• May 7, 2021

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Op-Ed: What is Important?

A few years back, graphing calculators were introduced almost universally to math classes across the US in secondary grades. “Well, teachers, said back then to their students, “Don’t get too attached, You won’t have a calculator with you everywhere you go.” Lo and behold, now, with smartphones ubiquitous, everyone pretty much has a calculator with […]Read More

Op-Ed: How Dual Credit Courses could save millions of dollars

A big trend in high school public education is the “Dual Credit” course. This type of course provides students a parallel avenue to take college courses while at the same time getting high school credit. For instance, a student might take a “Dual Credit” Chemistry course where the course is taught both at a Community […]Read More

Op-Ed: Does Teacher Ego prevent the adoption of Ed Tech?

My friend Kevin Honeycutt used to tell a story of a professor of American Literature who was droning on about a particular short story in his class and became increasingly frustrated with a student in the back row who was paying more attention to his laptop than to his lecture. Finally, attempting to get the […]Read More

Op-Ed: Teacher Evaluations as a movie Review

What if teacher evaluations were written as Movie Reviews? Here is my ode to Roger Ebert, Education Evaluator… Corina Tipton – High School Biology 2019 ★★★ ½ Ninth Grade  – Release Date: 6-5-2019 I once had the pleasure of meeting and talking with Corina Tipton at NSTA several years before she became the Worchester High School […]Read More

Op-Ed: If Your Child Is Not Using Technology In School

Over the years, I have had my fair share of conversations with teachers and administrators that don’t want to incorporate technology into their lessons. They typically have excuses for ignoring edtech ranging from not having “enough time” to “it is a fad” to “the kids know more than I do.” Pretty much every excuse is […]Read More

Op-Ed: Ten years of School shootings in the United States:

William Penn High School Dunbar Vocational Career Academy Cahokia High School Zebulon Middle School Central High School Westover High School Chimborazo Elementary School Leestown Middle School Aplington-Parkersburg High School Mattituck High School Wilson High School Brockton High School Booker T. Washington High School Livingston High School Discovery Middle School Inskip Elementary School Deer Creek Middle […]Read More

Op-Ed: What Good Is Teaching Kids To Not Bully When

Send her back!” “Send her back!” chanted the crowd at the rally for the man that was sworn into office with a bible once held by the Great Emancipator. They chanted in unison as he smiled broadly after mocking a duly elected Unites States Representative and US citizen, Ilhan Omar (D-MN). He smiled. He basked […]Read More

Op-Ed: Kids Are Not Waiting For Us To Teach Them

Back in 2006, I was reintroduced to the concept that kids are not waiting around for the adults to teach them things that they want to learn. Back then there was a popular YouTube video of Jeong-Hyun Lim, a 23 year old South Korean, who taught himself to play Pachelbel’s “Canon in D” and posted […]Read More