• May 7, 2021
 Cruz’n the Borderland: Thank you for being a friend!

Cruz’n the Borderland: Thank you for being a friend!

I always knew how important “friends” were to me. The best memories I have from school are about my friends.

I cant tell you Ohm’s Law off the top of my head, or can I tell you, without looking it up, the checks and balances of our government. BUT I CAN tell you a play by play account of the night night me and my friends almost got arrested in Juarez the night before Christmas.

And I can specifically tell you about the lunches that were spent driving to Chico’s, and what was on the jukebox, and how we would ditch 4 th period so we could have a decent lunch break.

Because all these things involved the heroes of my childhood, my high school friends. Many of which I still talk to, hang out, tell the same old stories. The ones that make me laugh out loud, ( a feat in of itself!)

And if this journey has taught me anything, its to value the NEW friends I met everyday SINCE then. Sure, you can blame it on my “fame”…if it wasn’t for what I’ve done in my life as a career choice, ok…I probably never would have met a majority of the people I now know.

But I’ve never seen it that way. I’ve never considered myself “famous”…I’m just a guy on the radio. But all things considered, I have met some amazing people.

And the ones who have stuck around…the ones who make me laugh, and think, and raise me up to a level I’ve never experienced….these people’s stories are the ones who need to be told.

Comedians, musicians, athletes, radio/ TV personalities, military personnel, business managers, and ordinary citizens just trying to make it in life. These ae the people I surround myself with.

And not a one of them is more important than the next…each are as equal in mine eyes. But nonetheless, each story is unique and needs to be shared.

Meet my friend Erika. She’s an EMT I (emergency medical technician intermediate) whom I met via Facebook thru mutual friends. But she has proven to be a dear friend. In weird and surreal ways, she always manages to show up, quite literally, when I need her most.

Maybe its because of her calling in the medical field, but when I’ve been laid out, on my arse in the hospital, she’s managed to some how show up and spend a few moments with, lifting me up if only for a few moments.

And don’t let the fact that shes a female in “a man’s world” cement any kind of ideals you may have. She does her job, well. She is a single parent, simply trying to fit in AND break the mold!!

When I asked her to explain what the hardest thing about her job is, she hit me with this:

Well, what is it about a female that screams, “Easy target?”

Be it in the workplace or simply a social situation, it seems as though, we should not be able to speak and evoke any thought provoking conversation. Is it my groomed hair? The make up? My friendly demeanor or my batting eyelashes?

Maybe, it’s my small stature and frame which makes me appear defenseless? Last I checked I was a strong woman, able to form intelligent and coherent thoughts. I know far more than I should of life and it’s enjoyments.

Being a woman doesn’t mean I have to fit into this mold society has created. I say, to hell with the stereotypical pregnant, barefoot, baby-on-hip woman who does nothing more than what she is asked by her husband.

I work in a male dominated field and wear a man’s uniform to work. I do my job just as well as some and far better than others. I watch sports and enjoy them, and actually know what the hell is going on.

I can take care of myself and my kid without the help of a man, thankyouverymuch. I will never fit into any of society’s molds, because I am who I am and have not and will not make any apologies for the way I choose to live my life.

I simply consider myself, enlightened. My eyes are open and I like what I see.

Erika is a strong individual, possibly one of the strongest I know…literally and figuratively. She was there the night before my heart surgery, giving me advise and comfort. Even though she wasn’t *right* about some things. It was still great having her around that night.

Her strength is one of the reasons why I keep her around as a friend. I think you pull certain energies from people. I could only be as strong as she has become.

Thanx, friend.

I have finally seen the light, And I have finally realized what you mean.

Victor Cruz

Victor Cruz was born in El Paso in the early 70s. Graduated from Burges High School and went to EPCC, where he got his first real taste of radio. He has bounced up and down the dial locally and continues to call El Paso home where family is. FULL BIO

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