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Thursday , August 22 2019
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Tag Archives: Young Women’s STEAM Research & Preparatory Academy

EPISD’s Girls Academy Looking for 1st ‘Fresh-WOMAN’ Class

EPISD’s all-girl school is expanding and applications are now being accepted for its initial fresh-WOMAN class.

The Young Women’s STEAM Research & Preparatory Academy,  has served middle-school girls since its inception three years ago. As originally planned, the Academy is now expanding to serve high-school students.

“Our goal from the start has always been to provide a high-quality learning environment in a single-gender campus in order to maximize opportunities and access,” said Principal Dr. Cynthia Ontiveros. “We are happy to start our first high-school cohort next year with our first group of ninth graders. This group of young women will be our pioneering class that will grow our high school all the way to the 12th grade.”

The Academy provides girls in all grades with a Project-Based Learning curriculum based on the popular New Tech Network.

Teachers use research-based approaches to education, focusing on science, technology, engineering, the arts and math to provide early access to careers through high-quality instruction, community service learning projects, internships and mentorship.

The school offers students with college dual-credit opportunities, Advanced Placement courses and certificate programs that include computer information research science, software development, business and marketing intelligence analysis, and social justice and advocacy programs.

Students at the school will have access to extracurricular activities, clubs and major competitive sports. Like every other EPISD campus, the Academy is free and open to any qualifying student living in El Paso County.

For more information visit the Academy’s webpage and to apply, click here.

El Paso ISD Announces New Principals, Staff for Select Schools and Departments

On Thursday, the El Paso Independent School District announced the assignment of new principals and staff at several schools and departments for the 2018-19 academic year.

Former Armendariz Middle School principal Larry Muñoz is the now the principal at the Raymond Telles Academy.

Muñoz replaces former Telles principal Chris James, who is now the principal at the Delta Academy. Former Delta principal Ernie Watts retired at the end of the 2017-18 school year.

Dr. Cynthia Ontiveros, the principal at the Young Women’s STEAM Research & Preparatory Academy, will serve concurrently as the principal at Armendariz. The Young Women’s Academy and Armendariz share a campus.

Former Henderson Middle School principal Elizabeth Maldonado is now an administrator in the EPISD Middle Schools Division. Jason Yturralde will serve concurrently as the principal at Henderson and his current position as principal at Ross Middle School.

Former Canyon Hills Middle School principal Jennifer DeGraaf is now an administrator in the District’s Student and Family Empowerment Department, where she will assist with EPISD’s Social and Emotional Learning initiatives.

Carlos Gomez, a longtime EPISD administrator, will serve as interim principal at Canyon Hills.

Story by Gustavo Reveles – EPISD

Young Women’s Academy, UTEP Collaborate to Increase Number of Minorities in STEM/STEAM

Thanks to a partnership with UTEP, EPISD’s Young Women’s STEAM Research & Preparatory Academy, will play a key role in implementing strategies aimed at improving hiring patterns for minorities in the fields of science and engineering.

The University of Texas at El Paso is one of only nine universities to be invited to participate in the National Science Foundation’s Dissemination Conference at the Alaska Native Science & Engineering Program in Anchorage next week.

As a participant, UTEP will leave the four-day gathering with a blueprint to implement strategies that could help minorities become more involved in science and engineering. The University already has identified EPISD’s Young Women’s Academy as a key partner in these strategies.

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn about a very successful model and how we can adapt it to fit our needs,” Principal Dr. Cynthia Ontiveros said. “The Academy will be one of nine schools nationwide that will have the opportunity to collaborate with their partner university to learn more about broadening STEM participation, which in our case means increasing the number of women in STEM/STEAM careers.”

Ontiveros and EPISD Assistant Superintendent Dr. Carla Gonzalez will attend the conference to learn how the model can benefit El Paso students.

“I’m very excited for the opportunity to expand options for our young ladies to get into the world of engineering, not only at the academy but also at Chapin High School, which has an engineering magnet program, as well as all other EPISD schools,” Gonzalez said. “I hope to learn from this very successful program and open that partnership with UTEP.”

Ontiveros hopes the partnership with UTEP will create meaningful experiences for her students, starting with a field trip to the engineering department in February.

“STEM careers have been male-dominated for so long so it’s hard for young women to find a place. It’s important to look at these kinds of learning models that help us create a place within the community so talent stays within the community,” she said.

“We are already talking about different ways to expose students to engineering and other STEM fields,” Ontiveros added. “These experiences are powerful for them as they move on and graduate and decide go to UTEP and pursue these careers.”

Author – Alicia Chumley

Video+Story: EPISD Young Women’s STEAM Academy Students Meet for First Time at Zoo

The Young Women’s STEAM Research & Preparatory Academy inaugural cohorts began their educational journey at the El Paso Zoo by signing a commitment letter.

“The signing ceremony is a commitment, a pact that we’re making with our students,” said principal Dr. Cynthia Ontiveros. “We’re committed to engaging our students in a rigorous curriculum, a safe and nurturing environment but also pushing our students and supporting them to be successful beyond their expectations and beyond their goals.”

The new academy, which will be housed inside Armendariz Middle School, opens this fall with 225 sixth and seventh graders. It will add a grade level each year until it becomes a 6-12 grade campus. The academy will focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics and will incorporate the New Tech Network model to give students an engaging, collaborative experience through project-based learning.

unnamed (38)The zoo perfectly set the tone for the historic occasion, celebrating the new academy and its focus on STEAM. Students and their families mingled in the indoor reception area overlooking the zebras and wandered around the nearby lion’s exhibit to take photos and selfies.

“We’re a STEAM academy, so we’re celebrating the significance of signing a commitment where STEAM is all around us – the zoo,” Ontiveros said.

Parent Cesar Martinez also enjoyed the venue and its significance.

“It’s a beautiful location and getting to see the zebras, that’s exciting,” he said. “It just another neat indication of the unique conceptualization of what’s going to be going on at this campus.”

Martinez’ daughter Paz Elena Martinez wants to be an engineer when she grows up. She’s looking forward to the educational opportunities the STEAM focus brings and the chance to work with her classmates to pick school colors and the mascot.

“It sounded like it would be fun,” said Paz, a Mesita Elementary fifth grader. “It has everything a girl could want to learn.”unnamed (52)

Students sat in rows in front, smiling and already making friends. One by one, they walked on stage to receive their commitment letter, a special pen and pose for a photo with Ontiveros.

“It’s going to be an amazing experience for all the girls around the District,” said Victoria Hernandez, a Bond Elementary fifth grader. “We’re going to experience new things, in a new way and hear different ideas from different girls and meet new people.”

During the ceremony, Ontiveros talked to the students about the experiences the new school will bring for service learning and project-based-learning.

“I want to assure parents that our students are going to have an amazing opportunity here at the academy,” she said. “Our curriculum will be rigorous but our students are going to feel a connection to our community. Through our service learning component, they’re going to see the value in what they’re learning.”

Pete Delgado, currently a GT teacher at Cooley Elementary, can’t wait to start the school year at his new campus.

“I feel passionate about empowering these young ladies and helping them to dream, design and deliver real world solutions,” said Delgado, reiterating Ontiveros’ message. “To me, it’s important for these young ladies to be in an environment that helps them grow, be creative, learn problem-solving skills and learn those crucial communication skills they need for career readiness and college readiness.”

The father of two girls also likes the opportunity it affords his youngest daughter, who will be in sixth grade this fall.

“She’s going to be graduating from here in seven years,” he said. “As a father, I’m going to watch her grow from the little fifth grader she is now to eventually the senior that will be ready to go out and conquer the world.”

After each girl received her commitment letter, Ontiveros talked to them about the pact they were making together. She promised her students would receive a rigorous and rich academic opportunity and, in turn, they promised to have an open mind and be ready to learn and ready for the challenges they’d face as middle and high school students.

“We are making history and I’m excited to take you on this journey,” she said. “You will be learning and developing skills that will make you strong, amazing leaders.”

“Are you ready for the challenge?” Ontiveros asked. A roaring “yes” echoed throughout the room.

In unison, the graduating classes of 2023 and 2024 signed their commitment letters with the special pen etched with the name of their new school.

“My first challenge for you is to save your pen,” Ontiveros told them. “I want to see it when you graduate.”

“How many years from now is that?” Ontiveros asked.

A student responded from the crowd: “A lot.”

unnamed (39)

Seventh Grader names El Paso ISD’s New Girls School

The El Paso ISD Board of Trustees on Tuesday approved the name of the new girls school — a name suggested by a seventh-grade student in the District.

The Young Women’s STEAM Research & Preparatory Academy will open its doors in the fall with 200 students in sixth and seventh grade. One grade will be added each year until the school serves students in grades sixth through 12th.

On Tuesday evening, Trustees voted unanimously to take the recommendation from Wiggs Middle School seventh-grader Mariana Silva and give the girls school its long, but meaningful name.

“Young Women’s STEAM Research & Preparatory Academy really tells people what is going to happen in this school,” Silva said. “I am so excited that they picked my name suggestion because I feel strongly that it is going to be a special campus.”

Silva’s name submission was picked by a committee of stakeholders who reviewed close to 90 name suggestions from the public. The two other top name suggestions were the Anita Aguilar Ontiveros Young Women’s Academy of Science, Arts and Service named after a retired El Paso scientist and EPISD alumna; and the Teresa J. G. Chavez Young Women’s Academy of Science, Arts and Service after a longtime pharmacist and also an EPISD alumna.

The all-girls school will have a special Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) focus. It also will become the first single-gender school to join the New Tech Network of schools that practices project-based learning to complete assignments.

The Academy will open in the fall and for some years will share a campus with Armendariz Middle School in Central El Paso. The Academy will eventually use all of the Armendariz campus. Armendariz students will be rezoned into a new middle school.

Deadline for girls interested in attending the Academy is April 7. To read more and apply, click HERE.

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