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TNTM: DC Comics “The Button” part 1 & 2 review

DC Comics has been dropping numerous hints that the Watchmen will be crossing over into the mainline DC Universe.  One of the biggest hints is the fact Batman found the Comedian’s blood-stained smiley face button lodged into the wall of the Batcave.

The Button story-line is a four part series in Batman #21 & #22 and Flash #21 & #22.

Batman and Flash (Barry Allen) are arguably two of the best detectives in the DC Universe.  They team up to discover the meaning behind the button appearing in the Batcave.  We don’t actually see Dr. Manhattan or Ozxymandias, but there have been plenty of hints up to this point.

One thing that is perplexing is the fact the button is activated when it comes in close proximity of the Psycho Pirate’s mask.  It emits a blast that knocks Batman across the Batcave.

Reverse Flash (Eobard Thawne) appears and gives Batman a beat-down.  The only mistake Eobard made was touching the button.  It momentarily zapped him out of this reality.  When he popped back in his body was deteriorating and he said he had seen God.

Reverse Flash doesn’t use Speed Force for his powers.  His is a synthetic power.  Upon investigation, Barry finds Eobard is covered with Barry’s Speed Force.

It seems that “The Button” parts 1 & 2 introduce more questions than it answers.  DC Comics has 2 more issues to tie this all together.  I keep hoping to see any of the Watchmen characters, but so far I’ve only been teased.

Since Batman seems to be teaming up with everyone lately, I’d love to see a Batman/Rorshach limited series.  What do you think about the Watchmen characters being brought into the DC Universe? Who would you like to see in a crossover between DC and Watchmen characters?

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