• January 25, 2022
 TNTM: DC Comics Wonder Woman movie review

TNTM: DC Comics Wonder Woman movie review

DC Comics has been getting a lot of criticism lately about their major motion pictures.  People were saying Marvel had the secret formula for successful superhero movies and DC just couldn’t quite get it completely right.  The Wonder Woman movie will put all that chatter to rest.

The Wonder Woman (Diana Prince) movie gives us her origin story.  This works because her origin hasn’t been played out ad nauseam in previous movies.

We get to see where Diana gets her combat training, god-like powers, and her god-forged weapons.  We see the innocence and purity of the character as well.  Gal Gadot really knocked it out of the park portraying Wonder Woman.

The pacing for movie was so good it didn’t seem like over 2 hours passed from beginning to end.  There were enough action sequences to keep the adrenaline junkies happy, enough humor to keep the laughers happy, and enough story to tie them both together.

Wonder Woman is the DC Comics movie we’ve been waiting for.  We’re hoping DC can build on the success of this movie and make Justice League a huge hit.

We want to thank Alamo Drafthouse El Paso for allowing us to do our review in their lobby.  We also want to thank Raywork Productions for filming & editing the video.

Please tell us what you thought about the movie.  Did Gal Gadot make a convincing Wonder Woman? Did Chris Pine do good as Steve Trevor?  Did DC Comics finally make a movie to rival the Marvel films?  Let us know!

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  • So we saw Wonder Woman last night. I’ve had some pretty high expectations of the movie, because I really want it to do well. Not just because it’s a DC Comic, but because as a whole, the movie industry needs to start making female driven movies. How many times can we go back to the well for Die Hard, Terminator, and other action flicks with the same bad stories over and over. That doesn’t mean just cast a female version of John McLain and call it a day, it means make good movies, and people will go. Of all the comic book movies the last 15 years or so, this is easily a top 10 of those. For origin story, it’s there with Iron Man as far as good. Gal Gadot plays the role very, very well, better than I had anticipated, playing the naïve, sheltered woman who’s never seen the real world to perfection. Setting it against the backdrop of World War I, where women are basically not seen, not heard, and certainly not listened to, was an interesting contrast against her upbringing of strong, opinionated Amazons. Yes, some of the story was a bit cheesy, but it moved well, was shot extremely well, and overall had a tone to it unlike other Warner Bros/DC movies that felt like a marketing gimmick gone bad. This isn’t a movie just geared towards women, doesn’t bash men, and I think really allows young girls a chance to have their own hero that relies on strength, brains and beauty to save the world, instead of just outright sex appeal to accomplish something. The interesting bit was the preview for Justice League at the beginning, as its basically another badly distorted, dumpster fire of a picture with seemingly no idea how to frame shots, color backgrounds, or write dialogue. Where Wonder Woman did a good job of taking you back in time to the early 1900’s, Justice League felt like what was the utter crap fest of the last hour of Superman v Batman. In the history of Warner Bros comic book movies, the original Tim Burton Batman movies, and Christopher Nolan Dark Knights cannot be touched, this lands up there with the Christopher Reeves Superman as maybe the best they’ve been able to produce in a long, long time.

    • We sincerely hope DC Entertainment has taken notice of how well Wonder Woman is doing at the box office. No need for silliness or gimmicky stuff to make the movie good. Wonder Woman had the right mix of humor, action, and story. The actors they chose really brought the characters to life. Not every superhero movie needs to be dark, gritty, and brooding.

      We hope Justice League follows in the footsteps of Wonder Woman. Personally, I can’t wait to see a good Aquaman and Flash movie.

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