• September 28, 2021

Tags : the weekly yelp!

Weekly Yelp: Sprung On Spring Rolls

Have them as an appetizer or treat them like a meal, these rice paper-rolled veggies, noodles, meats, and fried treats act as one delightful dish that won’t weigh you down. And don’t forget the dipping sauce! Saigon Taste (Vietnamese) 6940 N Mesa St “One of my favorite places in El Paso. As an appetizer I […]Read More

The Weekly Yelp: EP’s Dive Into Diners

There’s nothing better than an old school diner serving up homestyle meals. So we’re doing a roundup of some of El Paso’s favorite diners where the coffee is always hot, the pies are fresh, and the meals are equally as cheap as they are delicious! Happy dining Gino’s Diner (Diners, Burgers) 14660 Montana Ave “So […]Read More

The Weekly Yelp: Say Cheese!

Plenty of cheese choices around the Sun City, check’em out in this week’s ‘Weekly Yelp!’ The Pot Au Feu (American (New), Breakfast & Brunch) 307 E Franklin “The cheese plate had a giant chunk of a delicious bleu cheese and large helpings of brie… The toasted bread was warm and crisp, yet soft inside, and […]Read More

The Weekly Yelp: Roadtrip To Marfa

After you’ve spent an hour outside Prada Marfa taking selfies in all the high fashion poses you can think of, don’t head for home just yet. Marfa, TX has more surprises in store like fully furnished teepees and a museum that serves grilled cheese. Make it a weekend trip — you won’t regret it! The […]Read More

The Weekly Yelp: EP’s Guide To Chocolate

Weekly Yelp: EP’s Guide To Chocolate It’s a scientific fact that chocolate is good for you. Whether it’s in a fancy créme puff, drizzled on donuts, served in a mug, or wrapped up in a pretty box, it’s rare to find someone who doesn’t love cacao. There’s lots to choose from in EP, so lose […]Read More

Weekly Yelp: A Foodie Guide To Zaragoza

Whether you spell in Zaragoza or Zaragosa, there’s no doubt that you’ve noticed there’s an abundance of delicious restaurants on this long strip. This week we’re giving you the lowdown on a few of the hot spots and hidden gems on Zaragoza. With everything from a cupcake boutique to Lebanese burgers, this is definitely a […]Read More

The Weekly Yelp! Fallin’ For Falafel

The Weekly Yelp: Fallin’ For Falafel Even if you can’t afford that exotic trip abroad anytime soon, this Weekly’s here to take your taste buds out of El Paso. Whether you’re on the hunt for your first falafel or you’re a bona fide shawarma scholar, take your palate on a tour of the most humm-azing […]Read More

The Weekly Yelp: Good Pho, Pho Sure

Pho (pronounced “fah”) is a Vietnamese noodle soup that soothes the soul and warms the bod. It’s a flavor party in your mouth consisting of a complex and savory broth, rice noodles, fresh herbs and veggies, and a variety of meats. It’s so pho-reaking pho-nomenal it’s not even pho-nny, pho real.  Ok ok, we’ll stop. […]Read More

The Weekly Yelp: Party Like It’s 1929

December 5th we celebrate the day Prohibition was repealed. So while you won’t find yourself swigging from a bathtub full of vodka these days, the charm of 1920s prohibition-style speakeasies has never gone out of fashion. This week, we’re spilling the secrets of El Paso’s vintage bars and bistros that pay tribute to a bygone […]Read More

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