Taos artist creates ratablo in honor of Pope Francis

Pope Francis saw a baroque painting of Our Lady Undoer of Knots while studying in Germany in the 1980s. He liked the symbolism of Our Lady. She is undoing the knots of our confusions and the knotted errors of our ways and sins bringing us closer through her motherly kindness to unity with God. He brought a post card of the image back to Argentina promoting her veneration.

Taos artist Lynn Garlick  created a small retablo of Our Lady in the Fall of 2015 and wanted to make a much bigger piece. Pope Francis has now inspired that.

“I got very excited when David Villanueva, from Galleria Zia, asked me to bring some originals with me as well as my production pieces to the El Paso airport for sale while the Pope was visiting Juarez,” Lynn said. “This was the perfect opportunity to create the larger retablo. It is my way of honoring, His Holiness, Pope Francis.”

Lynn will showcase her retablos at Galeria Zia on Feb. 16th at the El Paso International Airport at 11am. All proceeds from the sale of the retablos will go to a local non-profit in honor of Pope Francis.

“I am so excited to be in the same vicinity as Pope Francis, a pope I greatly admire for his compassionate heart and his focus to be of service to mankind. He is an inspiring example of a life well lived. Though I will not see him in Juarez, I feel blessed to be this close to him.”

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