• January 25, 2022

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With conflicting budget estimates, will Texas teachers get the pay

When state lawmakers passed their landmark $11.6 billion school finance law in late May, school employees were eager to see how mandatory raises would affect their paychecks. A month later, they’re scratching their heads, struggling to decipher complicated changes and conflicting financial estimates that might not net teachers as much money as they expected. Before […]Read More

Report: Many Texas teachers moonlight to make ends meet

AUSTIN – A new report puts a spotlight on the economic stress facing people who choose a career in teaching. According to the Economic Policy Institute, nearly six out of ten teachers nationwide turn to “moonlighting” or side jobs to supplement their income and, in some cases, just to make ends meet. Clay Robison, public affairs […]Read More

Texas Sen. Larry Taylor unveils new school finance bill, adding

After a long wait, the Texas Senate has finally unveiled a thorough proposal for how to tackle school finance and school property tax reform — bringing back several ideas the House already nixed. State Sen. Larry Taylor, R-Friendswood, explained the proposal in the Senate Education Committee on Thursday but said the committee he chairs would not […]Read More

Texas Schools that Want to Arm their Employees Have Two

Following a deadly mass shooting at Santa Fe High School, Gov. Greg Abbott rolled out a 40-page plan to keep schools safe. Proposals ranged from beefing up existing mental health screening programs to encouraging voluntary use of gun locks at home, but one component seemed to divide lawmakers, districts and Texas schools: arming school employees. If Texas […]Read More

More than Half of Texas Public School Students are in

More than half of Texas public school students are in districts that don’t require teachers to be certified, according to state officials, due to a recent law giving schools more freedom on educational requirements. A 2015 law lets public schools access exemptions from requirements such as teacher certification, school start dates and class sizes — the same […]Read More