• October 17, 2021

Tags : tim holt

Op-Ed: Spending Money in all the Wrong Places

In El Paso there is a group of concerned, financially well endowed citizens have decided that public education needs help. The idea of course is that if they can change what they perceive as a low performing education system, then a domino effect will take place, where the population will become more educated, more educationally demanding […]Read More

Op-Ed: Educating for Jobs that Won’t Exist

Among the many artifacts that the Industrial Revolution brought to the modern world (not withstanding smog and child labor) was the assembly line, that non-stop, non-thinking march of additive widgets that starts out as nothing at the entrance and by the time one gets to the exit, some completed product appears be it a car, […]Read More

Op-Ed: Without Critical Thinking, We are Doomed

Perhaps you have heard of a group of people that believe the earth in which we inhabit is indeed flat, like a coin, and not a sphere. They are called the “Flat Earthers” and deny all of the science that we have learned since Eratosthenes of Cyrene first calculated the circumference of our celestial sphere […]Read More

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