• January 28, 2022
 TNTM: Why does C-3PO have a red arm in Star Wars Force Awakens

TNTM: Why does C-3PO have a red arm in Star Wars Force Awakens

When you first see C-3PO in Star Wars Force Awakens he has a red arm. There is no way to overlook this fashion faux-pas since C-3PO brings attention to it himself. What they never explain is why his left arm is red. The reason is explained in the Star Wars C-3PO #1 one-shot comic and no where else. If you aren’t a comic book reader you likely don’t know the answer to this question.

Star Wars C-3PO #1 by Marvel Comics starts out with a Resistance ship crashing onto an unidentified planet. The reserve fuel tanks fail to jettison on re-entry and the ship explodes killing all the crew except for 6 droids. 5 of these droids are Resistance droids. The other droid was actually a prisoner on the ship. He was an RA-7 First Order protocol droid named Omri.

Omri supposedly has information on the location where the First Order is holding Admiral Akbar. The First Order will interrogate him for information and undoubtedly kill him when they get what they need.

The Resistance droids detect a beacon from a crashed First Order TIE Fighter nearby. They decide to get the beacon, change the frequency to alert the Resistance, and deliver Omri.

The trip to the beacon is perilous and filled with hostile life forms. All the droids meet their demise except Omri and C-3PO. C-3PO does lose his left arm in one of the scuffles. They make it to within steps of the beacon when acid rain begins to fall and eat away at them.

They take refuge under the wing of a downed spacecraft. The acid rain begins to eat through their make-shift cover and they realize they won’t be safe for long.

Omri confides in C-3PO that he does indeed have the location of Admiral Akbar. He gives this info to C-3PO and sacrifices himself to reset the beacon. As the acid is eating away at Omri we see under his protective outer coating is red primer. C-3PO is able to salvage the red left arm.

A Resistance ship answers the distress beacon and saves C-3PO. Once aboard the Resistance ship C-3PO puts the red arm on his body. He tells BB-8 the arm offends him aesthetically, but he decides he will keep it on for a while as a memorial.

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