• October 16, 2021

Tags : victor urbina

Victor Urbina’s Minding Your Business: Don’t Sell On Logic, Sell

Good advertising examples are hard to find. Most of the time advertisers focus on the features of their product or service. They are completely oblivious to their benefits. As if the world needed another “6-speed transmission”, more “made from scratch” guacamole or knowing customer satisfaction is your “number one priority.” What advertisers don’t understand is […]Read More

Victor Urbina’s Minding Your Business: You’re Fired!

Relax, this isn’t going to be a rant about Donald Trump. I’ll leave that to the politico talking heads. This is about the two words that strike fear in the hearts of employees and business owners. But before I do that, let me give you a little back story. Before I became an entrepreneur I […]Read More

Victor Urbina’s Minding Your Business: The Big Empty

White space is wasted space. I was taught this early in my career by my mentor. When you market you have to use every piece of real estate that’s made available to you. The “cool” ads that use very little copy are a HUGE waste of money. Salesmanship In Print Think of it this way. […]Read More

Victor Urbina’s Minding your Business: How To Be Master Of

A parallel universe. Existing in two places at once. Definitely something you would expect in a sci-fi or super hero movie, right? Well, if you’ve seen the new Marvel movie Dr. Strange then you know he operates in “the multiverse.” He’s able to be in multiple places at once. But did you know that a […]Read More

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