• November 30, 2021
 Texas State Senator Rodríguez: Statement Against Border Militarization

State Senator Jose Rodriguez | Photo courtesy Sen. Rodriguez office

Texas State Senator Rodríguez: Statement Against Border Militarization

The following is State Sen. José Rodríguez’s statement on President Trump’s proposal to militarize the southern border:

The President and other Republicans have manipulated the fears of Americans, many of whom know very little about life on the border, into a potent political weapon. In his latest anti-immigrant action, Mr. Trump proposes to use the U.S. military as actors and the border as a stage to create electoral theatre in hopes of appeasing his political base. Mr. Trump is responding to a caravan of women, children, and elderly seeking refuge from violence in Central America that is working through Mexico to raise awareness of their plight. This is morally reprehensible.

We are not Russia or any other totalitarian country that uses our military domestically, against our own residents. By assigning the military to enforce domestic civil laws on immigration — something not previously done — he is sending a message to the world that America is no longer a beacon of hope to those in need or even a free society.

Border communities do not want the military patrolling their backyards; no American community does. In May 1997, Ezequiel Hernandez, an 18-year-old high school student, was tracked by soldiers for 20 minutes before being shot and killed while tending his family’s goats in Redford, Texas. That tragedy occurred in my district, Texas Senate District 29, which has about 350 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border. The border has been secured; in fact, apprehensions on the border are at their lowest since 1971. Meanwhile, the movement of millions of residents and billions of dollars in commerce is clogged at understaffed ports of entry. That is where our focus and investment should be — not on using the military as puppets for election year antics.

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  • The Senator continues to fail to represent his constituents, however he never fails to represent non citizens who enter the country illegally. That is his priority. In his own words, he does not want El Paso to become homogenized, to become gringolandia….

    • Just another reason to vote against him!

  • Texas Senator Jose Rodriguez is 100% RIGHT! for starters it was June 16 2015 when the racist Donald trump called Mexicans rapist and drug dealers. He further went on to say that Mexico was not sending it’s best to the United States! I say that Fort Bliss is not sending it’s best to El Paso either. They have manage to bring racist bigots like WHITE NATIONALIST Mikey that goes by MadMike272 on the KVIA commenting forum, this person has MENTAL HATE ISSUES! Mainly against all people with brown or dark skin! I know this to be true as I use to post on the KVIA Forum and would spar with all of the commenters who are all racist republican.
    For a city like El Paso where the majority of the population lives in harmony with other cultures and religious groups and appreciates the rich diversity we are blessed to have.
    Mikey Mad Mike 272 don’t share our values, he’s know to attack president Obama many times with racist insult rants. He even once posted his picture with some other militant both holding what look like AR 15 assault rifles. He was quick to take down that avatar fast, who does he think he is, Nicklas Cruz or Dylan Roof or that Wacko assassin shooter from Las Vegas last August. But I saw that picture and it sure look pretty racist NRA Type, as he wanted me to see his style of fire power as a show of force.I think I know who the other person above Mikey’s name is, one that also rarely post on the KVIA Forum.
    I don’t care about these non citizens entering the country as they were already entering the country way before the US border came to the Southern border with Mexico.
    I single out the KVIA forum because they allow these bigots to dominate their commenting website without any oversight. They also managed to appoint one of it’s commenters as the censorship moderator that goes by Watch Dawg, to me they are all MORONS! so I won’t post comments on that forum since watch dawg is fast to delete my post.
    At least here on the El Paso Herald Post they can’t delete my comments and I know that it makes them all mad. And it makes me laugh at those DEMENTED RACIST STOOGES.
    BTW! Mikey Mad Mike272 thinks that we are in Fascist Communist Russia! and that Vladimir Putin is his commanding officer. Oh what the heck he’ll just give me the Sieg Heil arm salute as I always give them all the middle finger.

    • Look at what you write, and still have the nerve to call another, a bigot?

      • The truth about you and all your racist ilk over at KVIA forum bites you in the butt don’t it Mad Mike 272? When you called Adrian Medina to try to get me banned I called there after and told Adrian about you and your cyber bullies making threats! At least you got watch dawg and Kevin Levell looking out after your best interest. It’s called birds of a feather flock together aryan brothers!

    • Dear moderators, why do you let this psychopath post on your forums?

      • Dear moderators from the El Paso Herald Post! Mikey aka MAD MIKE 272 member of KVIA commenting forum is a RACIST WHITE NATIONALIST SUPREMACIST!
        Mike wants to dictate what others have to say and take over your forum commentator’s opinions.Or in other words just silence me. I don’t care about his political views since I know that he is a bigot,prejudice,racist clown.All of his news sources come from those at Sinclair Broadcasting,Fox News,Breitbart News,Alex Jones Info Wars,Rush Limbaugh,Ann Coulter.
        When I first started posting on your forum, I would post my full name here on the Post. Mike unmasked here on the Post and took my name over to the KVIA forum. From there he look up my name from public records,found out where I live, my telephone number all my identity was unveiled.
        He has even stated that he and another white nationalist have have drove down to my residence community.But due to the high crime profile of my neighborhood, he fears it,and I don’t blame him.
        Bottom line is what is a racist bigot like Mike doing living in El Paso? that is why I said that Fort Bliss is not sending there best to El Paso. Mike is one of those bigot deplorables that could snap and go ballistic with his assault rifles just like Dylan Roof and Nicklas Cruz.
        And he’s calling me a psychopath,I know he is just trying to pass the buck on me, he don’t scare me.

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