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Saturday , October 20 2018
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Walmart Honors Ituarte Elementary Student as Everyday Hero for El Paso

Tony Fernandez, a fourth-grade student at Sgt. Roberto Ituarte Elementary School, has been named Walmart’s Everyday Hero in El Paso for his contributions to the community.

As a reward for his community service, a local Walmart store manager and team presented Fernandez with some $300 worth of school gear at a special school gathering Wednesday afternoon.

Fernandez won the Everyday Hero award because of his humanitarian efforts to collect plastic bottle caps for Caps on Cancer and Wounded Warrior Veterans, which are being collected at Eastlake High School. The caps go to the local VA hospital and from there they are shipped to be used to make prosthetic limbs for veterans who have lost their limbs during combat.

In addition, the caps also are being donated to projects to help children with cancer receive free chemo treatment.

“Tony stands in the lunch line every day to collect milk caps from his fellow students and also recruited the cafeteria employees to bring out a bag to assist him with his collection,” said Ivonne Martinez, his teacher at Ituarte Elementary School.

“He collects more than 100 caps a day and knows he is doing it for a special purpose while expecting nothing for himself.”