• May 16, 2022

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Op-Ed: Democracy is at a Crossroads and Latinos are Showing

It is no secret that Texas has a long history of low voter turnout, and voter suppression tactics that have long kept many marginalized communities, particularly Latinos, from participating in civic engagement. The 2016 election was a wakeup call for all of us. We are experiencing what happens when democracy is taken for granted, and […]Read More

Here’s how votes are counted in Texas

There are more votes than ever to count in Texas this year: A record-breaking 9.7 million people cast ballots during Texas’ early voting period — 8.7 million of those were cast in person, and nearly 1 million sent through the mail. By the time Election Day comes and goes, experts predict that the total Texas […]Read More

Prickly Podlitics: Ep 2 “Congressional Districts”

This week, I am talking about the Covid spiking numbers and then checking out the two Congressional Districts that bookend El Paso: New Mexico Congressional District 2 to our West and then Texas Congressional District 23 to our East.   TIMESTAMPS: first 17 minutes: Covid talks 17:40 – New Mexico CD 2 – debate briefly […]Read More

Analysis: Voting in Texas is different from other places. It’s

If the folks in charge wanted everybody in Texas to vote, they would remove every real and imagined obstacle to voting. They do not. They are not. That makes perverse sense: It’s unreasonable to expect elected officials to change the system that got them elected. If you’re winning a game every time, you probably don’t […]Read More

Monday is your deadline to register to vote in the

Texans who want to vote in the upcoming Texas primary runoff election have until Monday, to register. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott delayed the upcoming primary runoffs from May to July after the coronavirus pandemic hit the state of Texas. Voters participating in the Democratic primary will decide the outcome in two statewide races. Most notably, […]Read More

Here’s your Texas 2020 March primary ballot

Texas will hold its 2020 primary elections March 3 — it’s one of 14 states to participate in Super Tuesday — and hundreds of candidates across the state have filed to run for public office. Here’s all of the candidates who have filed for the Democratic and Republican primary elections, according to the Secretary of State. […]Read More