• May 24, 2022

Tags : Texas Democrats

Texas Democrats Begin to Plot out Strategy for 2018

In late January, a high-profile forum for candidates vying to be the next Democratic National Committee chair brought hordes of Democrats to Houston ready to plot the party’s national future. But for Texans in the party, the more consequential meeting may have occurred the day before in Austin. A tight-knit group of Texas Democratic leaders traveled to the state capital that day to […]Read More

Texas Democrats Aim to Show a United Front at National

After a tumultuous Republican National Convention, Texas Democrats are heading to Philadelphia anticipating relative unity — relative being the key word — as they formally nominate Hillary Clinton for president. There are still some raw emotions among supporters of Bernie Sanders, and those feelings were heightened recently as leaked emails revealed that the Democratic National […]Read More

Platforms Reveal Texas Republicans, Democrats Actually Agree on Stuff

Though they disagree on nearly every major policy issue, from education funding to abortion to immigration, Texas Republicans and Democrats apparently have common ground on a few things, according to the platforms approved at recent state conventions. Both state parties approve new platforms every two years, covering dozens of issues. Republicans put their platform together […]Read More