• September 25, 2021

Tags : texas elections

Analysis: Texas candidates have one week left to sign up

In one week, we’ll know who’s going to have a primary. Who is going to have a fight in November. Who’s quitting. Who isn’t quitting. The table will be set for a big 2020 election — and for a very interesting political science experiment in a state that has been unshakably reliable for Republicans since […]Read More

Analysis: Political eyes are not all on the Texas prize

The idea animating many political candidates, consultants and donors in Texas in 2020 is one that’s way down the list of concerns for many Texas voters: redistricting. The 150-member Texas House has 83 Republicans and 67 Democrats, creating a GOP majority that could flip to Democrats if the minority party could wrest away nine spots. […]Read More

More Than 2,980,915 Texans Have Already Voted in the Midterm

As of day seven of early voting, 2,669,506 Texans have cast in-person ballots and 311,409 have cast mail-in ballots in the 30 counties where most registered voters in the state — 78 percent — live. That preliminary turnout has surpassed the total votes cast in those counties during the entire two-week early voting period in the last midterm election in 2014. So […]Read More

Analysis: A Viewer’s Guide to the 2018 Texas Elections

Labor Day doesn’t mark the start of the political season; political season never seems to stop. But it is typical turning point — a date when campaigns that have been building organizations and grubbing for campaign money redirect their attention to the voters who’ll decide the winners and losers. Texans will be casting ballots in […]Read More

Analysis: The Anemic State of Democracy in Texas

The difficulty in getting voters to show up for a runoff election is a big problem in Texas. There are hotspots around the state that might engage more voters, but generally speaking, it’s hard enough to get voters to the table once —and harder still to get them to come back for seconds. Turnout in the […]Read More

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