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Thursday , November 15 2018
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Rare photos, State Department documents to be revealed at Sierra Club presentation on Big Bend

The El Paso Sierra Club Group will sponsor a special presentation entitled “Rewriting the History of the Big Bend International Park Movement, 1933-1963.”

Jason and Zachary Abrams, of Forgotten will present a selection of previously unexamined material located in the National Archives that challenges the known history of the U.S.-Mexican International Park movement.

The presentation will also include the first-ever exhibition of rare photos, maps, telegrams, and key unknown documents from the files of the State Department and Department of the Interior.

The presentation is scheduled for tonight at 7 p.m.,  at the West Side Regional Command Center located at 4801 Osborne Drive on El Paso’s Westside.

The El Paso Sierra Club Group is helping to gain public support for an international agreement establishing a Big Bend International Park with Mexico.

For more information call 915-474-1456 or