• May 22, 2022
 TecH2O hosts desert-friendly landscape workshop

Photo courtesy EPWater

TecH2O hosts desert-friendly landscape workshop

The warm days during our borderland’s spring months make many El Pasoans eager to spend more time outdoors and work on their dream landscapes.

In partnership with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension and New Mexico State University (NMSU), EPWater’s TecH2O Center is another, free virtual landscape workshop April 21 from 6-7 p.m.

The workshop will provide tips on how to curate the perfect desert-friendly oasis.

“This information is valuable to homeowners when making decisions about their gardens,” said Anai Padilla, Water Conservation Manager at EPWater. “In reality, there are many popular plants and flowers you see on social media and in advertisements that would not survive the harsh temperatures we experience here in both the summer and the winter months.”

Landscape planning is especially vital for desert landscapes, which is the focus of the second workshop on April 21. Padilla says good landscape design allows for an aesthetically pleasing, yet water-efficient garden.

“We want people to understand that landscaping is a process,” said Padilla. “Having a plan is just as important as understanding the environment we live in.”

The first workshop, held on April 14 gave attendees a greater understanding of El Paso’s climate, the importance of native plants for sustainability, and our regional water sources.

Workshop speakers include Rachel Gioannini, Professor of Horticulture, Plant and Environmental Sciences at NMSU and certified arborist John White, former curator of the Chihuahuan Desert Botanical Garden at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP).

To register for TecH2O’s free virtual landscape workshops, click here.

EPWater urges homeowners to use native plants whenever possible in their landscapes as they are already adapted to our desert climate and require less water and maintenance.

FloraFest 2021, our region’s largest native plant sale, is set for April 17-18 at UTEP from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. This event is a good opportunity to find plenty of native plants to stock your yard in one trip.

In addition to FloraFest, some local nurseries throughout El Paso and Las Cruces sell native plants and can provide best practices for care.

Click here for more information about FloraFest and visit www.elpasodesertblooms.org to learn more about the native plants of our region.

Photo courtesy EPWater

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