Texas Trost Society Searching for Artists for Special Neon Desert Art Project

The Texas Trost Society has worked for the past four years to educate our community about the historic, cultural, and economic value of the many buildings designed by the Trost & Trost architectural firm in the early part of the 20th century.

As part of this year’s May Preservation Month, the Trost Society has created an interactive, artistic installation that will take place during Neon Desert Music Festival, a weekend that will reach over 40,000 El Pasoans.

Officials with the project say the installation has two purposes,  “to engage as many people of all ages to interact with the physical characteristics of our built environment, and to promote the Texas Trost Society and our sponsors to a young audience demographic.”

While many sponsors participate in Neon Desert Music Festival each year, the Texas Trost Society envisions a unique sponsor experience that harmonizes with the musical and artistic nature of the festival, and one that capitalizes on the festival’s location in the heart of downtown.

The Texas Trost Society will light up the Martin Building with images of iconic downtown buildings – including images of the Blue Flame Building – illustrated and colorized by local artists, as well as display different artistic renderings of our local history and historic architecture.

Come nightfall, concert-goers will have the opportunity to see the images projected 100 feet high, as well as watch live feeds of people participating in activities at our booth.

The Trost Society’s pop-up installation will include a space for participants to color images of the coloring book and see their images on the projection, and we will have the opportunity to give your employees a special tour of the installation and festival should they choose to join us. We believe the engagement experience for this particular installation will have lasting impact on participants, as they will have many points of impact throughout the duration of the festival.

Social media impressions and additional press coverage during the festival will increase the number of views of the installation and our sponsors beyond those present during Neon Desert.

For artists who have artwork featuring Trost & Trost Buildings and would like to be featured, please send an email to malissa@texastrost.org with a high-res image of your work, your name, the title of the piece, and your preferred social media handle.

For those with no Trost artwork, officials are also asking artists to color pages of our Trost in the Borderlands coloring book. Click the following link (YouTubeWatch) to watch the example and email organizers at the address above to participate.