Talk Nerdy to Me: Doctor Strange Preview

A lot of popular comic book mystical characters run into difficulties on TV or the big screen. You could argue it is due to poor casting choices or weak scripts (Keanu Reeves as Constantine comes to mind).

We tend to believe the popularity of a character has more to do with how you relate to them. The more human and flawed a character seems, the easier it is to like that character. Watching or reading how a character deals with their inner demons and struggles with their conflicts add depth to a character. Doctor Strange has all of this to the nth degree.

Dr. Stephen Strange is a former neurosurgeon. He was a brilliant but egotistical surgeon concerned only with the wealth he earned from his career. A car accident shatters the bones in his hands. The damage effectively ends his ability to conduct surgery since his hands now tremble uncontrollably. Too proud to take on a teaching job, Strange desperately searches for a way to restore his hands. He consults doctors, homeopathic treatments, and travels around the world to remote regions for exotic cures.

Meeting the Ancient One

During his travels he encounters the Ancient One. He becomes a student the old Sorcerer Supreme. Doctor Strange becomes a practitioner of both the mystical arts as well as martial arts. He has a costume with two mystical objects. The Cloak of Levitation and Eye of Agamotto. These items give him added powers.

Doctor Strange is aided along the way by his friend and valet, Wong. He also has a large assortment of mystical objects. He takes up residence in a mansion called the Sanctum Sanctorum, located in Greenwich Village in New York City. Strange serves as the Sorcerer Supreme, the primary protector of Earth against magical and mystical threats.

The movie will be in theaters November 4, 2016. Benedict Cumberbatch is portraying Doctor Strange.

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