Video+Story – TNTM: How to Play Nut So Fast

Danny, the Zia Comics game guru, teaches us how to play “Nut so Fast” by Smirk & Laughter Games. This is a game for 3 to 6 players ages 8 and over. It should take 15-20 minutes to play a complete game.

Nut so Fast is an easy to learn and fun to play party game. You have to think and act fast if you want to win. On your turn you will flip two cards face up in front of you. If there are exactly four matching nut pictures you must grab the nut token with the same face right. If you are left without a nut token, you take the points.

If there are 2 sets of four matching nuts or there exactly seven matching nuts, you grab the almond. There is only one almond. The player that was fast enough to grab the almond takes all of their own cards that are below the Time to Score card and places them on top of their deck. This cancels out all of their points.

You’ll also notice there is only one pistachio. The player quick enough to grab it at the right time takes all of the face-up cards from the active player and chooses a player to put them at the bottom of their deck. This gives that player all those points.

There are also number cards that can be flipped. If a number card is flipped over all the players must strike the pose associated with that number. The last player to do the nutty pose gets penalized, taking all of the face-up cards from the active player and placing them at the bottom of their own deck. If you can’t tell who was last, nobody is penalized and the cards stay where they are.

Nut so Fast is a quick game that is lots of fun to play. Everyone from kids to adults can play and enjoy this game, but to win you must have quick observation and speedy reflexes.

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