• May 18, 2022
 TNTM: Origin story of Mjolnir

TNTM: Origin story of Mjolnir

Whenever you think of Thor you also think of his trusty hammer. Did you know that hammer has a name and a very interesting back-story? If you answered no, then this video is for you.

You always see Thor with his trusty hammer. That hammer is named Mjolnir. The loose translation of Mjolnir is “that which smashes”. The origin story for Mjolnir has been tweaked a little over the decades.

In Norse mythology Loki entered a bet that the dwarven blacksmiths couldn’t make a weapon better than Odins spear and Freya’s fold-able boat. When it looked like Mjolnir was gonna be better, Loki interfered. He transformed himself into a fly. He continually bit the dwarf running the billows. The dwarf did not flinch or falter until Loki bit his eyelid hard enough to draw blood. The dwarf paused long enough to wipe the blood from his eyes. This is what caused Mjolnir to have a shorter handle, making it a one-handed hammer.

Marvel’s early origin for Mjolnir was a bit different. Odin ordered Eitri, Brok, and Buri to forge Mjolnir using the core of a star and an enchanted forge. The forging of the hammer is so intense it destroys the star and nearly Earth itself. They allude to this being the cause of the dinosaurs going extinct.

Recently Marvel changed the Mjolnir origin again. This time the story has a storm the size of a universe named the God Tempest heading toward Asgard. Odin fought the God Tempest for days before finally being able trap it inside a nugget of Uru.

Odin has the dwarven blacksmiths forge a hammer from this nugget of Uru. Odin is unable to wield the hammer as the God Tempest trapped inside fights him for control. The hammer flies around Asgard destroying everything in it’s path.

Odin gets the hammer under control long enough to put an enchantment on it to prevent others from picking it up and re-starting the destruction. The hammer lays dormant for many eons until the God Tempest trapped inside eventually dies, but the power remains.

Your Nerd Cred just leveled up +1.

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