• January 25, 2022

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Texas Senate approves a $250 billion state budget — but

The Texas Senate unanimously signed off on a two-year, $250 billion state budget Tuesday, though there are still questions about how tens of billions of dollars in expected federal aid will be used — and whether it will arrive in time for lawmakers to use this legislative session. “This budget … meets our essential needs […]Read More

Texas faces a looming $4.6 billion deficit, comptroller projects

Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar delivered bleak but unsurprising news Monday: Because of the economic fallout triggered by the coronavirus pandemic, the amount of general revenue available for the state’s current two-year budget is projected to be roughly $11.5 billion less than originally estimated. That puts the state on track to end the biennium, which runs […]Read More

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott instructs state agencies to trim budgets

Texas’ top Republican leaders on Wednesday asked certain state agencies and higher education institutions to “submit a plan identifying savings” to reduce their budgets by 5% for the current biennium — an attempt to tighten financial belts amid the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic. Those entities, according to a May 20 letter from Gov. […]Read More

Texas’ biggest cities scramble to figure out what the 2019

DALLAS — During this year’s legislative session, Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price was among scores of city leaders who actively opposed yet another series of attempts by state officials to limit how much money local governments collect. But with lawmakers determined to reform the local property tax process, she and other mayors had little luck […]Read More

With conflicting budget estimates, will Texas teachers get the pay

When state lawmakers passed their landmark $11.6 billion school finance law in late May, school employees were eager to see how mandatory raises would affect their paychecks. A month later, they’re scratching their heads, struggling to decipher complicated changes and conflicting financial estimates that might not net teachers as much money as they expected. Before […]Read More

Op-Ed: Arsonists that put out their own fire

By now, you probably have heard that the just-concluded Texas legislative session included a massive $11 billion piece of legislation that overhauls many of the long-ignored issues in the state’s public education system. Good for them. Republican Governor “They Can Pry the Guns from My Cold Dead Hands” Abbott along with far Right radio host […]Read More

Texas Lawmakers Punt on Setting a Spending Cap for 2019

Some of the state’s political leaders, including House Speaker Joe Straus and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, took the unusual step Friday afternoon of declining to set the state’s spending cap after calling a meeting to do just that. Straus and Patrick met Friday meeting in their role as part of the 10-member Legislative Budget Board, […]Read More