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Friday , October 19 2018
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El Paso’s July unemployment numbers mixed

Workforce Solutions Borderplex (WSB) released their monthly report on employment numbers in the city and the county, and they are a mixed batch.

According to WSB numbers, last month the El Paso Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) unemployment rate was 0.5 points higher than the unemployment rate for the city of El Paso. The unemployment rate for the city of El Paso in July 2015 was at 5.0%, an increase of 0.1 % increase over June’s numbers.

The monthly report also indicated that the unemployment rate for the City of El Paso decreased by 1.5 % since last year.

While the decrease is noteworthy, the unemployment rate for the city of El Paso was still higher than the statewide rate of 4.6%, yet below the National unemployment rate of 5.6%.

The numbers were much the same in the county, as unemployment rate in July 2015 was 5.5%, again higher than the rate for the state, but lower than the national average.

The El Paso (MSA) ranked 22nd out of the 25 Texas MSAs in terms of unemployment rates.

The report went on to show that the three Super Sectors with the greatest employment for the El Paso MSA in June were (1) Government; (2) Trade, Transportation, and Utilities; and (3) Educational and Health Services. According to WSB officials, “These three Super Sectors represented 58% of the total nonfarm employment”

On the other side of the spectrum, the three Super Sectors with the least employment for the El Paso MSA in June were (1) Financial Activities; (2) Other Services and (3) Information.

Officials added that the information was gathered from federal and state sources and pertains to the El Paso MSA, the Workforce Solutions Borderplex region, and the City of El Paso

Below are the July rates for the region:

Texas State 4.6%

El Paso MSA 5.5%

El Paso City 5.0%

El Paso County 5.5%

Socorro City 5.8%

Brewster County 4.5%

Culberson County 4.7%

Hudspeth County 6.2%

Jeff Davis County 3.3%

PresidioCounty 11.4%