TNTM: How to play Ghosts Love Candy

Danny from teaches us how to play the Ghosts Love Candy from Steve Jackson Games

In Ghosts Love Candy you will play as one of six ghosts. There are six kids all dressed up for Trick or Treat in the neighborhood (playing field). Every round a piece of candy is given to each kid. Since you are a candy loving ghost, you scare the kids and take their candy.


Be careful, each kid has special abilities that can be triggered. These abilities can greatly affect the outcome. You must also be careful not to scare any kid so much they run away (When the total ghost points exceed the bravery level of the kid). If you are the last ghost played on a kid that runs away you take that kid into your scoring as negative points.


You will receive points for the candy you take. Since every ghosts likes different types of candy you will receive a randomized candy score card that is kept secret from other players. Candy Corn might be worth 5 points to you, but only 2 points to another player.

Love Card
Love Card

Ghosts Love Candy is for 3-6 players, plays over 8 rounds, and is easy to learn. Kids will love the artwork, cute theme, and easy game-play. Adults will enjoy these things also, but will appreciate the strategy that can be used by implementing the abilities on the kid cards. Ghosts Love Candy is scheduled to be on the shelves in your favorite Local Game Store (Zia Comics) in May 2017.

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