The Weekly Yelp: Be A Sandwich King

Sandwiches are the perfect meal You don’t need a fork or a plate, just your two hands. So simple, yet so complex, the sandwich can be everyman’s meal or the centerpiece to a fancy lunch. The 915 knows how to nosh. So let’s toast the awesomeness that is a sandwich!

Craft & Social
305 E Franklin Ave, El Paso, TX
“Ok, so the food is amazing. The sandwiches taste so unbelievably good. The Foghorn and the vegetable sandwiches are my favorites. If you stop by C&S eating a sandwich is a must, although I always share because they’re a big chunk of sandwich.” – Imelda M.
Joe Vinny & Bronsons Bohemian Cafe
824 N Piedras St, El Paso, TX
“I got the breakfast sandwich and it was delicious! I was nervous about the tomatoes, onion, and fried egg, but I wasn’t disappointed at all… I will definitely be back.” – Emma B.
Brown Bag Deli
4319 Fred Wilson Ave, El Paso, TX
“Awesome sandwiches! Bread is important in a sandwich… The sandwiches here are made with nice crispy crust, not hard, just perfect. Like bread you get from San Francisco delis. And there are so many different sandwiches to chose from!” – Maria M.
Kinley’s House Coffee & Tea
2231 N Mesa St, El Paso, TX
“Tried Joe’s Green Chili Chicken Sandwich. Super fast order! I barely sat down and turned computer on and the food was ready. Huge sandwich. It’s on the messy side so grab some napkins. But very good.” – David T.
Pike Street Market
207 E Mills Ave, El Paso, TX
“If you’re ever in the mood for a fresh sandwich in the downtown area this is the perfect place. I just love the atmosphere of this place and the food is great. The veggie sandwich is delicious and another favorite is the turkey club with avocado.” – Elisa L.What is Yelp? Yelp is a website and mobile app that connects people to great local businesses! Find more local favorites now!