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Saturday , January 18 2020
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Op-Ed: Trump’s vision prevailed over Beto’s in El Paso

In the City of El Paso, two visions for the future of Texas and the future of America were on display, that of President Trump and that of former Congressman Robert Francis O’Rourke.

The President’s vision is based on reality and action; the other is based on myths and knee-jerk emotional reactions.

“We believe in the American Constitution and our great rule of law; we believe in the dignity of work and the sanctity of life; we believe that faith and family, not government and bureaucracy, are the center of the American way,” President Trump told the people of El Paso at his rally Monday night. “We believe in religious liberty, the right to free speech, and the right to keep and bear arms. We believe that children should be taught to love our country, honor our incredible history, and always respect our great American flag. We believe that the first duty of government is to be loyal to its citizens, and we live by the words of our national motto… In God We Trust.”

In addition to listing the fundamental American values shared by Republicans and loathed by the extremist Democrat Party, the also President highlighted, in vivid and compelling terms, the urgent humanitarian and security crisis on the border, vowing that the wall will be built to protect American communities.

“This weekend some Democrats even proposed a measure that would force the release of thousands of criminal illegal aliens,” he noted, rattling off a series of shocking statistics on the thousands of violent criminals currently in ICE custody, “including dangerous felons convicted of rape, sex trafficking, violent assault, and even murder.”

“Beto,” on the other hand, pretended that there is absolutely no crisis on the border at all, accusing President Trump of “hatred and intolerance” for wanting to build the wall.

Of course, he also ignored the fact that President Trump is not against legal immigration, and only wants to stop people from cutting in line without going through the legal process.

There’s nothing in his self-indulgent protest rally that we haven’t already seen from Robert O’Rourke, who showed us he will still drone on at length about the plight of foreigners who are caught trying to evade our law enforcement and infiltrate our country, yet won’t so much as a make a phone call to American families from his own district who have lost loved ones to illegal alien crime.

He even made a call for full-scale amnesty, saying, “Make every single one them [Dreamers] U.S. citizens…and let’s make sure that their parents…have a path to citizenship.”

He insisted that illegal aliens are harmless, but then ignored the fact that his allies in Congress are pushing to force the government to release thousands of illegal aliens with criminal records from DHS custody into our communities.

In fact, he dismissed the whole idea that criminals are coming over our border at all, saying, “You know who we are apprehending? Kids, children…if they’re lucky, with their moms or their dads.”

In contrast, during the real rally Monday night in El Paso, President Trump delivered honest talk about the urgent crisis that demands a real, workable solution to secure the border.

O’Rourke can hand wave all he wants about how mean President Trump is, but he can’t deny that border walls have worked wonderfully in his own home town, and he can’t charm his way out of the fact that 89 percent of our Border Patrol agents agree with President Trump that more physical barriers are needed to secure hundreds more miles of strategic sections of the border.

There were two visions on display in El Paso: President Trump’s sincere desire to protect America, and Robert O’Rourke’s superficial appeal to the far-left Democrat base — and if the crowd sizes at the dueling rallies were any indication, the people of Texas stand firmly behind the winning vision of Donald Trump.


Mica Mosbacher is the American author of The Hurricane Factor: Stormside Patriots and the memoir Racing Forward. She is a member of the National Advisory Board of Trump 2020, a political strategist and a frequent guest conservative commentator on Fox News, FBN, BBC World, BBC Newsday, TRT, ITN, LBC and CBC Radio, ITV.


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The Wondering Latina: A Night of Hope in the Desert

“When Mexico send its people they’re not sending their best. They’re bringing  drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapist.” – Donald Trump June 2015

This is the moment that changed everything for me and my community.

I was traveling across the country at the time and I distinctly remember how strong the shift in energy happened. It seemed that overnight this presidential candidate had blown a whistle making it ok to unleash Mexican hate, brown hate.

All of sudden, I found myself limiting my Spanish speaking in public, afraid to be myself, afraid to be Latina.

As I have previously written, these were fears that I had not experienced since I was a child. To be going through this again as an adult was mind-boggling and jarring.  There is no way this man can become president. There is no way this kind of hate speech can be allowed from a presidential candidate, can it?

As it turned out, yes, it was allowed and yes, he became president.

My life in Trump’s America is vastly different. Not only am I afraid to speak Spanish in public but my lifestyle is different, too.

I try not to travel as much, I am afraid of being “randomly selected” for questioning if I leave the country; as has happened to so many people. I travel with my passport at all times – even though I was born here – because I don’t want to “accidentally” be taken into custody while they “verify” my birth.

These things have happened to U.S. citizens. If you’re one of those people that lives in a bubble and thinks those things are NOT possible, well then in the words of George Strait, “I’ve got some oceanside property in Arizona” for ya.

These things do happen, they have happened to people I know, they have happened – in varying degrees – to me.

Since Trump has taken office, I have been pulled over countless times driving across Texas for work; no violations, no citations given, no speeding, no expired stickers, no broken lights, etc… always told “just wanting to check things out.”

I know what that means, I hand them my driver’s license AND my passport at the same time because I don’t have time for a modern day version of the “Spanish Inquisition.”

Like many of  you,  I have watched Trump berate and drag not only Latinos and the undocumented community through the mud, but also Muslims, Indigenous Peoples’, African Americans, Women, LGBTQ, people with Disabilities and the majority of Americans that disagree with him.

Needless to say, it has been EXHAUSTING. But over the last few weeks, something has been different, instead of sticking to his usual racist rants about the “southern border” he picked and targeted my hometown, by specifically naming El Paso in his speeches and spreading false accusations about our community.

During the State of the Union address last week, Trump decided to turn it up and tell the nation that at one point El Paso was the most dangerous city in the country. LIES. I’m sure many of you were like me, LIVID. To begin with, as Mexican (Mex-Americans) our blood already runs filled with orgullo, add the fact that we’re Texans, that’s a strong dose of extra pomposity to our character AND I am part of those folks filled with border pride; so listening to someone trash my city, my home…it is the same severity as slapping a loved one.

To add insult to injury, Trump decided to head to our Sun City and launch his first 2019 rally here. HELL NO.

The man that kicked off his campaign on day one by stating to the world that me and my Mexican, Mexican-American community, my culture, heritage, family and friends, were all “rapist and criminals.”

  • The man who has called for the Muslim ban
  • The man who called African nations sh**holes
  • The man who passed the unprecedented zero-tolerance immigration policy, tearing families apart
  • The man who has never acknowledged that Black Lives Matter
  • The man who has publicly called KKK members “very fine people”
  • The man who continuously uses historic Native American names in ridicule and ‘fun.’
  • The man who has verbally condoned sexual assault on women “grab them by the p***y”
  • The man who mocked a person with a disability on national TV
  • The man who has called for a ban of Transgender Americans in the military

That same man was now coming to our house and the eyes of the nation would be upon us, how would we respond?

I have participated in enough protest and marches here, that I expected a decent turnout, but nothing prepared for Monday night.

It was a school night, a Monday, it was really cold and windy so I prepared myself for a low turnout, thinking people had to get to work the next day, they have to get the kids ready, etc…but that didn’t happen.

I arrived to the March For Truth rally at Bowie around 3 p.m. and the parking lot was already filled, I was beyond happy. However, as the hours passed the crowd kept growing and growing, by the time we were ready to march around 6 p.m. you couldn’t see where the crowd ended.

I was at the front of the march taking video and photos, then with perfect precision the organizers instructed us all to line up and we began to march and chant in sync.

With the sun setting I decided to put away my phone and march with the group. After a few minutes, the sound of voices booming echoed through the air, so much so, that I had to stop and turn around. What was behind me was not a wave, it was a Tsunami of hope.

I ran to the side of the march and took footage of the never-ending flood of people marching. Minutes passed and I was nowhere near finished filming the line.

To give you perspective, I was at the front nearing Delta Center, the line of people ran the length of the Chamizal on the border highway and stretched all the way past Bowie High School.

Every person that has been attacked, been insulted, been persecuted, by the current president…we were all there to say, no sir you will not belittle us, your hate will not win. My eyes filled with tears at, literally, the outpouring of pride.

El Paso showed up bigger than I could ever have imagined.

We arrived at the “Celebration of El Paso” party taking place right next door to the Trump rally, we could see the big screens and hear their music from where we were located. With Mariachi music blasting, we all poured in and began singing and dancing, people waving Sage smudge sticks blessing the space and peace took over the energy.

Yes, there were agitators there to provoke us but the weirdest thing happened, I can’t explain why or how; as angry as I have been and with agitators yelling in our faces, I didn’t care, somehow those red hats didn’t matter.

Maybe it was the sage, but the pride that I had in my city filled my heart…and for that moment, love did trump hate.

Word came in that Trump had arrived and was taking the stage, the Mariachi group then announced “we dedicate this to Mr. Trump” and a familiar beloved song filled the air, Viva México.

We all laughed and sang our hearts out. For me, it was all I could do to hold back my tears. El Paso is my home, this is where I was born and raised, it is my foundation, it is where my heart lives, my mother, my family, it is an extension of me…so I sang with all I had, to let that man know, I can’t have anyone talking about my city.

Trump may speak loudly, but El Paso had the last word.

I love you El Paso. Thank you to all the amazing groups and activists that organized. Thank you to the families, the people, each and every person who showed up to say “NO” to racism!

The civil rights era started with a defining moment that became a movement, for equality.

This was our defining moment.

Children will one day read about this and ask about this, we can tell them we stood up and fought for our community, we marched for truth, we defended El Paso.


To read Yolitzma’s previous columns, click here.

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