TNTM Theater Edition: Captain America Civil War

Jack and Troy from watched Captain America Civil War at Alamo Drafthouse in El Paso and give their review of the movie.

Don’t go into this movie expecting to see the Civil War comics played out on the big screen. A different name for the movie would have made much more sense. There are a lot of differences between the movie and the Civil War comics. Don’t get us wrong, the movie was great. It followed the typical Marvel formula (little bit of drama, little bit of comedy. and lots of awesome action sequences).

The problem for us was the misleading title.

**Spoilers may follow**

In the comics it was the fallout from the Stamford, Connecticut disaster involving the New Warriors that prompted the government to start the Superhuman Registration Act, not the Sokovia and Wakanda incidents.

In the comics Peter Parker was actually older, married, and working for Tony Stark at the time. The suit Tony built for Spider-man was Iron Man’s colors and had other spider arms on it with special little attachments. Tony convinced Spider-man to unmask on national TV in support of the Superhuman Registration Act.

Nearly every mutant, hero and villain, was involved. Government backed mutant police forces were set up in every state to find mutants that refused to register and arrest them. The “criminals” were sent to a prison in the Negative Zone called Project 42, not the Raft like in the movie.

Another difference is the Fantastic Four, mostly Reed Richards, play a big part in the comics. Reed helped develop the Project 42 prison. Tony Stark also cloned Thor from a hair sample. They programmed this clone to follow their orders. Something went wrong and the clone killed one of Team Cap (Goliath).

During one of the bigger battles Captain America realized all the injury and devastation they were causing by fighting. He decided to surrender himself to stop it all.

While being transported Captain America is assassinated by Crossbones (under orders from Red Skull) and Sharon Carter (brainwashed by Doctor Faustus). It was actually Sharon Carter who pulled the trigger.

These are just a few of the differences. The Civil War comic book could easily fill 2 movies. Captain America Civil War would have made much more sense with a different name.

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