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Tuesday , November 13 2018
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El Paso Completes Water Conservation Project at Four City Parks

The City of El Paso Parks and Recreation Department recently completed the Maxicom Water Conservation Project at four city parks through a $40,000 grant from El Paso Water.

Rain Bird Maxicom is a computerized central control system that was installed at John Lyons, Barron and Pico Norte Parks along with the Westside Sports Complex that provides automated, weather based-irrigation control and monitoring to detect breaks and other issues while preventing water waste.

“The expected water savings due to the installation of Maxicom could be upwards of 20%,” said Director of El Paso Parks and Recreation Tracy Novak.

Novak went on to explain that the Maxicom system will give tools to the City’s water irrigators who determine how much water to apply to the City’s over 2,000 acres of irrigated landscape.

There are weather stations located strategically throughout the City as these parks are now linked to Maxicom upload each day’s weather data, incorporating the information into a software program, and sending the information via internet link to each project site.

The site then waters that night based on the schedule and weather data, only applying what water was lost since the last irrigation period. To do the same thing manually, irrigators would have to visit each site each day and change the amount of watering time, which is an impossible task with over 280 parks now in the City.

“Moving to smart irrigation systems is a big and important step for improving conservation at our parks, and we were very pleased to partner with the city on this important project,” said Conservation Manager of El Paso Anai Padilla.

“Irrigation and outdoor watering contribute to a doubling of El Paso’s water demand in summertime.  For drought resilience and our long-term water sustainability, improving water efficient irrigation is essential for homes, businesses, schools and parks.”

The City intends to add more parks to the Maxicom system with the overall goal to save water, a precious resource in the desert.

El Pasoans to be Recognized for Embracing Water Conservation

El Paso Water Utilities (EPWU) officially marks 25 years of its city-wide conservation program that has effectively cut water consumption in El Paso by 30 percent.

Utility officials seek to recognize customers who have cut their water consumption, embraced water conservation and contributed to the success that has positioned El Paso as a national conservation leader.

“In 1991, we launched our conservation program with a major emphasis on educational outreach to schools, incentives to change how we use water and enforcement mechanisms to ensure compliance with the city conservation ordinance,” said John Balliew, EPWU President and Chief Executive Officer.  “Ultimately, the community stepped up and embraced a conservation culture, which has endured for more than two decades.”

To honor those who have made every drop count, EPWU is launching a “Conservation Heroes” and “Water Savers” recognition program.

EPWU invites El Paso customers who, through thoughtful conservation, have seen significant reduction in their water consumption.  Both residential and non-residential customers can submit their stories and be recognized as “Conservation Heroes.”

The two top submissions will be recognized on the field during an El Paso Chihuahuas home game in June and will each receive four tickets to that game. They will also be featured in a video and profiled on the EPWU website and social media channels. Applications and guidelines are available at or at the TecH2O Center, 10751 Montana Ave. Entries must be received by May 16.

“Water Savers” – open to all who have adopted conservation practices – are invited to share photos and descriptions about how they save water on EPWU’s Facebook page for a chance to receive Neon Desert Music Festival tickets.

Conservation helps preserve groundwater in the Hueco and Mesilla aquifers for future generations. As we celebrate a quarter century of water conservation, EPWU reminds our customers that #EveryDropCounts.

For water saving tips and ideas visit