Photo courtesy EPCSO

Texas, Local Ford Dealers donate $25k to El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Foundation

On Monday, January 27,  representatives with the Texas Ford Dealers presented a donation to the Sheriff Richard Wiles and the Sheriff’s Office Foundation to show their support of local law enforcement.

Stuart Sliva of Shamaley Ford, as well as representatives from Casa and Viva Ford, presented a $25,000 check donation on behalf of the Texas Ford Dealers to Sheriff Richard Wiles and Sheriff’s Office Foundation President Robert Fraga.

The donation, according to officials was to show “their support, commitment, and dedication to local law enforcement and the Sheriff’s Office.”

“On behalf of Sheriff Richard Wiles and the Sheriff’s Office Foundation, we thank Shamaley, Casa, Viva Ford and the Texas Ford Dealers for their support of the Sheriff’s Office and local law enforcement,” EPCSO officials added.

According to EPCSO officials, this donation will provide assistance to many through the Sheriff’s Office Foundation’s volunteer work and support of the men and women of the Sheriff’s Office.

The donation will also facilitate the travel of Deputy Peter John Herrera’s family to National Police Week hosted in Washington DC in May 2020, so they can pay their respects to the fallen and to witness the addition of Deputy Herrera’s name to the national monument.

For more information, or to donate to the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Foundation, click here.