• December 8, 2021
 Video – TNTM: Marvel Entertainment Avengers: Infinity War discussion

Video – TNTM: Marvel Entertainment Avengers: Infinity War discussion

If you’ve been paying attention at all during all the Marvel movies you should have noticed they keep centering around these things called Infinity Stones. They have been called different things in the comics (Infinity Gems, Soul Gems). The different stones are even different colors in the movies than they are in the comics. The one thing that is the same is the power they hold.

Each Gem is powerful in it’s own right. When you put all six together on the Infinity Gauntlet the wearer is probably the single strongest entity in the Marvel Universe. Since we are talking about the movie let’s focus on the cinematic Infinity Stones.

Space Stone (Blue): This stone is in the Tesseract. It allows the owner to travel through space.

Mind Stone (Yellow): This one is in Loki’s scepter. It is what allowed Loki to take control of Hawkeye’s mind.

Reality Stone (Red): is the Aether from Thor Dark World. It is capable of turning anything into dark matter or sucking the life force out of mortals.

Power Stone (Purple): The orb from Guardians of the Galaxy contains the Power Stone. It is capable of destroying entire civilizations with just a touch.

Time Stone (Green): The Eye of Agamotto has the Time Stone inside. It allowed Doctor Strange to manipulate time and eventually defeat Dormammu.

Soul Stone (Orange): We haven’t been introduced to this stone yet. There is speculation that it is Heimdall’s eyes. We will just have to wait and see.

They have promised to have a lot more characters in Avengers: Infinity War. This is a world shattering battle affecting every living superhero. It would feel a bit anemic without a lot of characters (cough.. Civil War.. cough).

If you haven’t read the story, there is still time to get a copy of the Infinity Gauntlet. The comic should help fill in a lot of the backstory they won’t be able to cover in the movie. If the movie is as good as the comics, Marvel will have another hit on their hands.

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