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Tickets Now On Sale for Downtown ‘Eat Authentico’ Restaurant Crawl

The Downtown Management District and five locally owned downtown restaurants are teaming up to provide El Pasoans an exclusive dining opportunity.

“Downtown El Paso restaurants showcase a diverse array of tastes and talents,” said DMD Executive Director Joe Gudenrath. “The Downtown El Paso Eat Authentico Restaurant Crawl will highlight our downtown, showcase the great talents of local chefs and provide an amazing experience for participants.”

The Downtown Eat Authentico Restaurant Crawl will provide participants with a five-course meal served at five different downtown restaurants (one course per restaurant).

The event will take place on September 27th, 28th and 29th.  Groups of 10 will start their crawl at 6pm and 7pm on all three nights, with an additional crawl staring at 8pm on Friday, September 29th.

The Eat Authentico Restaurant Crawl is a ticketed event and only 70 tickets over the three days are available. Each crawl will be limited to 10 people per time period.

Tickets for the Wednesday and Thursday crawls are $65 with tickets to the Friday crawls priced at $70. Tickets are available for purchase by calling 915-400-2294.

The Eat Authentico Restaurant Crawl will feature five locally owned restaurants throughout the downtown. The menu and walking tour will include the following:

Course Item & Description Location
Appetizer Roasted Lamb Tacos – roasted lamb with cucumber sauce, crispy romaine, marinated onion and chile de arbol salsa. Delight, 502 N. Oregon
Soup Bourdain – consists of nishi shoyu broth, pork belly, roasted corn, soft boiled egg and scallions. Nishi Ramen, 504 W. San Antonio
Entree (Fish) Coco Loko – a young Thai coconut carved and stuffed with shrimp and vegetables seasoned with black sauces and clamato juice, surrounded by papas lokas and a refreshing iced coconut water to drink. Coco Loko, 400 S. Oregon Street
Entree (Meat) Roasted Duck – pan seared roasted duck with wild mushrooms and red wine sauce. Park Tavern, 204 Mills
Dessert Bread Pudding Pot Au Feu, 307 E. Franklin Ave