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the louvre

Did you know there was a branch of the world famous The Louvre in Abu Dhabi? Guess what, they do! It was a really cool museum with a very awesome children’s section. SUBSCRIBE to watch more videos like this one! LET’S CONNECT! — Zia Comics website — Zia Comics Facebook


I don’t remember the name of the off-road excursion company, but I believe it translates to “Make Tourists cry”. The first thing they do before hitting the sand is to let some air out of the tires so they get more traction. My driver had such a lead foot and

bam comics december

The Bam! Comic Box for December arrived and it didn’t disappoint. Watch me unbox and review the items that came in this month’s box. Bam! Comics subscription details: BamBox has collaborated with industry leading CGC to create a box featuring a slabbed comic signed by creators, artists, or celebrities in

spiderman vs venom

Spider-man and Venom have been frenemies ever since Peter Parker unknowingly brought the symbiote back to Earth. They have battled each other as well as teamed up against some dangerous common foes. This statue represents one of those times where they were at odds with each other. This statue is

All Mad Here

Sideshow and Enesco this week rolled out the Alice in Wonderland Stacked Figurine. At the time of this video it has an MSRP or $75. It sells out every time SideShow is able to get it back in stock. The level of detail is about what you would expect for

Marvelous Stan Lee

Stan Lee was the ambassador for comics during his later years. Whenever you mentioned anything comic book related, most people would think about him. Stan Lee became synonymous with comics. It is fitting they would make a statue honoring his memory. Manufacturer Description Excelsior! Like the incredible, amazing, and sensational

Renn Faire

The Las Cruces Renn Faire makes a triumphant return for their 50th annual Renn Faire in 2021. The 2020 event was cancelled due to COVID. This year seemed to be a bit scaled back from previous events, but it was still a great way to spend an afternoon. Lots of


Back in the 90’s, Nightcrawler was one of the more popular X-men. Then Marvel decided to kill him off. They left him dead long enough that his popularity waned to the point that he is still trying to regain the level of prominence he used to have in the X-men

New Mexico Comic Expo

After having no comic cons for over a year, most cons are trying to push one event in before the end of 2021. New Mexico Comic Expo is normally held in August, and will move back to August in 2022. There was no shortage of featured guests at New Mexico

santa fe comic con 2021

Santa Fe Comic Con 2021 was held at the Buffalo Thunder Resort and Casino. They had a great featured guest line-up and two rooms full of amazing vendors. In addition to that, there was a board/TCG gaming area, a Virtual Reality gaming area, two panel rooms, and a movie screening