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Wednesday , January 23 2019
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Wet ‘N’ Wild: Largest Ride Ever Built at Park Coming for Summer 2017

In 2012 Wet ‘n’ Wild Waterworld expanded to 60 acres, in 2015 Wet ‘n’ Wild added the Atlantis Adventures multi-attraction kids’ complex, and in 2017 Wet ‘n’ Wild will be building the largest attraction in its 38-year history.

With a footprint of over 42,750 square feet, the new ride will be highly visible to everyone travelling the I-10 corridor from New Mexico into Texas and promises to be an exciting new addition to family-friendly fun in the Borderland.

“Wet ‘n’ Wild is all about family fun, so we decided to have fun with the many questions people will have about the new ride by having weekly contests on our Facebook page,” said Chandra Edwards-Cottingham, one of the family owners of Wet ‘n’ Wild Waterworld.

Every Friday the waterpark will have a new question about the ride, with the answer – and the winner of the contest – revealed the following Monday. “I can tell you, the Borderland will be really excited when they find out what it is. It will be the wettest and wildest fun you can have with your family all summer long!” Edwards-Cottingham added.

As part of the overall project, the main entrance to the park will be completely transformed.

Construction began in January and will be in full swing by April, when multiple components of the expansion shipped from different parts of the world will arrive. Hundreds of tons of concrete and steel will be poured, cut and welded by the time the ride is completed.

Companies from Texas, California, Canada, and over twenty local businesses are all involved in the project with local architects and contractors performing most of the construction and installation.

The addition will add several new seasonal job openings on top of the 300 positions the park fills every April through September. With interactive social media contests, videos, and public updates, the waterpark will release more information (including the ride’s opening date at the beginning of the Wet ‘n’ Wild summer season) throughout the spring.

Wet ‘N’ Wild Waterworld Receives Community Outreach Award

The Borderland’s first and only water park was honored at a national gathering of aquatics professionals.

Aquatics International, a magazine and website for the commercial swimming pool and waterpark industry, named Wet ‘N’ Wild Waterworld the recipient of the  2015 Community Outreach Award.

Officials with Wet ‘N’ Wild Waterworld say they were “thrilled” to accept the award at the Aquatics International Annual Breakfast, in San Diego, California.

The park received the award for its efforts in reaching out to the Borderland community, with programs like The World’s Largest Swimming Lesson (a free annual event promoting swimming and water safety), Feed them For a Week (a program that stocks the pantries of families during the Christmas season), the Lifeguard Olympics (where area lifeguards compete) and the annual Summer Car Show and Beach Party put on by the Anthony Police Department to fund its Food Pantry.

“We are really grateful for this award,” says Chandra Edwards-Cottingham, General Manager of Wet ‘N’ Wild, “and grateful for all the opportunities we have to give back to the community.”

Edwards-Cottingham believes that community partnerships are vital to a healthy business.

“We highly value our relationships with the groups who make the good works possible, including The Drowning Prevention Coalition of El Paso and Christian Castle Lifeguard Olympics, The City of El Paso Parks and Recreation, The Anthony Texas Police Department, The Anthony ISD Summer Food Program, and Prices Creameries (which sponsors life jackets used in the park), to name a few,” she added

Edwards-Cottingham hopes to continue expanding community outreach programs each year, and encourages anyone with an idea for a program or event to contact her. “When someone from the community approaches us, we can usually find a way to work with them. We give away thousands of tickets a year and are serious about using the waterpark as a platform to add value to the amazing people in our Borderland community.”

Bordertown Undergroun Show 728
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