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Wednesday , August 12 2020
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UTEP Secondary gets boost from return of injured starters

 The UTEP football team’s defensive struggles last season can be traced as much to who wasn’t on the field as to who was playing.

The safety position in particular was hard hit by injuries, as two projected starters entering fall camp, Broderick Harrell and Justin Prince, combined to appear in just four games.

Harrell hasn’t played in a game for the Miners since earning a start in the 2018 season finale against Southern Miss.  He suffered a torn Retinaculum in his ankle two weeks prior to the start of 2019 fall camp and missed the entire campaign.  Prince was on his way to a banner year (27 tackles in the first four games) last season before breaking his foot when it got caught in the turf on a goal line play at Southern Miss.

Following an intense rehab, Harrell and Prince are back this spring and have impressed the Miners’ new secondary and safeties coach, Josh Brown.

“Both of them are extremely hard workers,” Brown said.  “Both of them want to be great.  And when you want to be great and you have a work ethic, usually it turns out pretty good.”

Last year Harrell underwent surgery and was in a cast for eight weeks.  The ankle didn’t heal quite fast enough for him to return late in the season.

“It was hard on me because mentally I wanted to play,” he said.  “I had never missed a season like that.  I wanted to play with my brothers and I felt like I could help them out a lot.”

Prince had a wicked premonition that playing on the M.M. Roberts Stadium turf would bring disaster.

“I prefer grass but the crazy thing is, at the Friday walkthrough the day before the game, I said the field was pretty bad,” he said.  “So I wished a little bad luck on it and I paid the price.”

Prince managed to avoid surgery, but the recovery process was no less grueling and he’s still not quite at 100 percent (though he’s close).

“I spent a lot of time in the training room,” he said.  “That was basically my second home.

“I’ve played through injuries before, but this one really set me back.  I just knew I had to trust the process.”

Fortunately, Harrell and Prince could lean on one another during their year without football as both teammates and roommates.

“We’re similar; we like a lot of the same things,” Prince said.  “We look the same, we have the same stature [Harrell is 5-11, 210 pounds; Prince is 5-10, 200 pounds].  He got hurt first last year.  And then I got hurt.  It’s weird.  It was probably meant to be that we’re both on the field at the same time.”

“We both had a good spring last year and we both got hurt, so that brought us a little bit closer,” Harrell said.  “He’s my brother off the field.  I love him.”

Now, Harrell and Prince find themselves in the odd position of returning to the field and being thrust into the role of elder statesmen in the UTEP secondary.

“We’re basically the older guys with J. Rog [Justin Rogers] and Champ [Michael Lewis] out of the program now,” Prince said.  “So we have to bring the young guys up and set the example every day in the meeting room and on the practice field.”

Last year Harrell and Prince were understudies to Rogers, who became the first Miner to post an interception in four separate seasons since Quintin Demps (2004-07).

“He taught us how to be 100 percent accountable every day, and how to lead,” Harrell said.  “He studied the game like it was homework, like it was a book.”

“He’s really football smart and he was always teaching me the game,” Prince said.  “Just sitting next to him in film, asking questions all of the time and seeing what he saw on the field was huge.”

While they’re taking on more of a leadership role this year, Harrell and Prince are also continuing to learn from their new position coach Brown, who was formerly an accomplished defensive coordinator at Cal Poly.

“He’s a great guy,” Prince said.  “He’s trying to make things simpler for us.  He’s done a really good job with teaching us techniques that will make it easier in our coverages.”

“He’s taught me a lot in three weeks,” Harrell said.  “New techniques, but he also taught me to trust in myself more and believe that I’m a better athlete than the guy lined up across from me.”

Brown watched a lot of film on the 2019 Miners after accepting the job in early February.  It sounds like he’s got a good handle on his personnel after only five spring practices.

“As a secondary, the defensive backs in general, we need to improve on our man technique,” he said.  “I think they’re pretty good zone players, and we’ve gotten pretty good reactions and breaks off of the quarterback.  But our man technique has got to continue to get better, and we’ve got to continue learning how to play all the different combinations of man.”

Last year, UTEP’s pass break ups dropped from 41 to 33, and the Miners collected only five interceptions as a team for a second straight year.  Getting both of those numbers up will be paramount to an improved defensive effort in 2020.  Brown is fully aware of that, and he’s working on it.

“What we do every day before practice is we get out here and we do our wiffle ball drills,” he said.  “And all we’re working on is punchouts for 10 minutes with wiffle balls.  We’re up to 15 or 20 punchouts and five or six interceptions from just the safeties in five practices.  We’re keeping track of them and we’re making an emphasis of getting the ball out.  Pass breakups and interceptions are key to our success as a defense.”

The Miners are counting on vast defensive improvement this fall.  And if that happens, Harrell and Prince are sure to play a big part in it.

“No limits,” Harrell said.  “There aren’t any expectations and there are no limits.  We’re trying to blow it out of the water next year.”

Fans can renew their UTEP Football Season Tickets, or request new season tickets for the 2020 season now;  renewals will be accepted online until April 10, by calling (915) 747-6150, or by visiting the UTEP Athletics Season Ticket Office, located in Room 109 of the Brumbelow Building next to the Don Haskins Center, Monday thru Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For more information, click here.

Miners land reinforcements to help fix defense for 2020

UTEP was a solid defensive football team in 2018.  The Miners ranked fifth in Conference USA, allowing 198.9 passing yards per game.  Overall UTEP yielded 394.7 yards per contest, a number good enough to win with.

However, the defense fell on hard times in 2019 following the loss of playmakers like A.J. Hotchkins and Nik Needham.  UTEP surrendered 430.8 yards per game, the second-highest total in C-USA, and 35.9 yards per outing, last in the league.

“It was a combination of a lot of things,” UTEP defensive coordinator Mike Cox said.  “I didn’t coach good, we lost some key players, and we didn’t play right at times.  That’s the biggest thing that we’re emphasizing right now, to own up to our assignments and not bust ourselves.  We did that [in 2018].  We didn’t make our own busts, and we played ok.  That’s what we’ve got to get back to.  We’ve got to be very consistent.  And the emphasis this spring is to be consistent about our jobs, get off blocks and play with tenacity.”

If the Miners are going to improve their win-loss record in 2020, they’ll need to be able to stop people.  They struggled to do that a year ago, but they also lost some key personnel from that squad.

“In order to replace those guys, we went the junior college route and we were very lucky and very fortunate to get guys who could come right now rather than after the spring,” Cox said.  “So they’re all here and showing a lot of promise.  We needed these guys to get our depth back to where it needed to be.”

Specifically, the Miners brought in DB Dennis Barnes (Fort Scott CC), DB Verenzo Holmes (NW Mississippi CC), LB Tyrice Knight (Independence CC), DT Kelton Moss (Kilgore College), DT Keenan Stewart (Iowa Western CC), DE Jadrian Taylor (Kilgore College), LB Gary Theard (Chaffey College) and DE Deylon Williams (Independence CC).

“The thing that we liked about them, number one, is their character,” Cox said.  “We really emphasized the character of these guys, and then matched it with their athletic ability and the football playing side of it.  We really like all of the guys that we brought in.  First and foremost they’re great people, they’re hard workers and they can learn.  They’ve gone about all of this the right way.  And we’re proud of that.  The biggest thing that we’re trying to figure out is where they fit in with this defense.  That’s what we’re trying to do this spring, plug them in where they’re going to help us win.”

If the Miners are going to make major strides this fall, they’ll need several of their returning players to ramp up their production as well.  And Cox likes what he has seen from his core through two days of spring ball.

“The last couple of days, [cornerback] Duron Lowe has done a really nice job,” Cox said.  “He has really stepped up his game.  The same with [cornerback] Josh Caldwell.  I think having our two safeties back healthy means a lot.  We didn’t have two starters last year in [Broderick] Harrell and [Justin] Prince.  Getting them back has added some stability to that position.  [Linebacker] Stephen Forester is very consistent, and a great role model and leader for our team.  Those are the main guys, plus a couple of guys who played up front.  [Defensive Tackle] Josh Ortega brings great leadership.  So if all those guys continue to grow with the leadership part, we change our attitude on defense, play with a lot more tenacity and do things the right way, we’ll improve vastly.”

The Miners have also altered their approach to spring ball and their schematics to produce better results in 2020.  First of all, fans will see hitting and tackling in practice, something they didn’t a year ago at this time.

“Last year, we were concerned because we had been hit by injuries so much the year before.  That’s why I didn’t do it last year,” UTEP head coach Dana Dimel said.  “But this year, just watching how we tackled and our angles that we took on Saturdays, I thought it was better for us to get more live tackling.  I thought it would improve our tackling angles and our body positions on tackling.”

The Miners have also switched their base alignment from a 3-4 to a 4-3.

“One of our big goals is to create more pass rush and be able to get to the quarterback better,” Dimel said.  “We feel like by getting our guys spread out and covering up defensive linemen a little bit more, that we’re going to be able to create some pass rush angles for our defensive ends.”

All of this should add up to some spirited workouts this spring.

“I think coach Dimel decided that we’ve got to get more physical,” Cox said.  “We’re tackling and today you saw some 1’s versus 1’s [in practice].  The guys enjoy it I’m sure, and all we want to do is get better.”

Fans can renew their UTEP Football Season Tickets, or request new season tickets for the 2020 season now.  Renewals will be accepted online until April 10 here, by calling (915) 747-6150, or by visiting the UTEP Athletics Season Ticket Office, located in Room 109 of the Brumbelow Building next to the Don Haskins Center, Monday thru Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For more information, visit the UTEP Miners ticket page.

Two for ‘Q’: Wadley Returns with New Number, New Motivation

UTEP Football fans that set foot on Glory Field to watch spring drills may notice the return of a familiar face.

It’s Quardraiz Wadley, version 2.0.

Remember him?  He rushed for 1,072 yards and eight touchdowns for the Miners over three seasons from 2016-18.  In 2018, he put together a career year, gaining 627 yards on 123 carries with seven scores.

This is a man who once rushed for 156 yards at Army and 111 yards versus I-10 rival NM State.

Then, his senior season, originally scheduled to take place in 2019, was washed away due to a toe injury that he suffered in offseason workouts last July.

“It was a really freak accident,” he said.  “I was doing a normal drill that I had done plenty of times before.  My toe just snapped out of place, and when it snapped I tore the ligaments that connect my toe to my foot.  So I had to get all of that repaired.  We thought it was going to be a short six weeks, and I’d be back.”

It all sounded so harmless, but it turned out to be a huge deal for a guy whose game is predicated on speed.

“It turned into a six month [recovery],” he said.  “I had to fly out to L.A. to get the surgery, because we couldn’t find anyone to do it here.  But we got it taken care of.  It’s getting a lot better and I should be ready to go full contact here pretty soon, in two or three weeks.”

So Wadley’s life in the fall and winter consisted of a bunch of rehab and treatments from the training staff.

This week, he was on the practice field with his teammates once again.  And considering he missed 2019 spring ball with an ankle injury, it has been quite the early-awaited comeback.

“It’s been really hard [sitting out], but my teammates have been lifting me up,” he said.  “They wanted me to mentor the younger guys.  So I found something to replace playing.

“I’m really excited,” he added.  “It feels good to be back with my teammates.  It feels good to actually be out here doing stuff instead of watching.  And I’m just ready to make a difference.”

Wadley isn’t all the way back.  He has been limited to no-contact drills thus far, and his toe still feels stiff.  But he’s getting there.

“It’s everything but contact until I can get the soreness to go away.  And then we’ll hit it harder,” he said.  “Over time, the stiffness will go away with running activities.  And I’m working on strengthening the muscles around my foot from being in the cast for so long.  That’s my main focus right now.”

Wadley has changed numbers this spring.  He used to be in the #4 jersey, and now he’s wearing #2.  But this isn’t about Quardraiz Wadley 2.0.  It’s something far more significant.

“I just felt like it was time for a new identity,” he said.  “I was #2 in high school.  And then I told Luke I would wear #2 if he wasn’t able to play again.”

Luke Laufenberg was a sophomore tight end on the Miners’ 2019 spring roster that passed away last August after battling cancer.  He was 21 years old.

Wadley was one of many Miners that were touched by the courage and fight of Luke.

“He was such a good soul,” he said.  “He tried to make people smile.  Nothing negative ever came out of his mouth.  He was a hard worker and a guy who just wanted to play football.  We knew his story, but he didn’t want people to feel sorry for him.  He just showed us that he was a fighter, and that was the persona that he lived with.

“I do feel a sense of responsibility [wearing his number],” he added.  “Last year we were pretty close and I made a promise to him that I would wear it if he could never play again, and play through him.”

With Laufenberg serving as an inspirational force, Wadley is hoping to close out his career in style this fall.  He believes the Miners have the makings of a solid offensive football team with a more athletic line and a deep backfield that consists not only of himself, but native El Pasoans Josh Fields and Deion Hankins.

“I’m excited about the offensive line,” he said.  “We’ve got some young guys who I think are going to be able to step in and help us right away.  And our running back position runs really deep.  We all complement each other.  I’m excited for what’s in store for us this upcoming season.”

Wadley is also excited about working in tandem with his new position coach, Barrick Nealy.

“He’s really good,” he said.  “He’s a former quarterback, so we get a different perspective from him.  We’re just learning from each other.  He brings some good tips to the table because he has been in our shoes playing before.  It’s a good fit for us.”

Fans can renew their UTEP Football Season Tickets, or request new season tickets for the 2020 season now.

Renewals will be accepted online until April 10 here, by calling (915) 747-6150, or by visiting the UTEP Athletics Season Ticket Office, located in Room 109 of the Brumbelow Building next to the Don Haskins Center, Monday thru Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  For more information, click here.

All eyes on the Quarterbacks as UTEP opens Spring Drills

The UTEP football team launched 2020 Spring Ball on Tuesday morning at Glory Field, as the day’s heavy rains held off long enough for the Miners to get in their first two hours of drills.

“I was really happy with the energy and the excitement that the guys brought to the table,” third-year UTEP head coach Dana Dimel said.  “Obviously there are new faces that we’re bringing into the fold, so I thought for the most part they did a nice job.  That’s going to be the big thing, seeing how these new guys develop.”

Another area of focus – and perhaps THE area of focus for the casual observer – is the evolution at the quarterback position, since last year’s starters, Brandon Jones and Kai Locksley, have exhausted their eligibility.  Senior Isaiah Bravo, sophomore Calvin Brownholtz, redshirt freshman T.J. Goodwin and sophomore Gavin Hardison are part of a four-man derby to determine who will start under center when the Miners take the field for the 2020 opener versus Texas Tech on Sept. 5.

“Equal reps for [all four] today and tomorrow,” Dimel said.  “And then we’ll analyze the first two days on Thursday and start making our rotations.  We’ll start critiquing them, grading them, and as they grade one through four, the number one will get the most reps and so on.”

The quartet has combined to attempt 37 passes for the Miners – all from Hardison, who saw action in two games (at UAB, versus Rice) a year ago before redshirting.  Brownholtz is next in line in terms of experience; he has appeared in 11 games for UTEP but has yet to throw a ball under the lights.  Bravo and Goodwin may be younger, but all the signal-callers have talent.

“They bring different things to the table,” Dimel said.  “We know that Gavin can throw the football.  We want to develop his ability to run and process the offense.  We want T.J. to get more experience running the offense and enhance his ability to run the football as well.  Isaiah is someone we haven’t talked about a whole lot, but he’s got some ability to throw the ball.  He has been a starter at the junior college level and has had success.  And Calvin is a really hard worker, a gym rat who does a lot of positive things.  He can be a good runner of the football and we want him to work on that part of his game, but also work on his understanding of the offense.”

In 21 games for Cerritos College, Bravo passed for 3,333 yards and 32 touchdowns with only 13 interceptions.  He is enjoying the excitement of a true quarterback battle.

“We’re all really competitive and we know that the best man is going to play, but at the same time we’re all trying to help each other be the best versions of ourselves,” he said.  “There’s no stalling each other out.  We’re going to go at each other every day.”

Goodwin was a decorated prep player at Cypress Falls High School in Houston, throwing for 3,106 yards and 19 TDs.  He feels infinitely more comfortable in year two in the Sun City.

“I came in last year at this time and I really didn’t know defensive structures, how to check in and out of defense and where I wanted to go with the ball,” he said.  “Now I feel a lot more confident.”

Hardison made an impressive Miner debut at UAB, throwing for 222 yards and a touchdown against one of Conference USA’s elite defenses.  Like Goodwin, he’s much more at ease with his second stint in the Orange and Blue.

“I feel more experienced,” he said.  “But at the same time, you can never be satisfied.  I need to keep working, keep learning the offense.  You never know enough.  The guys in the [NFL], they’re still studying every day.  For me, I just need to keep studying and keep acting like I don’t know the offense.”

Hardison said his two appearances in 2019 were invaluable.

“It was big for me, just to see what the game speed is like,” he said.  “It was fun.  But at the same time, we didn’t come out with a win in those two games.  For me to know what that feels like, to be in a game and come out with some experience, was huge for me.”

Brownholtz is four years removed from his senior year at Jesuit High School in Carmichael, Calif., when he threw for 2,333 yards and 26 TDs with only 10 picks.  He also brings the built-in advantage of being in Dimel’s system for a third year.  But he recognizes he still has work to do.

“In terms of my game, it’s about not only reading when to run and throw the football, but when do you keep it and what not,” he said.  “It’s about picking up on coverages, blitzes and pressure checks, but the biggest thing is probably reading coverages and fronts and knowing the ins and outs of the defense.”

After Jones and Locksley entered last year’s camp as the heavy favorites to earn the starting nod, this race feels wide open and it’s thrilling for the contenders.

“Whatever you do is really up to you,” Goodwin said.  “How you perform is going to determine whether you get on the field or not.  I feel like if I go out and take care of business, the rest is going to take care of itself.”

“It’s what you want, to compete and have people push you,” Hardison said.

“I love it, it’s awesome,” Brownholtz said.  “Competition brings out the best in all the quarterbacks.  I love T.J., Gavin and Isaiah.  They are all great guys.  But we’re all fighting for that starting job.  I’m excited and just like them, I’m looking for that number one spot.”

UTEP Football Spring Drills to Kick Off on Tuesday, March 3

The UTEP football team will launch year three under coach Dana Dimel with its first practice of the spring on Tuesday, March 3 from 8:30-10:30 a.m. at Glory Field.

The Miners will have 14 spring practices – the majority of which fall on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays – leading into the Spring Game on Saturday, April 11 at 11 a.m. at a location to be determined.  All UTEP football spring practices are open to the public.

UTEP returns 36 lettermen for the 2020 campaign – 18 on offense, 16 on defense, one kicker and one punter.  The Miners welcome back four regular starters on offense (WR Jacob Cowing, LG Bobby DeHaro, LT Zuri Henry, RG Elijah Klein) and five regular starters on defense (DE Praise Amaewhule, CB Josh Caldwell, CB Duron Lowe, S Justin Prince, LB Jayson VanHook).

Nine members of the Miners’ 2020 signing class who transferred in from other programs will be with the team for spring drills – DB Dennis Barnes (Fort Scott CC), WR Q Drennan (New Mexico), DB Verenzo Holmes (NW Mississippi CC), LB Tyrice Knight (Independence CC), DT Kelton Moss (Kilgore College), DT Keenan Stewart (Iowa Western CC), DE Jadrian Taylor (Kilgore College), LB Gary Theard (Chaffey College) and DE Deylon Williams (Independence CC).

The coaching staff also has a new look this spring with Josh Brown taking over as secondary/safeties coach, and NFL veteran Trevin Wade being installed as cornerbacks coach.  Holdover Barrick Nealy is the Miners’ new running backs coach.

Evaluating the candidates to supplant Kai Locksley as the Miners’ starting quarterback tops the list of offensive priorities this spring.  The contenders, in alphabetical order, are senior Isaiah Bravo, sophomore Calvin Brownholtz, freshman TJ Goodwin and sophomore Gavin Hardison.

“I’m really looking forward to watching these guys insert themselves into the offense and get a firm grasp of what we’re doing,” UTEP coach Dana Dimel said.  “All four of them could improve their stock this spring.”

The Miners return five players with starting experience in the offensive line (Jeremiah Byers, DeHaro, Henry, Klein, Darta Lee) but will need to replace Derron Gatewood, who made 34 starts at center for UTEP.  Building depth in the wide receivers corps will also be a priority after Cowing and Justin Garrett both came on strong to close out the 2019 campaign.

“We feel like we’re going to be more athletic on the offensive line and we feel like we’ve got a really nice group of wide receivers, and the big thrust will be getting those guys to rise up and create a solid two deep for us leaving spring ball,” Dimel said.

The Miners will integrate a host of new players into a defense that struggled last season.  The competition figures to be fierce with a number of starting spots up for grabs.

“We brought in a bunch of new guys and we’re excited to see what they can do,” Dimel said.  “We feel like we’ve got a chance to be really good up front.  Two of our penciled in starters, Praise Amaewhule and Josh Ortega, will miss spring.  That will allow us to get some of the younger guys some reps.”

Amaewhule was named to the Conference USA All-Freshman Team last year after tying for first on the squad with 5.5 tackles for losses and three sacks.  Other top returnees on defense are Caldwell, who registered 11 pass breakups in 2019, and Prince, who was credited with 27 tackles in only four games before breaking his foot.

“The linebacker position will be fun to watch as we see what our new guys bring to the table, and monitor the maturation of last year’s redshirts,” Dimel said.  “And of course, our secondary play is so critical.  We brought in a couple of guys there as well, plus we have some guys that we redshirted and others that were injured last year.”

Fans now have the opportunity to renew their UTEP Football Season Tickets, or request new season tickets for the 2020 season.  Fans will have until April 10 to renew their tickets, paying in full or enrolling in a payment plan.

Renewals will be accepted online here, by calling (915) 747-6150, or by visiting the UTEP Athletics Season Ticket Office, located in Room 109 of the Brumbelow Building next to the Don Haskins Center, Monday thru Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For the 2020 football seating map, ticket prices and the sales timeline, go online.  For additional UTEP Football Season Ticket information, please call (915) 747-6150 or email

The Miners will open the 2020 season at home against Big 12 power Texas Tech on Sept. 5 at 7 p.m.

UTEP Football 2020 Spring Practice Schedule (All practices from 8:30-10:30 a.m. at Glory Field)


Practice #1                              Tuesday, March 3

Practice #2                              Wednesday, March 4

Practice #3                              Friday, March 6

Practice #4                              Monday, March 9

Practice #5                              Wednesday, March 11

                                                2020 Pro Day – 9 a.m.

Practice #6                              Friday, March 13

Practice #7                              Monday, March 23

Practice #8                              Wednesday, March 25

Practice #9                              Friday, March 27

Practice #10                            Monday, March 30

Practice #11                            Wednesday, April 1

Practice #12                            Friday, April 3

Practice #13                            Monday, April 6

Practice #14                            Wednesday, April 8

Spring Game                           Saturday, April 11, 11 a.m. – location TBD

UTEP Releases 2020 Football Promotions, Game Times

Wednesday morning, officials with UTEP Football released the promotions schedule and game times for each of  the Miners’ 2020 football home games.

“We can’t wait for fans to enjoy all of the enhancements to our iconic venue,” Director of Athletics Jim Senter said.  “We’ve got a terrific home schedule this fall and a football team that will have a talented young quarterback, an experienced backfield, a rapidly improving wide receivers corps and a host of talented additions on defense.  We’re looking forward to an exciting 2020 season!”

The Miners are set to host a pair of Southwest rivals (Texas Tech and NM State) in the month of September as they aim to take a big step forward in year three under the direction of head coach Dana Dimel.

This year, 7 p.m. kickoffs will return to the Sun Bowl for the first three games versus Texas Tech (Sept. 5), NM State (Sept. 26) and Southern Miss (Oct. 17).

The final three games of the season against North Texas (Oct. 31), FIU (Nov. 7) and UAB (Nov. 21) will start at 2 p.m.

The new-look Sun Bowl will be on full display for the season opener against the Red Raiders, including the additions of the GECU Terrace, outdoor club seats, loge boxes  and Hunt Family Sky Lounge, offering premium seating options and amenities.

Fans now have the opportunity to renew their UTEP Football Season Tickets, or request new season tickets for the 2020 season.  Fans will have until April 10 to renew their tickets, paying in full or enrolling in a payment plan.

Renewals will be accepted online here, by calling (915) 747-6150, or by visiting the UTEP Athletics Season Ticket Office, located in Room 109 of the Brumbelow Building next to the Don Haskins Center, Monday thru Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For the 2020 football seating map, ticket prices and the sales timeline, click here.  For additional UTEP Football Season Ticket information, please call (915) 747-6150 or email

UTEP’s 2020 football promotions are as follows:

  • Sept. 5 vs. Texas Tech (7 p.m.) – Spirit Night and Orange Out

UTEP kicks off its 103rd football season by hosting Big 12 power Texas Tech for the first time in five years!  The Miners and the Red Raiders have staged some epic battles in the Sun Bowl of late, with Texas Tech prevailing 38-35 in overtime in 2006 and 30-26 in 2014.  Be sure to wear Orange to the game and show your Miner pride! The UTEP Spirit Squad will host hundreds of youth cheerleaders and dancers who will perform at halftime.


  • Sept. 26 vs. NM State (7 p.m.) – Hispanic Heritage and Hall of Fame Game

    The Battle of I-10 returns to the Sun City as the Miners look to wrestle control of the silver spade and brass spittoon from their long-time rivals, the Aggies!  This game will feature a celebration of the Latino culture and a special halftime tribute to this year’s UTEP Athletics Hall of Fame induction class. Fans will also enjoy a postgame fireworks show sponsored by Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo and Speaking Rock Entertainment Center


  • Oct. 17 vs. Southern Miss (7 p.m.) – Homecoming

    UTEP takes on the Golden Eagles in the 2020 Conference USA home opener.  It marks the Miners’ 89th Homecoming game as students and alumni alike converge on the campus to cheer on the Orange and Blue.


  • Oct. 31 vs. North Texas (2 p.m.) – Halloween, Band Day and Youth Football Day

    The Miners and the Mean Green will square off in the afternoon so fans can get home in time to take part in their Halloween festivities.  But first, enjoy tricks and treats both pregame and in the Sun Bowl as well as a spectacular halftime performance by local marching bands.  Youth football teams will have the opportunity to play on the Sun Bowl turf earlier in the day and then will cheer on the Miners against North Texas

  • Nov. 7 vs. FIU (2 p.m.) – Military Appreciation Day/Civic and Service Day

    The matchup with the Panthers will feature UTEP’s annual celebration of the nation’s Armed Forces, including the U.S. Army post at Fort Bliss.  Plus, the Miners will say thank you to all the first responders and law enforcement agencies that work tirelessly to keep El Paso and the Borderland safe.

  • Nov. 21 vs. UAB (2 p.m.) – Extra Yard for Teachers/Commitment to Campus

This game  will serve as a salute to area educators as well as UTEP faculty and staff for their incredible work in supporting the academic mission of the region.  The 2020 home finale pits the Miners versus the defending Conference USA West Division champion Blazers.  Fans also won’t want to miss the pregame celebration  of  the outgoing football senior class, recognizing their careers at UTEP.

Dana Dimel announces UTEP Football Staff Changes

On Friday, UTEP Athletics announced that Head Coach Dana Dimel has appointed Josh Brown, Charles Jones, Barrick Nealy and Trevin Wade to positions on his UTEP Football coaching staff, while Keith Burns has been named Director of Recruiting & Director of Player Personnel for the Miners.

Brown takes over as Secondary/Safeties Coach, Jones will be in charge of Offense Quality Control, Nealy is Running Backs Coach & Recruiting Coordinator and Wade is Cornerbacks Coach.

“I’m excited about the changes to our staff and what our new coaches will bring to the table,” UTEP head coach Dana Dimel said.

“Some bring incredible recruiting ties in areas that are going to be really beneficial for us.  Some have NFL experience, and it’s going to be tremendous for our young kids to learn from guys who have competed at the highest level.  I think that combination, coupled with the relationships our coaches will build with the players, will continue to move us in the right direction as a staff.”


Brown brings 20 years of collegiate coaching experience to the Sun City.  Most recently he served as safeties coach at Nevada for the Wolf Pack’s Famous Idaho Potato Bowl appearance versus Ohio in 2019.

He has been affiliated with two conference championship teams (2011 Great West, 2012 Big Sky), four postseason teams (2006 Hawaii Bowl, 2012 & 2016 NCAA Playoffs, 2019 Potato Bowl), and three teams that finished the season ranked in the top-25 nationally (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2016) during his career.

Previously, he was defensive coordinator/linebackers coach at Cal Poly from 2012-19.  Under Brown’s tutelage, the Mustangs rated top-three in the Big Sky Conference in points allowed and total defense in 2012, 2013 and 2015.  Cal Poly ranked top-three in the league in rushing defense on four occasions (2012, 2013, 2016, 2017).  His 2013 unit was listed among the national leaders in points allowed (19th) and rushing defense (25th), while his 2017 squad was also top-25 (19th) in red zone defense.

In 2013, Brown coached the Big Sky Co-Defensive Player of the Year in defensive tackle Sullivan Grosz.  He also coached Nick Dzubnar, who shattered the school record for tackles in a season in 2014 and currently plays for the San Diego Chargers.  Brown spent the 2010 and 2011 campaigns at Cal Poly as special teams coordinator and linebackers coach, when he oversaw punt return, kickoff and kickoff return units that rated among the nation’s best.

He also spent time at Foothill College as Special Teams Coordinator/PE Instructor (2000-05), Arizona State as Defensive Line Graduate Assistant (2006), Sacramento State as Recruiting Coordinator/Linebackers Coach (2007-08) and Kansas as Quality Control Coach/Linebackers (2009).

He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from San Jose State in 2003, and added a Master of Arts in Curriculum and Education from Arizona State in 2007.  Brown and his wife, Kasey, have a son, Ty, and a daughter, Tatum.  He played his prep football at San Luis Obispo High School.

Brown’s father-in-law is Mike Church, a former assistant coach at UTEP and a member of the staff on the 10-win, 1988 Miners.


 Jones has been elevated to a Quality Control Coach after spending the 2018 and 2019 seasons as a Graduate Assistant with the Miners.

He played running back for coach Dimel at Kansas State from 2012-16.  Jones lettered three seasons and rushed for over 1,800 yards and 20 touchdowns as a Wildcat.  Jones tallied a career-high 14 total touchdowns in 2014 and ran for a career-best 696 yards with five scores in 2015.

Jones was a three-year starter at Mandeville High School (La.) and rushed for 1,767 yards and 22 touchdowns, while hauling in 31 passes for 321 yards during his senior campaign.



Nealy has spent the last two years at UTEP as Director of Player Development & High School Relations (2018-19) and Recruiting Coordinator/Senior Player Personnel Director (2019-20).  He’ll hit the field as Running Backs Coach this spring, while continuing to serve as Recruiting Coordinator.

He received his first coaching opportunity at San Marcos Academy from 2011-17, where he mentored San Marcos High School quarterback and former University of Texas shortstop David Hamilton.  He also worked with San Marcos quarterback Prudencio Calderon, who led the 2017 Rattlers to their first district title in 14 years.  Calderon currently plays at Rice.

Nealy played quarterback for coach Dimel in four games at Houston in 2002 before transferring to Texas State.  Nealy threw for 7,206 yards and 52 touchdowns in 35 starts (2003-05) with the Bobcats. Under then-offensive coordinator and current Texas head coach Tom Herman, Nealy earned 2005 Southland Conference Player of the Year honors after passing for 21 scores and leading his squad to a SLC Championship.

Following his successful 2005 campaign, Nealy signed a free agent contract with the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings and was a wide receiver in 2006. Later that year, Nealy inked a contract with the CFL’s Calgary Stampeders, where he played quarterback for five seasons (2006-10).

Nealy earned his Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree from Texas State in 2017.  He and his wife, Tiffany, have two sons, Sir Isaac and Isaiah, and a daughter, Sage.



Wade comes to El Paso after being active for six seasons on an NFL roster.  Wade appeared in 47 games for four teams (Cleveland, New Orleans, Detroit, New York Giants) from 2012-16, and tallied 95 tackles (79 solo/16 assist), 11 pass breakups, three tackles for losses, four fumble recoveries and a forced fumble.  He started five games for the Giants and appeared in a combined three playoff games for New Orleans (2013 season) and New York (2016 season).

Wade was chosen by Cleveland in the seventh round of the 2012 NFL Draft.

Following his playing days, Wade has worked on various projects, including serving as a defensive drill coordinator for the Prince Amukamara Football Camp and a varsity basketball assistant coach at Dobson High School in Mesa, Arizona.

Wade has also volunteered for a variety of non-profit organizations including his own Trevin Wade Foundation, as well as Big Brothers Big Sisters and Athletes in Action.

Wade was a three-year starter for the Arizona Wildcats and a two-time All-Pac 12 selection. The Round Rock, Texas, native registered 182 career tackles for Arizona with 12 interceptions and a pair of touchdowns.

After earning his bachelor’s degree in Economics from Arizona in 2011, Wade completed his master’s degree in Secondary Education from Grand Canyon in 2016.  He and his wife, Courtney, have three children – Maverick, Savannah and Zoey.



Burns enters his third season with the UTEP Football program and his first as the Director of Recruiting and Director of Player Personnel. Burns spent the past two seasons coaching the UTEP secondary and safeties, while he has accumulated more than 30 years of collegiate coaching experience.

The former head coach at Tulsa (2000-02), Burns has also had collegiate coaching stops at Pacific (Defensive Coordinator 1985-88), Rice (Defensive Pass Coordinator/Special Teams 1989-92), USC (Secondary 1993 & Defensive Coordinator 1994-97), Arkansas (Defensive Coordinator 1988-99), San Jose State (Defensive Coordinator 2004-09), Kansas State (Secondary 2010) and Ole Miss (Secondary 2011).  He was a Special Teams Assistant for the Oakland Raiders from 2012-13, and entered the prep ranks at Archbishop Mitty High School from 2014-17.  His high school tenure included stints as defensive coordinator in 2014 and head coach from 2015-17.

In 1998 Burns was a finalist for the Broyles Award, presented to the best assistant coach in college football.

Burns and his wife, Yvonne, have three sons – K.C., Tanner and Davis.  A decorated athlete out of Coronado High School, Davis is a member of the Miners’ 2020 Recruiting Class and will join the program for the upcoming season.

The Miners will kick off the 2020 season by hosting the Red Raiders of Texas Tech on Saturday, Sept. 5 at the Sun Bowl in El Paso.

For complete coverage of UTEP Football, be sure to follow the Miners on social media at @UTEPFB (Twitter/Instagram) or visit the official home of UTEP Athletics.


UTEP announces football series with Nebraska

UTEP Athletic officials announced that for the first time in school history, the Miner football team will match up with perennial national power Nebraska.

“It’s something that we’re leaning towards moving forward, getting some really powerful programs on our schedule,” UTEP head coach Dana Dimel said.  “Obviously, the tradition and history of Nebraska speaks for itself.  It’s something that we’re going to be able to sell to recruits, playing Nebraska and playing in their venue.  I have a lot of experience as a coach in Memorial Stadium, and it’s one of the toughest and most loud environments that I’ve ever been in.  It’s going to be really exciting for our players to have that big-time college experience that you get from lining up against the Big Red.”

The Miners and the Cornhuskers will square off at 86,047-seat Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, Nebraska, during the 2024 and 2028 seasons.

The first matchup is scheduled for August 31, 2024, with the second slated for September 2, 2028.

A five-time national champion (1970, 1971, 1994, 1995, 1997), Nebraska has also captured 46 conference titles and played in 53 bowl games.  The Cornhuskers have posted 11 undefeated seasons and nine perfect seasons with an all-time record of 902-395-40, a .690 win percentage.

UTEP is 0-2 all-time versus Big Ten opponents.  The Miners fell at no. 15 Iowa, 69-7, on September 27, 1986.  UTEP dropped a close decision at Wisconsin, 37-26, on September 22, 2012.

The Miners will kick off the 2020 season by hosting the Red Raiders of Texas Tech on Saturday, September  5 at the Sun Bowl in El Paso.

For complete coverage of UTEP Football, be sure to follow the Miners on social media at @UTEPFB (Twitter/Instagram) or visit the official home of UTEP Athletics.

Video+Story: UTEP Football adds to 2020 Signing Class

Head coach Dana Dimel and the UTEP Football program spent Wednesday morning adding to the 2020 signing class in a big way with the addition of 20 new Miners announced on National Signing Day.

The 20 new signees announced on Wednesday is a continuation from the early signing period on Dec. 18 when the Miners inked a total of 11 signees to National Letters of Intent.

Overall, the Miners signed 31 to the 2020 class between the December and February signing periods. Dimel and his staff brought in a total of 17 players on the defensive side of the ball, 10 on offense, two specialists and a pair of athletes.

In December, the Miners brought in a defensive-minded class with eight players added on defense, two offensive signees and an athlete. It was a different story, however, on Wednesday with a much more balanced signing class with eight on offense, nine defensive additions, two specialists and an athlete.

UTEP’s defensive line and linebacker positions received the biggest bolsters in the signing class with a total of 14 from those position groups signing on to become Miners.

“We put a heavy emphasis on midyear defensive transfers [in December],” Dimel said on Wednesday afternoon. “With this group, we wanted to supplement the offense more. We feel like we’ve strengthened the offensive line, tight end and wide receiver positions, but we feel really good about the defensive line and linebacker spots as well.”

In addition to the seven junior college additions from December, UTEP signed eight additional transfers on Wednesday. Overall, the Miners brought in 16 high school products and 15 from the junior college ranks with the 2020 class.

Geographically, UTEP brought in 12 products from the Lone Star state, six from California and three from Arizona. The remaining signees were spread across the country, hailing from Florida (2), Georgia (1), Louisiana (1), Missouri (1), Tennessee (1), Iowa (1), Utah (1), Maryland (1) and New Mexico (1).

“We feel like we met all of our needs during this recruiting cycle,” Dimel stated. “Just like everybody else in the country, we’re still going to be in the market for grad transfers to fill voids. We’ll have a better idea of where those voids lie once we get through spring ball.”

The first three signees were announced between 8-9 a.m. MT on Wednesday morning when Amman Fifita (TE/Snow College/Salem Hills, Utah), Michael Flood (OL/Maricopa HS/Maricopa, Az.) and Zach Fryar (TE/NMMI/Venice, Fla.) officially signed on to become Miners. UTEP followed up with more newcomers added to the roster in Azizi Henry (OL/Wylie HS/Wylie, Texas), Michael Ike (DL/Hendrickson HS/Pflugerville, Texas), Jacob Moi (LB/Citrus Valley HS/Redlands, Ca.), Elijah Robinson (LB/Citrus Hill HS/Perris, Ca.), Xavier Simmons (LB/Parkland HS/El Paso, Texas) and Luke Soto (TE/Bakersfield/Tehachapi, Ca.) all before 10 a.m. MT.

From there, the Miners wrapped up the 10 o’clock hour with announcements for Osaiasi Taueli (LB/Mesa HS/Mesa, z.), Angelo Tejada (LS/Judson HS/Converse, Texas), Sione Tonga’uiha (DL/Tempe HS/Tempe, Az.), Connor Villalpando (LS/Goddard HS/Roswell, N.M.), Christian Willis (WR/College of San Francisco/Sandy Spring, Md.) and Tucker Dunbar (OL/American River College/Folsom, Ca.).

Included in UTEP’s latest signees are a pair of midyear transfers in Gary Theard (LB/Chaffey College/Upland, Ca.) and Q’ Drennan (WR/New Mexico/El Paso, Texas), as well as two local high school products in Davis Burns (ATH/Coronado HS/El Paso, Texas) and Kiante Liggins (LB/Andress HS/El Paso, Texas) who signed on Wednesday.

Linebacker Connor Helsius (Rancho Cucamonga, Ca.), a junior college signee from Mt. San Antonio College, closed out a full day of action for the UTEP football program with his announcement coming on Wednesday afternoon.

With the conclusion of the 2020 signing periods, Dimel and the new-look Miners will now turn their attention to the start of spring football, which is just over a month away from the March 11 start date.

For complete coverage of UTEP Football, be sure to follow the Miners on social media at @UTEPFB (Twitter/Instagram) or visit the official home of UTEP Athletics.

 UTEP Signing Day Central/Full Roster, Bios & Highlights: click here.


Name                                    Pos.       Ht.          Wt.        Yr.          Hometown (Previous School)                   

Dennis Barnes                   DB          5-11       170         R-Jr.       Jefferson City, Mo. (Fort Scott CC)

Willie Eldridge                   RB           5-11       190         Fr.           Houston, Texas (Cy Ranch HS)

Verenzo Holmes               DB          5-11       190         R-Jr.       Grovetown, Ga. (NW Mississippi CC)

Ian James                            OL           6-5          275         Fr.           Aubrey, Texas (Aubrey HS)

Tyrice Knight                      LB           6-1          235         R-So.     Lakeland, Fla. (Independence CC)

Dresden McIver                DT           6-0          278         Fr.           San Antonio, Texas (Veterans Memorial HS)

Kelton Moss                       DT           6-2          295         Jr.           Jonesboro, La. (Kilgore College)

Keenan Stewart                DT           6-2          300         R-So.     Cedar Rapids, Iowa (Iowa Western CC)

Jadrian Taylor                    DE           6-1          235         R-Jr.       Lufkin, Texas (Kilgore College)

Khalil Warfield                   ATH        6-2          205         Fr.           San Antonio, Texas (Antonian College Prep)

Deylon Williams                DL           6-2          255         R-Jr.       Smyrna, Tenn. (Independence CC)





Name                                    Pos.       Ht.          Wt.        Yr.          Hometown (Previous School)                   

Davis Burns                         ATH        6-1          185         Fr.           El Paso, Texas (Coronado HS)

Q’ Drennan                         WR         6-2          190         Gr.          El Paso, Texas (New Mexico)

Tucker Dunbar                  OL           6-4          290         Jr.           Folsom, Calif. (American River College)

Ammon Fifita                     TE           6-2          240         R-So.     Salem Hills, Utah (Snow College)

Michael Flood                    OL           6-6          305         Fr.           Maricopa, Ariz. (Maricopa HS)

Zach Fryar                           TE           6-3          245         So.          Venice, Fla. (NMMI)

Connor Helsius                  LB           6-0          215         Jr.           Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. (Mt. San Antonio College)

Azizi Henry                          OL           6-5          285         Fr.           Wylie, Texas (Wylie HS)

Michael Ike                         DL           6-3          270         Fr.           Pflugerville, Texas (Hendrickson HS)

Kiante Liggins                     LB           6-1          210         Fr.           El Paso, Texas (Andress HS)

Jacob Moi                            LB           6-3          220         Fr.           Redlands, Calif. (Citrus Valley HS)

Elijah Robinson                 LB           6-2          225         Fr.           Perris, Calif. (Citrus Hill HS)

Xavier Simmons                LB           6-1          210         Fr.           El Paso, Texas (Parkland HS)

Luke Soto                            TE           6-6          255         So.          Tehachapi, Calif. (Bakersfield College)

Osaiasi Taueli                     LB           6-2          225         Fr.           Mesa, Ariz. (Mesa HS)

Angelo Tejada                   LS            5-10       200         Fr.           Converse, Texas (Judson HS)

Gary Theard                       LB           6-3          220         Jr.           Upland, Calif. (Chaffey College)

Sione Tonga’uiha              DL           6-1          285         Fr.           Tempe, Ariz. (Tempe HS)

Connor Villalpando          LS            6-0          185         Fr.           Roswell, N.M. (Goddard HS)

Christian Willis                   WR         6-2          195         Jr.           Sandy Spring, Md. (City College of San Francisco)

2020 UTEP Football Season Ticket availability to start February 5

Fans will have the opportunity to renew their UTEP Football Season Tickets, or request new season tickets for the 2020 season, beginning on Wednesday, February 5.

“We are pleased to announce that UTEP Football season ticket availability will begin on National Signing Day,” Director of Athletics Jim Senter said.  “By starting this process earlier than ever before, we are giving fans the means to go on a longer, more cost-effective payment plan.  The 2020 season will bring spectacular changes to the Sun Bowl Stadium, a new quarterback at the helm of the offense, and an influx of talented personnel to bolster the defense.  It’s going to be an exciting year for Miner Football!”

Fans will have until April 10 to renew their tickets, paying in full or enrolling in a payment plan. Hard copy invoices will be mailed out the week of Feb. 17.

Renewals will be accepted online here, by calling (915) 747-6150, or by visiting the UTEP Athletics Season Ticket Office, located in Room 109 of the Brumbelow Building next to the Don Haskins Center, Monday thru Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

After the renewal deadline, season ticket holders who have renewed their tickets and would like to choose different seats will be allowed to do so from April 27 to May 8. Fans who request new season tickets will also receive an exclusive period (May 11-15) to select their seats prior to new season tickets officially going on sale to the general public on May 18.

Fans interested in season tickets can request them by going online.

The eagerly awaited renovation of the Sun Bowl Stadium will feature a myriad of new premium seating options including the GECU Terrace, Center Club and the Hunt Family Sky Lounge.  Fans can upgrade their football season tickets to premium seats when they go through the renewal process.

For more information on the Sun Bowl enhancements, click here.

UTEP Football Season Ticket prices for the 2020 season start at $65 for general admission seating.  Sideline reserved tickets are $30 for youth (ages 3-12) and $75 for adults.  Bronze reserved season tickets are $125 (includes $75 ticket and $50 contribution to the Miner Athletic Club).  Silver reserved season tickets are $250 (includes $75 ticket and $175 contribution to the Miner Athletic Club).  Gold reserved season tickets are $350 (includes $75 ticket and $275 contribution to the Miner Athletic Club).

Sun Bowl premium seating (indoor club boxes/loge boxes/outdoor club seats) information is available by calling (915) 747-8759.

In 2020, the Miners will host Big 12 power Texas Tech (Sept. 5) and I-10 rival NM State (Sept. 26).  Defending Conference USA West Division Champion UAB will also come to the Sun Bowl on Nov. 21.  UTEP will also host Southern Miss (Oct. 17), North Texas (Oct. 31) and FIU (Nov. 7).

Single-game ticket prices start at $12 for the FIU, North Texas and UAB games.  Single-game prices start at $14 for Southern Miss, $16 for NM State and $20 for Texas Tech.

Purchasing a GA season ticket will save fans $21 over single-game prices.  They’ll also save $28 by purchasing a sideline reserved season ticket and $25 by purchasing a bronze reserved season ticket over single-game prices.  Fans can also save on single-game prices by purchasing three-game mini plans, with all combinations available.

Headlining the UTEP offense are senior RB Quardraiz Wadley, who returns after missing all of the 2019 campaign due to injury, as well as wide receivers Jacob Cowing and Justin Garrett, who both came on strong late last season.

Cowing led all C-USA freshmen with 550 receiving yards in 2019.  Standouts on defense include DE Praise Amaewhule, who was named to the 2019 C-USA All-Freshman Team after tying for the team lead in tackles for losses and sacks.

CB Josh Caldwell posted 11 pass breakups in 2019 to tie for the eighth-top seasonal total in school history.

For more UTEP Football Season Ticket information, please call (915) 747-6150 or email

UTEP Football Signing Day Celebration Set for February 5

Fans can get an exclusive look at this year’s UTEP Football Recruiting Class, as well as a preview of the 2020 season direct from coach Dana Dimel, at the Miners’ Signing Day Celebration.

This year’s event is slated for Wednesday, February 5 at the Larry K. Durham Sports Center Hall of Champions.

Program officials share that Coach Dimel will discuss the areas of focus for his staff on the recruiting trail, who’s coming in for 2020 and their potential impact on the field.  He’ll also give fans a preview of what to expect when the Miners take the field for the 2020 season opener versus Texas Tech on September 5.

The celebration will begin at 5:30 p.m., featuring  heavy hors d’oeuvres and a hosted bar with beer and wine.  The event is designed to simulate a game day experience so fans are asked to wear their best Miner gear!

Fans can call to RSVP; tickets are $50 per person and proceeds benefit student-athlete scholarships.

Contact the Miner Athletic Club by phone (915-747-8759), e-mail (, or visit the Miner Athletic Club website to purchase tickets or for more information.

UTEP reveals 2020 Football Schedule

A home opener versus Texas Tech and the Battle of I-10 returning to El Paso are just two of the marquee matchups that highlight the 2020 UTEP football schedule, which was announced on Wednesday.

“We’re excited about entering our third season and putting a team on the field that more closely reflects the style of play that we want to see,” head coach Dana Dimel said. “We’ll have a new quarterback in 2020, which is also exciting. We have a great home schedule this fall. We can’t wait to show off our new-look Sun Bowl Stadium in September with games versus Texas Tech from the Big 12 Conference and our long-time rival NM State. We have another state rival, North Texas, coming to El Paso as well as the defending Conference USA West Division champion UAB.”

The Miners will kick off the 2020 season by hosting the Red Raiders of Texas Tech on Saturday, Sept. 5 at the Sun Bowl in El Paso. Following the season opener, UTEP will hit the road for back-to-back non-conference contests at Nevada (Sept. 12) and Texas (Sept. 19).

“We play at Nevada and Texas in September,” Dimel said. “Those are games that our fans may want to travel to. We also play at UTSA and Rice, so there will be multiple opportunities for our fans to hit the road with us and cheer on their Miners.”

On Sept. 26, the Miners return home to face off against NM State for the 98th meeting in the Battle of I-10. UTEP leads the all-time series 57-38-2 over the Aggies.

The 14-team Conference USA alignment for the 2020 campaign will again feature each team playing eight conference games, along with four non-league contests.  A total of 168 games are featured over 13 regular season playing weeks.

Each Conference USA school will play every team in its division once for six games, while playing two cross-over opponents from the opposite division.  Each team will reverse the location of its 2019 division and cross-division opponents, with intra-division foes finishing a two-year cycle.  The conference is in the fourth year of a rotation between cross-division opponents that will rotate every two years until 2024, when each school has played every opponent in the opposite division once home and away.

After wrapping up non-conference play in the month of September, UTEP will enjoy an open date before jumping head first into Conference USA action at Louisiana Tech on Oct. 10. The road contest versus the Bulldogs will mark the first of eight straight league contests for the Miners.

“The structure of the schedule is good,” Dimel said. “I think it works out well with the bye week coming right after the NM State game. That’s always a huge, emotional game for us and the bye week will allow us to get refocused and geared up for the start of conference play.”

UTEP will host C-USA West Division foe Southern Miss at the Sun Bowl on Oct. 17 before crossing over to the East Division for a road contest at Charlotte (Oct. 24) the following week.

Beginning on Halloween, the Miners will play the five remaining regular season games in the state of Texas, beginning with a pair of home contests versus North Texas (Oct. 31) and FIU (Nov. 7).

Dimel and Co. will then travel to UTSA on Nov. 14 before returning to El Paso for the final home game of the season on Nov. 21 versus UAB.

The 2020 regular-season finale is slated for Nov. 28 when the Miners travel to Houston to face the Rice Owls.

Overall, nine of UTEP’s 12 games next season will be played in the state of Texas.

It is important to note that all games are subject to date changes and some dates are expected to move in the coming weeks in order to accommodate national television.  A schedule of televised games will be released at a later date.

Conference USA’s 16th annual Championship Game, pitting the champions of the East and West Divisions, is scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 5.

UTEP season ticket information will be released later this spring.

For complete coverage of UTEP Football, be sure to follow the Miners on social media at @UTEPFB (Twitter/Instagram) or visit the official home of UTEP Athletics at


Sept. 5             TEXAS TECH

Sept. 12           at Nevada

Sept. 19           at Texas

Sept. 26           NM STATE

Oct. 3               BYE

Oct. 10             at Louisiana Tech*

Oct. 17            SOUTHERN MISS*

Oct. 24             at Charlotte*

Oct. 31            NORTH TEXAS*

Nov. 7             FIU*

Nov. 14            at UTSA*

Nov. 21           UAB*

Nov. 28            at Rice*

Home games in BOLD

*Conference USA game

Hughes earns C-USA Football All-Academic Honors

UTEP running back Treyvon Hughes has been named to the 2019 InTouch Credit Union Conference USA Football All-Academic Team after excelling both on the field and in the classroom for the Miners.

Hughes, a four-year letterman for the Miners, is one of 11 C-USA football student-athletes named to this year’s All-Academic Team, while a total of 10 schools are represented on the team.

The senior back boasts a 3.42 GPA as a graduate student in UTEP’s leadership studies master’s program. Additionally, Hughes was named to the 2019 Conference USA Commissioner’s Honor Roll last spring.

On the gridiron, Hughes led the Miners this season in carries (167), rushing yards (682) and rushing touchdowns (12).

His 12 touchdowns on the year ranked second in Conference USA and 20th nationally, while he scored a touchdown in all but four games for the Miners this season.

Over the course of his senior campaign, Hughes became the first UTEP player to rush for 10 or more touchdowns in a season since Aaron Jones had 17 in 2016.

Hughes also rushed for multiple scores in a game on three separate occasions in 2019, including scoring three touchdowns in a road game at North Texas.

For complete coverage of UTEP Football, be sure to follow the Miners on social media at @UTEPFB (Twitter/Instagram) or visit the official home of UTEP Athletics.

Gallery+Story: Rice upends UTEP on Senior Day 30-16

Aston Walter rushed for 149 yards, including a 64-yard scamper in the fourth quarter that set up Rice’s final touchdown, and the Owls topped UTEP in the season finale for both teams, 30-16, on Saturday.

Rice (3-9, 3-5 C-USA) ended the campaign on a three-game win streak, while denying UTEP (1-11, 0-8 C-USA) a shot at its second victory.  Twenty-two seniors played their final game for the Miners.

The Miners led 16-14 at halftime but were held scoreless over the final 30 minutes after quarterback Kai Locksley exited with an apparent hand injury.

Jovoni Johnson chipped in with 62 yards rushing for Rice and two touchdowns.  The Owls finished with 371 total yards, including 256 on the ground.

Locksley, playing in his final game for the Miners, completed 8-of-12 passes for 100 yards and a TD, and rushed 12 times for 63 yards in a little less than two quarters of action.

The Owls had great field position to start their initial drive, as the Miners went three-and-out on their first series and Mitchell Crawford’s punt was returned to the UTEP 28-yard line.  Three plays later, Rice had a 7-0 lead as Tom Stewart completed a three-yard TD pass to Austin Trammell.

Crawford was more successful on his second punt as it was downed at the Owl two-yard line.  On third and nine, Stewart fumbled in the end zone and the ball was recovered by Praise Amaewhule for the Miners’ first defensive touchdown of 2019.  The extra point was no good and the score was 7-6.

The Owls extended their lead to 14-6 on a 30-yard rushing TD by Walter late in the first quarter.  The Miners pulled within one once again early in the second period when Locksley completed a 12-yard TD pass to Justin Garrett.

The Miners lost Locksley late in the second quarter, but not before he once again led UTEP deep into Owl territory.  Gavin Hardison took over at quarterback, and the Miners finished off the drive with a 45-yard field goal by Gavin Baechle to take a 16-14 edge to the locker room.

The Owls went back on top, 17-16, on a 21-yard field goal by Chris Barnes with 7:16 left in the third quarter.  And on their next drive, they moved 67 yards on six plays and finished it off with an eight-yard rushing TD by Johnson for a 24-16 lead.

The Miners’ best scoring chance in the second half ended on a 50-yard field goal attempt by Baechle that was wide left late in the third quarter.

Rice put the game away with 4:27 remaining on Johnson’s 11-yard rushing touchdown.  Three plays earlier, Walter set up the score with his 64-yard run.

Hardison was 11-of-24 passing for 113 yards.  As a team, the Miners gained 312 yards, including 117 in the second half.

Two Rice defenders posted double-digit tackles, as linebackers Blaze Alldredge and Antonio Montero were credited with 14 and 11 stops respectively.  Alldredge was responsible for 3.5 of the Owls’ eight tackles for losses.

Gallery by Andres ‘Ace’ Acosta & Ruben R. Ramirez – El Paso Herald Post

UTEP hosts Rice on Senior Day to close out 2019 Season

UTEP will close out the 2019 campaign this Saturday at home as the Miners host Rice this Saturday, November 30 at Sun Bowl Stadium in El Paso.

Prior to Saturday’s season finale against the visiting Rice Owls, the Miners will honor 22 seniors before kickoff at the Sun Bowl.

“These seniors have been rock solid for us, the whole group of them,” head coach Dana Dimel said. “They are really good individuals. They are all good students and are going to go out in the community and do a lot of positive things, especially the group who has been here for a while. The ones who have been here the last three years – I am really proud of them because they are a great, solid group of people, and that is important to have. It is going to be enjoyable trying to get them a win. We want to get them a win more than anything because they need to get that taste of winning as they leave the program.”

The Miners and Owls have previously met 22 times on the gridiron in a series that dates back to 1996. Rice leads the all-time series, 14-8, over UTEP. However, the Miners got the better of Rice most recently with a 34-26 win over the Owls last season in Houston.

In last season’s meeting between the Miners and Owls, UTEP burst out to a 27-0 lead in a dominating first-half performance, then held off resurgent Rice in the second half for a 34-26 win in Houston, its first victory since 2016.

The Miners (1-8, 1-4 C-USA) stamped out their 20-game losing streak, notched their first win under coach Dana Dimel and handed Rice (1-9, 0-6 C-USA) its ninth consecutive defeat.

It was UTEP’s first triumph at Rice Stadium since 2005, its initial year in Conference USA.

Kickoff is set for 1:05 p.m. MT this Saturday, Nov. 30 at the Sun Bowl. The game will be streamed on ESPN3 with Andy Morgan (play-by-play) and Trevor Vittatoe (analysis) calling all the action on Saturday afternoon.

Fans can also tune in to the radio broadcast on ESPN 600 El Paso to hear Jon Teicher (PxP), Bernie Ricono (analysis) and Mando Medina (sideline).


  • Through the first 11 games of the 2019 season, UTEP has proven to be one of the nation’s best teams when it comes to fourth down success. Entering the week, the Miners are ranked 7th nationally in fourth down conversion percentage (.739) after successfully converting 17 of 23 fourth-down attempts up to this point of the season. UTEP’s fourth down percentage is also ranked first among Conference USA teams.
  • Senior running back Treyvon Hughes currently leads the Miners in TDs with 12 rushing scores in 11 games, which ranks 2nd in C-USA and 17th nationally. Hughes scored his first two TDs of the season in the 2019 season opener versus Houston Baptist, while he followed that performance with another pair of scores in UTEP’s home game versus Nevada. Hughes has scored a touchdown in all but three games this season, including scoring in six of the last seven games.
  • Kicker Gavin Baechle enters Saturday’s game 12-of-14 on field goals and a perfect 21-of-21 on PATs, making him second on the team in scoring behind only Treyvon Hughes. Baechle’s 12 field goals makes him the first Miner kicker since 2015 to connect on at least nine field goals in a season. The last UTEP kicker to do so was Jay Mattox, who was 15-of-19 on field goals in 2015. Baechle is ranked second in C-USA and 16th nationally in field goal percentage (.857).
  • Defensively, UTEP’s leading tackler this season is senior safety Michael Lewis, who has 93 total tackles (51 solo) to go along with an interception, one forced fumble and a fumble recovery. Justin Rogers leads the Miners with three fumble recoveries this season, while he also had an interception versus LA Tech (10/26) to make it four straight years he has recorded an interception for the Miners. Rogers is ranked second on the team with 68 total tackles (46 solo).
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