• April 11, 2021

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Op-Ed: It Isn’t About Technology, it is About Equity

The student looked up from his new HP Stream computer, a low powered , low cost Windows laptop. He was in 11th grade and seemed to really be interested in what was happening on the device, which if I recall, was a Khan academy video on some math concept. Our district had just rolled out […]Read More

Op-Ed: Expectation Of Use: Isn’t Just About Devices, It’s Getting

Anyone watching the education technology news this week probably heard that Apple had an “Education Event” in Chicago, where the company rolled out their vision of education for the future. (You can watch the event here). Along with the shiny new products, the tone of the event is what struck me most: Apple looks to creativity […]Read More

Op-Ed: ‘The Business Model’ and Schools

In the state of Texas, if a school district wants to raise operating funds by raising the local tax rate, they have to go to the voters. Public schools in Texas are the only taxing entity that have to ask for voter approval any time they wish to raise taxes. Of course, in lean times […]Read More

Op-Ed: The End Credits and The Gig Economy

I am one of those people that sit through an entire movie. When I say ENTIRE movie, I mean all of the credits. I was doing that long before the Marvel Comic movies added those cool little stingers at the end. I was watching when the credits would scroll all the way through, and would […]Read More

Op-Ed: Screen Time

Back in the 1960’s I remember my mother telling me not to sit so close to our Magnavox color tv console my family had purchased that was the center of entertainment in our house. “The radiation will burn your eyes out.” I remember her saying. I think she also warned me about some kind of […]Read More

Op-Ed: Eating Your Own Dog Food

In his book “Kitchen Confidential,“ celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain told the story of what happens behind the scenes of the four and five star restaurants in New York City. One of the great ironies of the book was that the people working at those often world famous eateries never actually ate at them. They would […]Read More

Op-Ed: Remembering the Kiss

I bet, if you thought about it you could remember your first real kiss. I am not talking Tia Maria pecking you on the cheek. I’m talking that someone that you were so hot for back in the day. You were nervous, you were excited, you were sweating, you were worried. Even if it happened […]Read More

Op-Ed: You Now Have No Excuse Not To Learn

Recently, a local opinion columnist wrote that he had “…no appetite for anything modern.” In 600 words he was able to castigate modern movies, sports, music, women who are “no longer coy,” the #takeaknee movement, and basically anything that has happened in the world after say, 1955 as being culturally irrelevant, vulgar, or corrupt. Beethoven: […]Read More

Op-Ed: Spending Money in all the Wrong Places

In El Paso there is a group of concerned, financially well endowed citizens have decided that public education needs help. The idea of course is that if they can change what they perceive as a low performing education system, then a domino effect will take place, where the population will become more educated, more educationally demanding […]Read More

Op-Ed: Educating for Jobs that Won’t Exist

Among the many artifacts that the Industrial Revolution brought to the modern world (not withstanding smog and child labor) was the assembly line, that non-stop, non-thinking march of additive widgets that starts out as nothing at the entrance and by the time one gets to the exit, some completed product appears be it a car, […]Read More