• May 19, 2022
 They’ve Got Mail! Students run Crosby Post Office

They’ve Got Mail! Students run Crosby Post Office

Letters at Crosby Elementary School are delivered classroom to classroom by what some may consider the cutest mail carriers in El Paso.

The Northeast school earlier this school year created its own post office with many of its students serving as couriers, sorters and even post masters to help deliver important documents to classrooms and offices.

Jessica Morales, a family intervention specialist at Crosby, created the post office to help students improve their English Language Art skills.

“Reading is a big component of what we do in the post office, and we know that there is a push to improve literacy throughout the District,” she said. “I am already seeing great results in testing and assignments based on the work that is being done by the students here in the post office.”

Letter carriers — some who are even in pre-kinder — help deliver notes and other correspondence between teachers and students.  Carriers help students and even parents provide proper mailing information, including addressing letters to military parents who are deployed overseas.

Even letters that go from one classroom to another have specific addresses. The post office has assigned “street” names to each hall in the school.  The halls have names like Respect Avenue and Main Street.

Morales said letter carriers were hired based on interviews and reference checks.  The students are given the responsibility of being role models and every student takes his or her job seriously.

The Crosby Post Office has proven popular among the students and staff.  During the Christmas season, the student letter carriers delivered more than 600 cards, packages and notes.

“We definitely are seeing a big increase in writing among our students and their parents, too,” Morales said.

Fifth-grader Brian Marquez said he enjoys working in the post office.

“This is helping us be better prepared for the normal jobs out there in the real world,” he said.

Crosby plans to continue the Post Office service through next year and has plans to expand mail service to other “international” sites, like nearby EPISD schools.

Student letter carrier Leah Contreras said she is excited about this possibility.

“This is a great experience. We all have learned so much,” she said.

Story by Elena Fitzmaurice  |  Photos by Erika Reyes – EPISD

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