• June 26, 2022

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TFCU 2022 Scholarship Application Now Open

As a Credit Union whose history is deeply rooted within education, TFCU is pleased to provide 12 individuals with a TFCU Community Scholarship of $1,000. This opportunity will help to propel students toward achieving their higher education goals. This year, in addition to these scholarships, TFCU honors their late Vice President of e-Commerce, Mr. Michael […]Read More

TFCU Donates $90,000 to Region 19 School Districts

The TFCU High School Spirit Debit Card (HSSDC) program reached a total of $90,000 in donations made to 38 local high schools across ten districts from Region 19. Since the program’s launch in October 2019, TFCU has dedicated itself to supporting El Paso High School clubs, organizations, and sports teams by donating $0.05 for every […]Read More

UCF Receives $200,000 Donation from TFCU

Newly founded non-profit, Underserved Communities Foundation (UCF), has received a $200,000 donation from TFCU to help further establish the organization and support their mission to reduce poverty by empowering the underserved. Sharing the philosophy of “People Helping People”, both organizations aim to support the underserved communities in a new way that promotes initiatives, programs, and […]Read More

TFCU offers ten scholarships to El Paso Students via two

As a show of support for local students, and to honor one of their organization’s strongest supporters of public education in El Paso, TFCU officials announced Tuesday will award a total of ten scholarships this year via two programs. As part of their Charles Hart Memorial Scholarship – named in honor of their late Board […]Read More

TFCU partners with financial inclusion and community development group Inclusiv

Officials with TFCU announced its partnership with Inclusiv, a leading credit union resource for financial inclusion and community development to help low-income communities achieve lasting financial independence through credit unions. In partnership with Inclusiv, TFCU is expanding access to financially vulnerable or formerly excluded communities by bringing financial literacy classes, personalized counseling, and affordable account […]Read More

TFCU, El Paso Rhinos team up for 1st Community Spirit

Monday morning, officials with TFCU announced their new, exclusive partnership with the El Paso Rhinos on the release of the El Paso Rhinos Debit Card. Credit union officials share that this is the first of TFCU’s Community Spirit Debit Cards, a continuation of its established High School Spirit Debit Card donation program. “Going above and beyond conventional sponsorships, TFCU is upholding its […]Read More

TFCU continues support of Feed the Frontline El Paso, Donates

El Paso’s own Teachers Federal Credit Union (TFCU) announced Monday their continued support of Feed the Frontline El Paso. Earlier this year, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, TFCU donated $5,000 to Feed the Frontline El Paso, a program, which raises money to support local restaurants while providing and delivering meals to healthcare workers across the city. This initial […]Read More

Plaza Classic Film Festival goes online starting Wednesday

The online edition of the El Paso Community Foundation’s 13th annual Plaza Classic Film Festival goes live Wednesday, August 5. Due the pandemic, this year’s Plaza Classic Film Festival is a hybrid of 14 digitally streamed films and 11 nightly pop-up drive-in movie programs, both of which run through August 9. For more information, click here. The streaming edition includes […]Read More

Plaza Classic Film Festival goes on tour, online for 2020

As the old saying goes, “The show must go on” and to that point, the El Paso Community Foundation’s 13th annual Plaza Classic Film Festival is going on tour and online. Due the COVID-19 pandemic, the Plaza Classic will be a hybrid festival, with 11 consecutive nights of pop-up drive-in movies at various locations around El Paso, and 5 days […]Read More

TFCU donates $10k to support community during COVID-19 Pandemic

To support the El Paso community during the COVID-19 crisis, Teachers Federal Credit Union (TFCU) has donated funds to the El Paso Community Foundation to support their two impactful initiatives. “Part of TFCU’s mission is to stimulate personal enrichment and community economic development, therefore, to support the El Paso community we decided to make this donation,” TFCU officials shared. Donations […]Read More