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Monday , August 10 2020
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UTEP Awards Ysleta ISD Seniors $1M+ in Scholarships

The University of Texas at El Paso announced its 1st round of scholarship recipients awarded to graduating seniors in the El Paso region and Ysleta ISD seniors were well rewarded for their academic achievements.

Overall YISD seniors received $1.6 million in scholarships to the class of 2018.

The Presidential Scholarship is awarded to the senior ranked #1 at the end of their junior year for $8,000 per year, $32,000 four year total. It includes free on-campus housing for first academic year.

The Excellence Scholarship is awarded to the senior ranked #2 the end of their junior year for $6,000 per year, $24,000 four year total.

Other scholarships awarded by UTEP are: Andalusite Award $3,000 per year / $12,000 four years, Tanzanite Award $2,000 per year / $8,000 four years, and Jaspilite Award (Level 2) $1,000 per year / $4,000 four years.

UTEP will announce a second round of scholarships in March. Scholarship deadline is March 1.  Applying seniors must be admitted to UTEP first to be considered for a scholarship award. Interested students can apply for admissions at

For the UTEP General Scholarship Application, applicants need to visit ScholarMine to submit and apply for additional scholarship opportunities available. SAT test scores and transcripts must be submitted by the deadline.

Click here to learn more about the UTEP scholarships.

Ysleta ISD seniors receiving scholarships during this round are:

Bel Air High School – $136,000
Autumn Russell, Presidential ($32,000)
Ashley Hernandez, Excellence ($24,000)
Emily Hogenson, Andalusite ($12,000)
Sarahjane Legaspi, Andalusite ($12,000)
Desiree Nieto, Andalusite ($12,000)
Victoria Ruiz. Andalusite ($12,000)
Gary Williams, Andalusite ($12,000)
Brianna Gonzalez, Tanzanite ($8,000)
Luis Arellano., Jaspilite ($4,000)
Trinity Ballesteros, Jaspilite ($4,000)
Ayana Reyes, Jaspilite ($4,000)

Del Valle High School – $152,000
Janeth Sandoval, Presidential ($32,000)
Natalia Gonzalez, Excellence ($24,000)
Miriam Aguirre, Andalusite ($12,000)
Carlos Baeza, Andalusite ($12,000)
Vivian Cigarroa, Andalusite ($12,000)
Cooper Dubrule, Andalusite ($12,000)
Brianna Jordan. Andalusite ($12,000)
Bruce Jordan, Andalusite ($12,000)
Crystal Martinez, Andalusite ($12,000)
Nahomi Navar, Andalusite ($12,000)
Paola Villa, Andalusite ($12,000)

Eastwood High School – $240,000
Andrew Lowrance, Presidential ($32,000)
Leonardo Moraveg, Excellence ($24,000)
Tiffany Aguilar, Andalusite ($12,000)
Ruby Del Villar Solis, Andalusite ($12,000)
Brittney Fierro, Andalusite ($12,000)
Noah Jimenez, Andalusite ($12,000)
Crystal Licon, Andalusite ($12,000)
Elizabeth Mendoza, Andalusite ($12,000)
Andrea Meraz, Andalusite ($12,000)
Maria-Adeliz Ordonez, Andalusite ($12,000)
Edwardo Pallares, Andalusite ($12,000)
Ethan Ramos, Andalusite ($12,000)
Ryan Solis, Andalusite ($12,000)
Paulina Torres, Andalusite ($12,000)
Jacob Tullius, Andalusite ($12,000)
Aaron Beltran, Tanzanite ($8,000)
Briana Morales, Tanzanite ($8,000)
Diana Orozco, Tanzanite ($8,000)
Jesus Moore, Jaspilite ($4,000)

Hanks High School – $128,000
Nicole Melendez, Presidential ($32,000)
Valerie Hernandez, Excellence ($24,000)
Hannia Gamboa, Andalusite ($12,000)
Natalie Padilla, Andalusite ($12,000)
Sergio Perez, Andalusite ($12,000)
Jorge Rodriguez, Andalusite ($12,000)
Melissa Torres, Andalusite ($12,000)
Sarah Ramos, Tanzanite ($8,000)
Michaela O’Hara, Jaspilite ($4,000)

Parkland High School – $80,000
Cassandra Hernandez de la Cruz, Presidential ($32,000)
Jordan Dominguez, Excellence ($12,000)
Victoria Gurrola. Andalusite ($8,000)
Anne Soderborg, Andalusite ($8,000)

Riverside High School – $116,000
Lizbeth Carmona, Presidential ($32,000)
Britney Baca, Excellence ($24,000)
Anthony Chacon, Andalusite ($12,000)
Stephanie Cisneros-Flores, Andalusite ($12,000)
Yanira Rocha, Andalusite ($12,000)
Cynthia Rodriguez, Andalusite ($12,000)
Daniel Valles, Andalusite ($12,000)

Valle Verde Early College High School – $100,000
Cynthia Bautista, Presidential ($32.000)
Katelyn Johnson, Excellence ($24,000)
Mauro Guerrero, Andalusite ($12,000)
Jacob Lane, Andalusite ($12,000)
Klarissa Siebert, Andalusite ($12,000)
Megan Cordova, Tanzanite ($8,000)

Ysleta High School – $116,000
Pedro Mendoza-Amaya, Presidential ($32,000)
Xena Tame, Excellence ($24,000)
Jennifer Aragon, Andalusite ($12,000)
Gabriel Lujan, Andalusite ($12,000)
Ana Perez, Andalusite ($12,000)
Amanda Ramos, Andalusite ($12,000)
Ashley Scheinfled, Andalusite ($12,000)
Henry Segovia, Andalusite ($12,000)

YISD Investigation into Hanks Tuberculosis Exposure Yields Two Positive Test Results

On Wednesday afternoon, the Department of Public Health (DPH) announced two individuals have tested positive for Tuberculosis (TB) infection in the recent investigation involving Hanks High School.

The department identified 140 individuals who may have been exposed to a person at the school who was diagnosed with active TB disease and a 138 individuals have been screened. Tests revealed two positive results.

The following is a chart describing the current investigation standings.

Persons Potentially Exposed 140
Tested To-Date 138
Test Rate 99%
Results Known 136
Number of Positive Results 2
Positivity Rate 1.5%

Public Health officials estimate a positivity rate for El Paso between 5% and 10%, and the actual rate of 1.5% is well below what is expected.

Those tested by DPH have been notified of their results and the two patients who tested positive for TB infection will be evaluated by a nurse specializing in TB. They will also receive X-rays to ensure the disease has not developed in their lungs. Those who tested negative for TB will be retested within the next 8 to 10 weeks as a precaution.

“While we wish there were no TB in El Paso, the fact is that the disease is part of our everyday life,” said Robert Resendes, Public Health Director. “We are pleased with this low number, and hope to see similar results in February when we retest these individuals.”

Last year, 43 cases of active TB were identified and treated in the greater El Paso region with 38 in 2015 and 44 in 2014. Every year, the department identifies and treats approximately 250 latent cases of the disease.

Residents with questions or concerns are urged to visit and click on the TB Investigation section for updated information and data regarding TB, how it is spread, and how to protect yourself from the disease.

YISD Turns to Public for Help in Naming New Del Valle-Area Middle School

The Ysleta Independent School District is taking recommendations for the new name for the middle school in the Del Valle area.

Students from Camino Real Middle School and Valley View Middle School, as well as Mission Valley Elementary School, will benefit from a newly built combination campus.

The two schools will have separate entrances, classrooms, offices, and cafeterias, but will share kitchens, fine arts facilities, and a gymnasium.

The shared facilities will maximize the economies of scale and minimize maintenance and operations costs, while providing students will upgraded facilities. Mission Valley Elementary School will retain their school name.

Nominations must be completed on the 2017-2018 Nomination Form to Name a New School/Facility (link below).  The form should be submitted along with supplemental material via electronic mail or by mail.

Deadline for nominations is Wednesday, January 11, 2018.

Click here to visit the project webpage.

Click here to download the nomination form.

Health Department: Possible TB Exposure Approximately 150 students in Ysleta ISD

The City of El Paso Department of Public Health is currently investigating a possible Tuberculosis (TB) exposure involving approximately 150 students in the Ysleta Independent School District.

“The cooperation offered by Ysleta ISD officials has been excellent, and we will continue to work closely with school officials to make sure those specific students who have been identified at-risk are tested,” said Robert Resendes, Public Health Director. “The health and well-being of our community is our utmost priority, and we ask that parents who receive the Department of Public Health letter participate in the screening process so we can determine whether or not their child is infected, and provide appropriate evaluation and treatment.”

The Department will be sending letters to the parents informing them that their child(ren) may have had close contact with someone with active TB.

As a precaution, the Department of Public Health is recommending that these individuals be screened for TB through a blood draw that will be tested at the Department of Public Health laboratory in El Paso.

Parents who receive a letter from the Department of Public Health who have additional questions may call the City of El Paso Department of Public Health at 915-212-6609.

Tuberculosis is a bacterial illness acquired through breathing in infected droplets from the cough or sneeze of a person with active TB. Tuberculosis is not easily transmitted. The likelihood of transmission increases with length of exposure to the cough/sneeze of someone with active TB.

Additional information about TB can be found at online by clicking TB Control under “Programs”.

Ysleta ISD officials released the following statement:

“The Ysleta Independent School District is cooperating fully with the El Paso City Department of Public Health regarding this case. The district is following all procedures as prescribed by district and city health policies. The district has been directed by the City Department of Public Health to refer all inquiries to them. Please contact them at (915) 212-6609.”

YISD Introduces New App to Report Bullying, Campus Concerns

The Ysleta Independent School District (YISD) announced Thursday the introduction of a new communications system, Anonymous Alerts, which makes it easy for students and parents to quickly and confidentially report bullying and other sensitive incidents to school administrators.

“We believe the best way to address student problems is through personal contact with a teacher, administrator, psychologist, or counselor,” said YISD Superintendent of Schools Dr. Xavier De La Torre. “However, we understand there may be instances where a student or parent would prefer to communicate anonymously. Anonymous Alerts affords our students and parents the opportunity to speak up about harmful behavior without fear of retribution.”

To help launch Anonymous Alerts, YISD is encouraging all stakeholders to participate in “Download Day” on Friday, December 1, which calls for students, staff, and parents to download the free Anonymous Alerts app from the iPhone or Google Play store.

With the app, users will be able to send anonymous and encrypted private messages to school administrators on urgent or sensitive topics, such as bullying, self-harm, family difficulties, weapons, drug/ alcohol abuse, dating violence, depression, or gang-related issues, among others.

Via a news release, YISD officials add “Both the app and online forms are available in English or Spanish and all reports remain completely anonymous, though users have the option to reveal their identity if they prefer to have a person-to-person discussion…the program is monitored from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the school year, and should only be used for serious and urgent matters.”

A parent letter has been sent to all YISD homes with a code and password to activate their Anonymous Alerts mobile app.

Students and parents also have the option to submit confidential online reports by clicking on the “Anonymous Alerts” button on the district’s main webpage.

For more information visit Anonymous Alerts.

HP’s Live Coverage of the ‘March to State 2017’

Coverage Sponsored by El Paso Electric and the YMCA of El Paso

         &      YMCA of El Paso

After our success in the coverage of the 2017 Socorro ISD MarchFest, we here at El Paso Herald-Post continue our commitment to great news, especially about our local students and their achievements.

In a history-making event, four bands – Bel Air, Del Valle, Hanks and Horizon – have all made the coveted UIL State Championships in San Antonio.  All four bands will be performing at the Alamodome, taking on the best of the best from around the State of Texas.

The contest starts on Monday, but our local bands don’t take to the field until Wednesday. For a full schedule of events, click here.

We here at EPHP will be in the Alamo City, interviewing the bands, fans and their directors before the contest, as well as right after their performances in the preliminary round.  Those interviews will be streamed above, and archived below. Also look for photo galleries throughout the day.

As for live coverage of the performances, the UIL has contracted with Box5 Media to stream the entire three-day event.   Band fans can order each of the class sessions individually.

To order the streams from Box5, click here (Sign up & cost is required by Box5 Media)

Special thanks to El Paso Electric and the YMCA of El Paso for their support of all our Bandies, Pit Crews, Color Guards, and Parents!

Previous Marching Band coverage: 2017 Socorro ISD MarchFest – VIDEO + GALLERY

2017 State Preliminary Results 

4:00pm Hanks Post Prelim Performance!  

3:35 Hanks Enters the Alamodome


2:55 Hanks Knights Warm Up For Their Prelim Performances 


1:50 Del Valle Post Prelim Performance 

1:35pm Conquistadors Enter The Alamodome!


12:30 Del Valle Prelim Warm Up! 

10:10am Horizon High Post Performance!


Horizon Enters the Alamodome


8:55am Horizon High School Scorpions Pre-Prelims!  Silver, Black & White! Fight! Scorpions Fight! 


Bel Air Post Prelims! 


Bel Air Warms Up for Prelim Performance – Go Big Red! 


Update Tuesday, November 7, 2017



YISD Early College High Schools Host Information Sessions

The Ysleta Independent School District’s three early college high schools will be hosting information sessions for students and families to learn more about the schools and the application process.

These meetings are free and open to all eighth grade students and their families.

In August, YISD and El Paso Community College opened Parkland Early College High School and Ysleta High School Early College Academy as the district’s second and third early college high schools.

The “school within a school” model at Parkland and Ysleta provides students the opportunity to enjoy traditional high school activities such as athletics, fine arts and JROTC while they earn an associate’s degree from EPCC and their high school diploma simultaneously.

Valle Verde Early College High School, the district’s first early college high school, has received many recent accolades, including being named a 2017 National Blue Ribbon School and an Apple Distinguished School.

Applications are open to all current eighth grade students and are available on the YISD Early College High School website.

Information session times and dates are listed below:

Parkland Early College High School, 6 p.m. Monday, Nov. 13, Parkland High School theater, 5932 Quail Lane

Ysleta High School Early College Academy, 6 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 14, Ysleta High School Auditorium, 8600 Alameda Ave.

Valle Verde Early College High School, 6 p.m., Wednesday, Nov. 15, Ysleta ISD Central Office- Ysleta Room, 9600 Sims Drive

Hanks Softball Team Leads Effort to Help Houston Area Softball Teams

The Hanks High School softball team, along with Coach Shelly Prather, extended a helping hand to softball players over 750 miles away.

The team gathered and donated softball equipment for softball teams who lost everything during Hurricane Harvey in the Houston area.

Coach Prather responded to an email that was sent to all Texas softball coaches from Houston Coach Billy Hicks. He was seeking help for teams who lost everything during the recent hurricane.

Coach Prather was the point of contact in El Paso and reached out area coaches in hopes of gathering items such as cleats, sweats, bags, gloves, balls, chalk, etc.  Del Valle, Riverside, Franklin, Jefferson and Montwood high schools assisted the Lady Knights with this task. They gathered all equipment and made an inventory sheet of the donations.

The coach planned to fly to Amarillo, rent a Penske truck and travel east. When Coach Prather responded to his email, Coach Hicks decided to change his plans and start his trip in El Paso.

Coach Hicks was surprised with the donations he received from the El Paso area. The team assisted Hicks with loading the Penske truck on October 17 and he continued his journey across Texas, making stops in Pecos, Monahans, Big Lake, Midland and the Dallas area.

Coach Hicks is a retired teacher/coach/administrator, but is still very active in the world of softball.

Story in Many Pics: Canutillo Crushes Riverside 49-7

The Riverside Rangers traveled to Northwest El Paso Friday night to take on the Canutillo Eagles, at a stadium only a few miles from the river itself.

The Eagles came out firing, rushing past the Rangers en route to a 49 to 7 win.

YISD Board of Trustees Honors Student with President’s Award

The Ysleta ISD Board of Trustees honored a student who has brought a new ritual to the school in honor of our country and flag with the October President’s Award.

Every school day, Pebble Hills Elementary School fourth-grader Nora Domko and her father walk in formation with the school’s Safety Patrol Club to raise the school’s U.S. flag and the Texas flag.

Once the flags are securely in place, Nora and her father turn and salute the flags as taught and practiced by the U.S. Army Corps. At the end of the school day, Nora, her father, and the Safety Patrol Club lower the flags and carefully fold them in the appropriate manner so they can be stored for use the following day.

The sacredness of this ritual has prompted even the school’s busiest parents and students to stop in their tracks and wait until the flags have been raised.

Nora and her father have elevated not only pride in these treasured symbols, but also respect for the treatment of the flags.

Nora’s fellow students and teachers say she never hesitates to lend a helping hand to those who need it.

District officials add, “Coupled with her winning personality and charismatic leadership, she is among our brightest stars at the Ysleta Independent School District.”

The President’s Award is given by the President of the Board of Trustees to a YISD student who has demonstrated exceptional and/or innovative, out-of-the-ordinary service to others, particularly those within the YISD community.

This award will be presented to the selected recipient a maximum of once per month during the regularly scheduled meeting of the YISD Board of Trustees.

Eligible YISD students must be nominated for the award by a school principal, assistant principal, or Trustee; and must be in good academic and disciplinary standing.

Chacon International Students Skype with Sister School in Russia

Communicating across several continents is not unusual for students at Alicia R. Chacon International School, especially with their tovarish in Russia.

Seventh grade students in the Russian language program had their first Skype session with their sister-school of 13 years from Kostroma, Russia.

First, both schools developed a year-round plan that includes various topics important and interesting for teenagers. Then, students exchange Google Slide presentations to learn about each other.

During the first Skype session, students asked questions about school life in the USA and Russia.

Next session will be about music and its role in teenager lives.

The school has been using Skype for teaching and learning languages and cultures for eight years.

Alicia R. Chacon opened its doors in 1995,  as a dual language program for kinder to 2ndgrade. It gradually added grade levels until reaching its current kinder through 8th enrollment.

Students are taught an enriched curriculum, which includes learning English, Spanish and either Chinese, German, Japanese or Russian. As part of their third language program, students participate in Kung-Fu, Gymnastics, Karate or Tennis.

Story in Many Pics: Last Second Heroics Lift Del Valle over Eastlake 25-21

In a battle for the top spot in the district, the Eastlake Falcons rolled into the Mission Valley to take on the Del Valle Conquistadores.

Billed as the game of the week by almost every media outlet in the Borderland, the game certainly lived up to the hype, as Del Valle orchestrated a final drive comeback with much less than two minutes on the clock to beat Eastlake 25-21.

Ysleta ISD Principal Tapped to Serve on National Education Board

Dana Boyd, principal of East Point Elementary School in the Ysleta Independent School District (YISD), was among six U.S. education leaders and former governors who were appointed Thursday to serve on the nonpartisan National Assessment Governing Board by U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos.

In her role on the Governing Board, Boyd will help set policy for The Nation’s Report Card – or the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) – which provides data on student performance to the public and to education policymakers at the national, state and local levels, officials said.

Boyd’s four year-term on the Governing Board begins Oct. 1. Other members include governors, state legislators, local and state school officials, educators and researchers, business representatives and members of the general public.

“It’s a privilege to have an accomplished educator such as Dana Boyd to oversee NAEP,” Secretary DeVos said. “The Board plays an important role in assessing student achievement, and her perspective will be critical as we work to close the achievement gap and ensure all students have equal access to a great education.”

During her tenure at YISD, Boyd has enjoyed a bevy of awards and honors, including being named 2016 Texas National Distinguished Principal and 2007 Texas Teacher of the Year, and being inducted this year into the El Paso Commission for Women’s Hall of Fame. In her seven years as East Point ES principal, she has led the development of professional learning communities and the use of data in implementing needed interventions and enrichment.

Since 1969, NAEP has served as a national yardstick of student achievement. Through The Nation’s Report Card, NAEP informs the public about what American students know and can do in various subject areas; and compares achievement between states, large urban districts, and various student demographic groups.

The 26-member nonpartisan, independent Governing Board determines the subjects and content tested by NAEP, sets achievement levels for reporting, and publicly releases the results.

Boyd takes office as the Governing Board fulfills its strategic vision, which calls for developing strategic partnerships with groups to disseminate NAEP data and resources; and advancing the content, design and reporting of NAEP. The National Center for Education Statistics, within the Institute of Education Sciences, administers NAEP.

YISD’s Valle Verde Early College High School Wins 2017 National Blue Ribbon School Award

Ysleta ISD’s Valle Verde Early College High School (VVECHS) was honored Thursday morning by the U.S. Department of Education as a National Blue Ribbon School

Students and staff from VVECHS, as well as Superintendent of Schools Dr. Xavier De La Torre, were gathered in the Ysleta ISD Central Office Theater watching a livestream feed from the U.S. Department of Education, announcing that the school had been named a 2017 National Blue Ribbon School.

Upon the announcement, all began cheering and celebrating the national honor.

In January, VVECHS was among only 26 schools in Texas – and three in El Paso – to be nominated for the National Blue Ribbon Schools program. The school then completed a rigorous application process through the U.S. Department of Education.

VVECHS is the 11th YISD school to become a National Blue Ribbon School.

In recent years, the 400-student VVECHS has been recognized as an Apple Distinguished School, a Texas Early College High School Demonstration School, and was listed in 2016 as the top-ranked public high school in the El Paso region by U.S. News & World Report and Newsweek.

WATCH: VVECHS Video 2017

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