• April 10, 2021

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Op-Ed: Textbooks are obsolete. Get over it.

Recently, in their annual letter where Bill and Melinda Gates reflect on the things that they (and their billions of dollars in charitable donations) think are worth thinking about, the worlds most philanthropic couple stated that “textbooks are becoming obsolete.” Gates went on to say: “But now, thanks to software, the standalone textbook is becoming a thing of […]Read More

Op-Ed: What is ROI?

I cringe whenever someone speaks about education, or students, or teachers, in business terms. There just seems something morally wrong about the idea that children are widgets, that teachers are factory workers, grade levels are cogs in a wheel, and that schools are factories. Yet, for people outside of education, and even many inside, there […]Read More

Op-Ed: Teaching Bible Literacy in Public Schools is a Terrible

Recently, after getting his daily national security briefing from the trioka of talking heads on “Fox and Friends,” which horse-whispered to him “at least six states…have introduced legislation this year pushing for public schools to offer Bible literacy classes” our president tweeted out the following message: “Numerous states introducing Bible Literacy classes, giving students the […]Read More

Op-Ed: Teaching With Technology Should Not Be An Option: It’s

In Texas, the law requires schools to integrate technology into lesson in every curricular area in grades K-8. Period. The law is the law. And after 8th grade, it is assumed that all grades in all content areas 9-12 will just continue the work of their K-8 colleagues and integrate technology into almost all lessons […]Read More

Op-Ed+Video: Transformational Technology

Take a look at the video above.   Pretty powerful stuff huh? I cringe whenever I hear someone say something derogatory about the use of technology in our schools. “We buy anything with blinking lights.” “Stop spending money on gizmos and doodads” “If we just taught, then kids wouldn’t need all that fancy stuff.” If I […]Read More

Op-Ed: The Green Book Is Divisive, And Maybe That’s A

“The Green Book,” a movie about a white New York bouncer that drives a gifted New York black pianist in the deep south through a concert tour during the Jim Crow 60’s. The movie has three won Golden Globe awards and of course, like many movies that deal with racial issues in America, has caused […]Read More

Op-Ed: We Need To Treat All of Education As If

Have you ever heard of the app “PhotoMath?” PhotoMath allows anyone with a smartphone or tablet to write out a math problem, point their device at it, take a picture, and the app will solve the problem, step by step, in less than 5 seconds. From simple math to calculus and everything in between. Check out […]Read More

Op-Ed: Where are You Learning to Be Uncomfortable?

“There’s only two things I despise: Those who are intolerant of other people’s cultures… and the Dutch.” —Nigel Powers, Goldmember When I was a much younger man, still in college, I was a bartender at the old Jaxon’s Restaurant on North Mesa. In those days, the best shift to have was Friday night, because all […]Read More

Op-Ed: The Problem with Learning Technology is Professors That Don’t

Kirstin R. Wilcox, Lecturer at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, is one in a growing long line of higher ed educators that refuse to wrap their big brains around how to use educational technology. Writing in the blog Chroniclevitae.com, Wilcox talks about how ed tech and all the associated things that go with it are not […]Read More

Op-Ed: Jane Pollock PhD. The i5 Approach: Using Technology to

Several weeks ago I approached Jane E. Pollock, PhD, author of the book “The i5 Approach” and asked if she might write a short guest blog, in lieu of my typical author interviews. She graciously agreed, and here is her response: A biology teacher, Veronica, wondered: if I ask students to use technology, will they […]Read More