• April 12, 2021

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Presidential candidates turn their focus to Texas, as early voting

Bernie Sanders wasted little time Friday night at a Dallas-area rally getting to what he said would be a “dramatic announcement.” “We’re gonna win the state of Texas,” he declared, setting off raucous cheers. “Yeah, we will,” he added nonchalantly seconds later. While none of Sanders’ primary rivals has exuded as much confidence ahead of […]Read More

Bill to Abolish “One-Punch” Voting Approved in Texas House

House Bill 25, approved 85-59, could drastically change Texas politics considering straight-ticket ballots accounted for almost 64 percent of total votes cast in the state’s 10 largest counties this year. The Texas House late Friday night gave preliminary approval to a bill that would eliminate “one-punch” voting, forcing voters to make an individual decision on […]Read More

Five questions for Election Day 2016 in Texas

SAN ANTONIO — From a stage at a barbecue joint here Monday evening, Gov. Greg Abbott gestured toward the three lawmakers standing behind him and proclaimed them the “face of the current Republican Party in the great state of Texas” — and its future too. Come Tuesday night, all three of those legislators — state Reps. […]Read More

Agreement Means More Texans Can Vote in November

AUSTIN, Texas – Voting rights advocates encouraged the more than 500,000 Texans who could not have voted under the Texas Voter ID law because they lacked a photo ID to cast a ballot in the November general election. Following a federal court ruling striking down most of the law, state officials and the plaintiffs in […]Read More