sophomore and second-team All-American as a junior
  • Ranks third in Clemson history in career stroke average with a 71,58 figure (min of 50 rounds
  • Has three top eight finishes at the ACC Tournament… won ACC Rookie-of-the-Year honors in 2015-16, he was just the third Clemson player to win the award


Mason Overstreet – Hometown: Kingfisher, Okla. – Amateur Status: Jr. at Arkansas

  • 2017-18 Stroke Average: 71.52
  • PING All-Region Team and SEC Spring Academic Honor Roll
  • Earned his first collegiate win as he was co-medalist at the Jerry Pate Intercollegiate with rounds of 65-65-70 for a career-best 10-under par 200
  • Reached the round of 16 at the 2018 U.S. Amateur
  • As a freshman was the NCAA Championship runner-up and a PING All-America honorable mention


Turk Pettit – Hometown: Auburn, Ala. – Amateur Status: So. at Clemson

  • 2017-18 Scoring Average: 70.97
  • First-team All-ACC as a true freshman and was an honorable mention All-American
  • Finished the 2017-18 season ranked No. 35 in the nation by Golfweek and 65 by Golfstat in the final rankings
  • Had second round 65 at NCAA Regional to tie Clemson record for low score at any NCAA Tournament in history
  • Two-time State Champion in Alabama, also won Alabama Amateur in 2016 and finished runner-up in 2017


Peng Pichaikool – Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand – Amateur Status: Jr. at Mississippi State

  • 2017-18 Scoring Average: 71.75
  • Placed in the Top 5 twice and in the top 10 three times
  • In December of 2017, he shot 9-under at the Boonchu Ruangkit Championship, an Asian Development Tour (pro) event in Thailand, to a tie for 12th, the best finish by an amateur
  • In January 2018, he competed against some of the best collegiate talent at the Jones Cup, where he placed fifth
  • Tied for 30th and took a share of the best amateur finish at another Asian Tour event, the Thailand Open, in June.
  • He was named to the SEC All-Freshmen team after the 2016-17 season and named to the GCAA Ping All-Region Team that year


Spencer Ralston – Hometown: Gainesville, Ga. – Amateur Status: Jr. at Ga.

  • 2017-18 Scoring Average: 70.86
  • Chosen as an Honorable Mention All-American by PING and the GCAA
  • Named Second-Team All-SEC by the league’s coaches
  • Named to the PING All-Southeast Region Team by the Golf Coaches Association of America
  • Named to the SEC’s All-Freshman Team after the 2016-17 season
  • Won the Tommy Aaron Award as Gainesville’s Player of the Year four times, was named All-State four times and named 5A Player of the Year three times


Matthias Schmid – Hometown: Maxhvette, Germany – Amateur Status: Fr. at Louisville

  • 2016-17 Stroke Average: 71.72
  • Selected as a PING all-region honoree
  • Became a member of the Germany junior team with a second-place finish at the Belgium U18 and a win at the Evolve
  • Won the Bavarian champion in 2017, shooting a career-low 199 and 17-under par


Alex Smalley – Hometown: Wake Forest, N.C. – Amateur Status: Sr. at Duke

  • 2017-18 Stroke Average: 70.78 (program record)
  • 2017-18 PING All-East team and All-ACC honors
  • Set program records in the categories of most birdies made in a season (152) and rounds at par or better (25)
  • 2016-17 All-ACC Team
  • 2016-17 All-ACC Academic Team
  • 2016-17 Division I Ping All-Region Team (East)
  • Finished 2016-17 season with best stroke average on team
  • Finished 2016-17 season with lowest round of 54 on team
  • Won the individual medal at the 2016 U.S. Amateur at Oakland Hills Country Club


Brandon Smith – Hometown: Frisco, Texas – Amateur Status: Jr. at Texas A&M

  • 2017-18 Stroke Average: 71.84
  • PING All-America honorable mention selection
  • Was in the hunt for medalist honors throughout the NCAA Bryan Regional (206, -10) before ultimately finishing in a tie for second, one stroke of the lead
  • Stood out as the highest-placing Aggie during stroke play at the NCAA Championship (287, -1) where he finished tied for 11th to help A&M advance to match play
  • Qualified for the Texas Amateur Championship for four consecutive years before arriving at Texas A&M


Austin Squires – Hometown: Union, Ky. – Amateur Status: Sr. at Cincinnati

  • 2017-18 Stroke Average: 71.91
  • 2017 American Athletic Conference Player of the Year
  • 2017 & 2018 AAC First Team Honoree
  • 2017 NCAA Tournament Regional Individual Participant
  • 2017 & 2018 U.S. Amateur Qualifier, advancing to the quarterfinals in 2018
  • 2018 Srixon/Cleveland Golf All-American Scholar
  • Qualified for the U.S. Amateur in Pebble Beach, California, advancing to the quarterfinals of match play, the deepest run by a Bearcat in the nation’s top amateur tournament in school history


Jackson Suber – Hometown: Tampa, Fla. – Amateur Status: Fr. at Ole Miss

  • High School Stroke Average: 71.0
  • Two-time State individual runner-up
  • In 2016, was named Tampa Bay Hillsborough Player of the Year, Spectrum Sports Player of the Year, and H.B. Plant’s Player of the Year
  • Had a third-place finish in the Florida Amateur, a top-20 in the USJR Championship and Florida Boys Jr. Amateur
  • Named to 2018 Wyndham Cup Team


Travis Trace – Hometown: Jacksonville, Fla. – Amateur Status: Sr. at North Florida

  • 2017-18 Stroke Average: 72.66
  • 2018 PING All-American, honorable mention and PING All-Southeast Region, 2nd team
  • 2018 All-ASUN, 2nd tea
  • 2017 ASUN All-Tournament and 2017-18 ASUN Academic Honor Roll (2017-18)
  • Became first UNF player to qualify for NCAA DI Championship as an individual in May of 2018


Thomas Walsh – Hometown: High Point, N.C. – Amateur Status: Sr. at Virginia

  • 2017-18 Stroke Average: 70.71
  • PING third team All-America
  • Finished the 2017-18 season 39th in final Golfstat ranking and No. 65 by Golfweek
  • 2018 ACC individual champion
  • Was 12th at the 2018 NCAA Regional
  • Named an honorable mention All-American by PING/GCAA after the 2016-17 season


Hayden Wood – Hometown: Edmond, Okla. – Amateur Status: Sr. at Oklahoma State

  • Was named a first-team Academic All-Big 12 pick
  • Tied for 23rd place at the NCAA Championship
  • Earned medalist honors at the 2017 U.S. Amateur
  • Earned honorable mention Rolex All-America honors in 2012
  • Helped Edmond North to four consecutive Oklahoma Class 6A state titles


Chun An Yu – Hometown: Taoyuan, Taiwan – Amateur Status: Jr. at Arizona State

  • 2017-18 Stroke Average: 71.61
  • Won the 98th annual Western Junior title in the summer of 2015 as he rallied late and won in a sudden-death playoff and joined the likes of Rickie Fowler, Hunter Mahan and Jim Furyk on the Milt Woodard Champions Trophy.
  • Won the 2015 Junior Players Championship with a 5-under 67 and won the tournament by one stroke after trailing by six.
  • Finished second at the 2014 Callaway Junior Championship and finished third at the 2014 Asia games
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