TNTM: Gold Lanterns added to the Lantern Corps color spectrum

The Lantern Corps are organizations that harness the Emotional Electromagnetic Spectrum.

Originally there was only the Green Lantern Corps, but it has since expanded with the Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Indigo, Violet, Black, White, and Ultraviolet.

DC Comics will be adding another color to the spectrum later this year.

The Gold Lanterns are set to debut in DC Comics Legion of Super-Heroes  Issue 6.  The Gold Lantern has his own special symbol, but what really sets them apart is they have two power rings! One ring is a standard issue Legion flight ring.

The other one is the mysterious Gold Lantern ring.  In a recent interview Brian Michael Bendis revealed the following concerning the Gold Lantern and their association with the Legionnaires.

Gold Lantern
Gold Lantern

“I don’t think any of them are oddball,” Brian Michael Bendis was heard saying about the Legionnaires. “I’m not bullshitting; they’re all awesome. I will say, I’ll plug our new ones. We have Monster Boy coming. We have Gold Lantern coming. We have a new Doctor Fate. So we’ll see the future of magic at DC. Also, I’m getting a lot of positive feedback on the design on Timber Wolf, so I’m very happy to hear that.”

The Gold Lantern Corps draw their power from their members’ unfathomable happiness and joy.  There are not many members of the Gold Lantern Corps.

The Gold ring can only be wielded by those who have known and expressed nothing but happiness and joy their whole lives.  Their former leader, Sot’os, has lived for thousands of years and thus became insane from a lifetime of bliss and happiness.

Other known members of the Gold Lanterns are Tahhz, Yxxug, and Crovvak.  Not much has been revealed about the Gold Lantern Corps yet.  Looking forward to see what role they play in the DC Universe.

The Legion of Superheroes: Millennium #1, will be released on September 18th of this year.

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